08 Ours Requested The Same


(Liam's father and the King)

I didn't know how much Liam had grown until he made that dangerous request. Despite my instincts telling me to shut it down, I could see the determination in his eyes. The permission he sought was merely a formality; he had already made up his mind.

Liam was just like me, driven by an unwavering determination and a sense of responsibility. Every fibre of my being screamed that he would continue with his investigation, even if I tried to dissuade him. Tamia, too, recognised this, which explained her tears. We both knew that nothing we said would make him hold back. He was resolute in his mission to save Sophia, and nothing would deter him.

This was no trivial matter. Liam cared deeply for the girl, and while we suspected there were romantic sparks between them, we never anticipated the magnitude of his devotion. Unbeknownst to him, he was willing to walk through fire for her. I couldn't allow him to traverse this path alone. My father had caused
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I would like to be where I left off from the other book

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