Chapter 6

Theme : Mixed Feelings (1)



Slowly I turn on my heel. Coming face to face with a menacing looking man. His long dark hair reaches his shoulders and his all black attire triggers something in my memory. I get a mental image of something but it's too blurry.

A sharp pain shoots through my head. I grab it to steady myself; closing my eyes in deep calming breathes. Something about this man seems familiar. It's like my mind wants me to know something but I'm not letting go.

I raise my head to look at the man again. He is staring directly at me with this frightening smile on his face. Deja vu hits me like a ton of bricks. This has happened before. But when? I shake my head to clear the jumble thoughts when he speaks

"Hello again fat one" his voice freezes the air in my lungs.

The roaring in my ears is deafening. That voice I know that voice.... Suddenly a collage of images attacked my mind. The suddenness of it all brought me to my knees. I open my eyes but I'm no longer in the office.

I see flashes of an old house...



A girl....

Blood... there's blood on her....


Black eyes are watching me while white fangs sink into her neck.

I scream in horror. Please stop!!!

The scene changes again. I'm on my back. The black eyed man is saying something then he disappears...

A wave of fire engulfs my body...

I scream in agony as loud as my lungs will allow.

Seb Pov

Seb waited impatiently for Marcos to arrive. It's been several minutes since they had been summoned here. He stood on the right side of the room wanting to be the opposite of where Talon stood. He casual looked to Ana in the middle of the room. He almost laughed out loud at the death glare she was giving Talon.

Guess she wasn't too fond of him. Imagine that! A girl not falling all over the infamous Talon. Seb enjoyed the ironic moment even more when she took a calculating step in his direction. Wow is she going to hit him? He wondered. Considering the look she was giving Talon he was sure that was the goal. Unfortunately the show was cut short as Marcos finally decided to arrive.

Seb noticed instantly that her body stiffened when she caught his scent. Her eyes closed in concentration as if she were battling something intensely. The men all watched curiously as she slowly turned around to face Marcos. Marcos lips instantly curled up in a crude smile mostly likely from the fear and recognition in her eyes.

"Hello again fat one" Marcos greeted in his usual cold voice. Ana out of nowhere dropped to her knees mumbling words that couldn't be understood. Talon stepped off the wall approaching her.

"Guess it's working" Talon stated as they continued to watch her. She opened her eyes but had a faraway look to them like she was no longer in the room with them but lost in time.

"What's working?" Seb asked wanting to know what he was talking about.

She screamed and fell on her back panting hard

"What's happening?!" Seb asked more demanding this time. Talon raised an eyebrow at him

"Marcos was her trigger. She's remembering her change. Sad really, her mind is probably tricking her into feeling it too" Talon ends looking down on her withering form.

Marcos had left the room to talk a call and when he came back he had a few more guards with him carrying tranquilizer guns.

"Her screaming is annoying me. Take her out" Marcos ordered.

Seb hesitated for a second debating if he should interfere. On one hand he didn't want to show he cared and on the other he didn't want her to be knocked out. They don't know how that would affect her with her being so unusual. She let out another scream and one of the guards stepped forward aiming the gun right at her chest

"Stop" Seb said before he could contemplate any longer on the consequences of his actions. "I'll take care of it" he finished. He kneeled down and gathered her shaking body in his arms.

"Ana snap out of it. It's not real anymore" he said tapping her cheeks lightly. He was aware all eyes were on the two of them but he couldn't allow himself to get distracted. She needed his help and that's all that matters.

"It's burning! Please make it stop!" she pleaded with everything she had.

It ached to hear her so broken and in pain. But he needed her to realize that it's just a memory. Doing the only thing he could think of he clutched her tightly against him. She tried to wiggle loose but he needed her to feel his warmth against hers. To feel something real. His heart beat perked up at their closeness. Seb kept talking in her ear. Telling her it was alright and the pain is over.

"Ana come back..." he whispered low enough for her to hear. With a room full of vampires he wasn't certain if they could hear too.

