Chapter 13

Sabrina’s bedroom was in a mess.

As the door opened, a large duffel bag that was left unzipped could be seen. The clothes were scattered messily in the duffel bag and on the bed in a way that looked like a stall at the flea market. Sebastian took a closer look at it, and the clothes were either incredibly cheap or worn out like old rags.

With the room in such a mess, could it be that Sabrina had run away with the 50,000 USD he had given her?

Sebastian’s gaze remained cool and calm. He closed the door, picked up his keys, and drove straight to the hospital where his mother was.

Sabrina was not at the hospital.

Sebastian took out his phone and dialed Sabrina’s number.

He could probably tolerate her if she deceived him, but deceiving his mother that had only two months of life expectancy left, was pushing his limits!

When the time comes, even if he had to have a bloodbath in South City, he would still capture Sabrina back.

However, the phone only rang once, and Sabrina had already picked it up.

Her tone was slightly agitated. “Mr. Ford, I haven’t gone to Aunt Grace’s place today, I have some matters to handle outside. I need a little more time and I will be right back!”

“Where are you?” Sebastian asked, suppressing his anger.

“I…A construction site at South City’s southwest suburbs, I am…” Before Sabrina could finish words, she was interjected by Sebastian.

“Get to the Cloudella Restaurant near the hospital within two hours. Sabrina Scott! Don’t think that I would be merciful because I have given you 50,000 USD! I repeat, during our contract period, your biggest task was to make my mother happy! Otherwise…”

“Cloudella Restaurant, right? I would be there in two hours!”. Sabrina immediately hung up.

She was at a construction site to examine the rebar thickness and that was the last segment of her evaluation conducted by the hiring company.

Sabrina stayed up till three o’clock last night drawing the drafts. She got up after only two hours of sleep to pick out her clothes, but no matter how many she changed into, she couldn’t find any more decent clothes. In the end, she chose a black pencil skirt that was almost 80% worn out and a white blouse. She wore a pair of semi-high heels, and went out very early in the morning.

All because she needed to walk five kilometers to take a direct bus to attend the interview.

When she arrived at the company, the recruiter was confused by the way she dressed. “Miss Scott, are you here to apply for the designer position or street cleaner?”

Sabrina blushed a little.

She did not explain, but took out a pile of drawings from her bag and handed them to the recruiter. “These were hand-drawn, and there are notes including the type of room and the type of steel used to bear the weight. I have labeled them all.”

The recruiter was stunned.

After a moment, the recruiter said, “I must say, you are very good.”

Sabrina was extremely excited. “Thank you, thank you very much!”

“However, we would still need to evaluate your on-site capabilities. If you pass the evaluation, then you would be hired,” said the recruiter.

“No problem!” Sabrina immediately followed the recruiter to the construction site in the southern suburbs.

Sabrina had just finished the on-site evaluation when Sebastian called.

She did not want to delay any further and was worried that Grace might have some accidents, so she hung up the phone in a hurry.

As she turned around to leave, Manager Lewis, who recruited her, suddenly called her. “Sabrina, come, do me a favor.”

Sabrina stopped in her tracks and asked, “What kind of favor, Manager Lewis?”

“Help to move these cinder blocks to that side,” Manager Lewis said nonchalantly.

Sabrina was afraid that she might lose the job she had just found, so she nodded. “Okay.”

The thin figure that carried the cinder blocks back and forth attracted the man inside a sports car on the roadside.

“Shabbiest clothes, short bob cut without bangs, no makeup, and a small face─ that is indifferent. This chick looks cold, beautiful, and like someone who has an insane level of self-restraint. I’m 80% sure she’s still a virgin. Zayn, if I get this girl to the bed, what do you think her reaction would be? My guess, absolutely very crazy!”, Nigel Conor said to Zayn Smith while smiling mischievously.

Zayn said in a sulking manner, “Master Nigel, the number of girls that have been with you was so large, are you even able to keep count? This girl looks like a conservative rural girl. If you dally with her, are you not afraid that you can’t get rid of her?”

“I haven’t met a woman I couldn’t get rid of!” Nigel sneered, while he looked at Sabrina from the corner of his eyes.

One hundred or more cinder blocks were not much, but as Sabrina was pregnant and wearing heels, she did not dare to carry too many at once. Therefore, it took her half an hour to finish moving them. She was not too tired, but her heels hurt.

Soon afterward, Sabrina limped toward the curb and waited for the bus.

She waited for more than ten minutes.

Seeing that an hour had passed, Sabrina began to get anxious. Then, a silver-gray sports car stopped in front of her. “Miss, going back to the city? I’ll give you a ride.”

Sabrina did not answer, nor did she look at the man in the sports car.

When it comes to strangers, Sabrina has always had a strong guard against them.

“I am the owner’s son of this real estate development company.” When Nigel finished, he shouted at the recruitment manager in the distance, “Old Lewis, come here!”

Manager Lewis came over while nodding and bowing. “Young Master Nigel, what are your orders?”

“This is a newly recruited employee, right?” Nigel asked.

“Yes, Master Nigel.”

“It’s hard to take the bus here, and I happened to be going back─ I’ll give this lady a ride,” said Nigel as she looked at Sabrina.

“Sabrina, quickly thank Master Nigel.” Manager Lewis reminded Sabrina.

Sabrina bit her lips and said embarrassedly, “Thank you.”

The car drove straight to the city.

Sabrina did not say a word. She only looked out the window.

“They are taking you as a ghost designer,” Nigel suddenly said.

“What?” Sabrina asked.

“Do you know why Old Lewis asked you to move the blocks? That’s because your job needed you to be able to draw drafts and move blocks.” Nigel looked at Sabrina through the rear-view mirror to observe her reaction.

Sabrina’s cold and indifferent face remained unchanged.

It was as if she already knew the nature of the job she accepted.

“Do you still want this job?” Nigel asked.


Nigel was speechless.

He hasn’t met any woman who did not try to cater to his whim in his surroundings, but this shabby and indifferent village girl did not bother talking to him.

Nigel sneered in his heart and thought, ‘One day, I will make you mine! Whether you would be cold and indifferent, I would worry about that later!’

“Miss, where are you going? I would do another favor and send you to the place,” Nigel asked.

“Uh…there’s a Cloudella Restaurant near Houston Street, do you know it?” Sabrina asked. She did not know why Sebastian told her to go to the Cloudella Restaurant, but she definitely heard the correct address.

The restaurant was not famous, so Nigel did not know.

However, the car had a navigation system.

He switched on the navigation system, and it showed that it would take an hour to arrive at the restaurant.

Sabrina was so anxious that her whole body was sweating. Finally, the car stopped, she got out of the car without saying thank you and ran towards the restaurant door.

“Sabrina! What are you doing here?” Selene, dressed in a wedding dress, blocked the doorway and asked angrily.

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