Pleasing Adam

Pleasing Adam

By:  Abby Kayy  Completed
Language: English
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Madison Macaulay had to save her mother and for that, she needed a lot of money. She didn't exactly have a perfect life and as she was still paying off her student loans, there was no way to get her hands on such a large amount of money. Adam Maxwell is a rich young CEO, who always wanted to have it his way. He is a narcissist and never really puts many thoughts into others' emotions. A wrong decision in a business deal causes his company to be on the brink of closing up and the only person who could save him was his father. Is he willing to let go of his pride to ask his father for help and accepts his father's condition to marry within a month? We'll just have to see how fate brings Madison and Adam into a twisted romance.

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Enjoyed it short and sweet.
2023-02-07 00:23:03
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Omotolani Fatunmbi
.........This is just chapter one and I really love it already and can't wait for the other chapters... Good work, keep it up.
2021-12-12 04:16:20
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It is a really enjoyable and empathetic read...️
2021-12-12 01:02:46
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Yinka Kusoro
Enjoyed reading it..... waiting for the next chapter
2021-12-11 22:30:54
user avatar
Yinka Kusoro
Enjoyed reading it... Waiting for the chapter
2021-12-11 22:29:19
default avatar
This is just the first chapter and I love it...
2021-12-11 03:58:30
default avatar
I love this book. Can't wait for the next chapter
2021-12-11 18:14:10
16 Chapters
Maddy woke up to the sound of the alarm clock, still feeling sleepy as she looked at it and screamed, “oh my gosh, how could I have slept in!"It was 8:23 am and she had to be at work by 8:45 am. She ran towards the bathroom and had a quick shower, not bothering to wash her hair. By the time she was done, it was 8:40. There was no way she could make it to work on time as she would still be late if she took a taxi. By the time Maddy got to work, she was 20 minutes late.          Mrs. Brown looked up from her office as Maddy walked inside. She met Maddy with a very angry expression. "Where the hell have you been Maddy? You're late! I don't think you are fit for this job, and just a little warning, the next time you come in late t
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Adam kept staring at the view outside his office window, he had a lot on his mind, his company wasn't doing so well because of the bad business decision he made. "If only I didn't make that investment, I won't be complaining now." He muttered to himself.For the past 6 months know his company has been going down, Adam doesn't know how the company will survive for another 6 months. Asking his father for help was no option because he doesn't want to admit defeat. Before he started his company 3 years ago at the age of 26, his father wanted him to work in his own company, one of the biggest car dealing companies in New York "Muffy Motor Cars." He declined because he was tired of being under his father. He started his business and within a year it grew and made a name for itself. The investment he made recen
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Maddy still couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Was she daydreaming? Her blue-eyed man was standing right in front of her and he turned out to be the CEO of KY ELECTRONIC INC. She pinched herself secretly to confirm she wasn't dreaming. He was drop-dead gorgeous with golden-brown hair as he also had an appearance that would make him stand out in the crowd. He was fair, his skin almost pale. He had blue eyes like the sea rover, as his eyes said a lot but I could barely read it. He had briskly eyebrows,  a well-defined cheekbone, and a concrete jaw with a pointed nose that sat pretty on his face. He was tall about 6ft and was also very masculine. The way he looked at her sent a shiver down her spine.He stared at her knowing fully she was the girl from the party but he didn't know what to say and wasn't in the mood to say anything. He
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Four Maddy loves when it was the weekend, she had time for herself. She remembered she had to call the hospital to check on her mom, she was supposed to do it during the week but got carried away with work. She picked her phone from her dresser and sat on her bed. She dialled the doctor's number and it began to ring,    “Hello doctor chad, this is Maddy, I'm calling to check up on my Mom.”  "Hi Maddy, how are you doing? I was gonna call you but couldn't find the right time. I'm happy you called. your mom will be going through her third surgery next week and I will like you to be there. I understand if you are busy."  "I will be there. And I will pay part of the bills. Thank you for your help as usual doctor chad. Just text me the date of the surgery and I will be there." Maddy was worried, it's been 4 years since her mother went into a coma for an unknown illness. One minute she was fine talking to maddy, then s
