Chapter 9

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“Hello party people” He greets in welcoming tone unlike his usual sarcastic one.

I’m not buying it. Seb said I almost killed him and I don’t know Talon that well but I know him well enough to know he’s pissed about it. Shouldn’t he be trying to rip my throat out?

“What’s the catch?” I ask getting straight to the point. He grins and pulls a black dress bag from behind his back handing it to me. Is this a trick? I think staring at the bag

“It’s a peace offering. Let’s leave our little fight in the past. And as a token of good faith I got this for you to wear when I take you to the pit tonight” Talon says still holding out the bag. Slowly I take it from him a little curious to see the dress. What? I’ve been fat most of my life I never got to wear a dress.

“What’s the pit?” I ask absentmindedly unzipping the bag

“Seb will explain. Be ready in one hour” Talon replies before leaving the room just as

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