07 Unwavering


The words I uttered left my parents in a state of shock, evident from the look in their eyes. My father stood before me, rendered speechless, and I couldn't bring myself to meet my mother's gaze.

Though my actions were impulsive, I stood by them wholeheartedly. I had carefully considered everything, engaging in discussions with my sister and cousins during our journey home. When I heard Sophia's distressed voice on the phone, I realised I couldn't remain passive, waiting for someone else to come to her rescue. I had to take action. While everyone else sought retribution, I was the only one determined to uncover the truth. I yearned to understand why Mike had committed such acts, and I was resolute in my mission to save Sophia.

"No, absolutely not," my mother's voice cut through the air, and I turned to face her.

"Liam, are you out of your mind? You've just returned home. You graduated yesterday, and now you want to throw your life away in haste. We know nothing about Alpha Thom
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Holly Bee
amazing chapter as always

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