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Adam couldn't take it any longer, he had to seek help or lose his company. Maybe Mike was right, after all,  he just needed to swallow his pride and ask his father for help. He wouldn't be doing this if he had other options but he has run out of all. He went to see his father in his office to ask for help and save his company."I knew you would come to me, all I had to do was wait patiently." Mr Malcolm said smiling. Adam hated this so much but his father was his last hope."What are the conditions for you helping me father? " he asked, Adam wanted this to be over soon.Mr Malcolm cleared his throat and began " first of all you have to get married." Adam started laughing, he laughed till water came out of his eyes."married?? Did you just talk about marriage? Do I look like I'm interested in getting married anytime soon?"Mr Malcolm's expression changed. "Do you think you are getting any younger? You need someone by your sid
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Adam sat on his bed wondering where he was going to find his faKe wife. He was running out of Time, his father's words kept ringing in his ears, he knew he had to do this but first the marriage will last for just 6months, to the woman he finally chose, and a prenuptial agreement must be accepted. If Adam refuses to comply with his fathers condition, he knows he is kissing his company bye and mike will be the first to murder him his father we will have 75 percent of the company and he will have the rest and on the end of the sixth month is father we surrender the 75 percent to him.Adam wrote down the attributes of the woman he intended to marry so that he will be able to pick the right candidate. He wanted a woman who would have no emotion for him, someone who would accept the contract only for the money, someone who has financial issues and he can use that to threaten her. As he wrote down these attributes, his mind flashed to maddy, he quickly squashed the thought. He and M
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Adam sat in his living room reminiscing the day at the restaurant, he had seen her come in through the door. She was beautiful that he acknowledged, she had the beauty and elegance that made everyone stop what they were doing at that moment and when she saw him, the smile that lit her face was heavenly.As she walked towards him, Adam lost count of the men that turned to look at her even in front of their date. He made his decision there, she was the perfect candidate for the job. He was patiently waiting for her call. He wanted to believe what Mike had told him but he couldn't. He prayed she didn't turn down his offer. His phone rang and he quickly 8dived to pick it, expecting daddy's call but it was mike's."Hey man, what's up? Did she agree?""No, I gave her 48hrs to think about it but she hasn't called yet and it is 48 hours in 2 hours. Maybe she rejected my offer, Mike.""48 hours isn't over man so chill. She will call.""You sound so sure."
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*****The Wedding Day****People were gathered to witness the joining of billionaire son Adam Maxwell with his bride. Nobody knew who maddy was, they were surprised he went for someone with low social status. Adam's father didn't care, his mother on the other hand wanted something different. She wanted Adam to marry Annie because it comes with more connection and power.Maddy looked so pretty in her dress, she couldn't wait for Adam to see her in it. "Maddy, you look so gorgeous and stunning," Ella said with tears in her eyes."Thank you, but I am so nervous, I don't know how to walk up the aisle with so many people watching me. Do you think I look okay or should I readjust my hair.""You look perfectly fine Maddy, trust me."Mr Malcolm came to walk her down the aisle since she has no Father. The walk down the aisle took forever, people kept smiling, the paparazzi kept taking too many pictures that it affected Maddy's eyes. She took a g
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Maddy didn't see Adam most of the time, they ate their food separately and most of the time Adam was working. A week came so quickly but maddy was excited to leave the yacht because even though leaving with Adam is going to be boring, she got to go to work and see her friend.Maddy has never been to Adam's house, so she was surprised to see how big it was. It had a big garden with different types of flowers, especially roses. The inside of the house was magnificent, it had so much space and the interior was so warm. She was surprised by the way the house was decorated and painted because Adam gave this dark personality, his aura was filled with darkness. He was not a nice person. But the interior of the house is different."Your house is lovely Adam""Our house, for now, you have to get into your role Madison. Nobody must have reason to suspect you. Understood?""Yes"Funny how his use of authority turns Maddy on, she dismissed the idea of ju
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CHAPTER 10   "OMG, someone is in the house, Adam." "No one is there Maddy, you are just paranoid."   "I swear someone is." Maddy was already shaking, thankfully she had locked the door.   "Maddy you are getting me scared, we have a security team Maddy, nobody can get past them. Let me call them." "Don't leave me Adam please.' She said sobbing. Adam was already agitated; he was scared to know Maddy was crying. "If I don't call you in a minute, Maddy, call the police." He hung up. Adam called the security head. "Hello, this is Mr Malcolm, I need someone to go to my house right now and check on my wife.." "We are already on it Sir. Our system malfunctioned, and all the CCTV Is down. Someone is already on their way to your house right now." "My wife said someone tried to break into her bedroom. I need you to hurry." Adam was scared. Maddy noticed the per
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