Ana began responding to his coos. Her breathing slowed to a normal pace and her body stilled in his arms. She relaxed into him snuggling even closer. Seb cursed himself because he enjoyed holding her like this. He was aware of their audience so he began to coach her awake. All too soon those beautiful bright eyes met his.

Seb couldn't look away. It was like they held him in a trance. For the first time in twenty years Seb desired something other than freedom. The realization snapped him out of her spell. He hardened his gaze. Her face fell a little by his sudden change but she quickly masked it

"Well looks like you made yourself useful Seb" Marcos said in a condescending tone. Ana eyes snapped up when he spoke. When she saw Marcos her orbs drained of their blues, replaced with a fiery red

"You!" she yelled pointing at Marcos. Seb didn't get the chance to grab her because in a blink of an eye she leaped from his arms tackling an unsuspecting Marcos to the ground...

Seb Pov

She pelted him with punches for a few seconds. Marcos finally reacted gripping her throat and throwing her across the room. She hit the wall hard but that barely slowed her. She reacted fast; jumping gracefully to her feet fangs erupting and charging toward Marcos again.

This time the guards interfered. Four men took her down mid-way and pinned her. She managed to throw two off quickly but four more replaced them. Marcos snatched a gun from one of the guards and angrily strode to her. She was still pinned down trying to break loose to no avail.

Seb wanted to help her but this was beyond him. Marcos was pissed. If Seb got in his way he would punish him or worse his sister. With a clenched jaw Seb stood by and watched Marcos kick Ana in the face while she was held down. Her nose cracked and blood gushed from the wound. A second later it stopped and completely healed itself. Wow that was fast even for a vampire. That pissed Marcos off more and he kicked her again then aimed the gun directly at her head.

"Stop attacking or I'll put enough of these rounds in your head to kill you!" His voice left no room for arguing. Ana stopped thrashing but her red eyes still blazed with fury.

"You did this to me you bastard!" she spat

"No my dear you did this when you stole my blood.” Marcos countered. Seb thought about that piece of information. She took his blood? Marcos never mentioned that. How interesting.

"You filthy blood sucking maniac!" she yelled. Marcos laughed without humor

"I rule here. You’re my new prisoner and if you keep disrespecting me you'll be a dead one. Understand?" he asked as if talking to a child.

She didn’t respond. Just glared at him with hateful eyes. Disobedience was Marcos biggest irritation. His jaw ticked the longer she stared at him without responding. Marcos finally had enough and kicked her again; this time in the face and gut. Seb admired her courage to not show weakness even if it was a tad foolish of her.

Marcos however didn’t. He aimed the gun at her head and fired.

She was fast enough to dodge the face shot but the bullet still pierced her shoulder. She howled in pure pain. The liquid platinum spread through from the entry point out like veins. The muscles in her neck were bulging as she tried to contain her pain. Marcos smiled down triumphantly ordering the guards to take her to her room and chain her to the bed. Seb looked on as the guards took her shivering body away

"Well that was quite a show!" Talon said rubbing his hands together excitedly. Violence always seemed to make the ruthless man giddy "Man that girl has some fight in her" he added earning a growl from Marcos.

"Seb you watch over the girl. Talon you and I are going on a quest for some answers about our new guest" Marcos explained. He began rummaging through the drawers of his broken desk. When he found the paper he was looking for he placed it on the inside pocket of his black jacket.

"Seb, keep an eye on her abilities. I'll call in a day’s time for an update." said Marcos. Seb bowed respectfully as Marcos turned to leave the room. Talon started to follow but stopped short of the exit

"Oh and try not to fall in love there soldier, remember she is still one of us" he ended with a mock salute walking backwards out of the office.

Seb balled his fist so tightly his knuckles turned white. He was pissed off that Talon had already caught on to his slight reactions to Ana. That can't happen! Talon was right about one thing she is a vampire. He just has to keep reminding himself that. From here on out he would be her guard and nothing more. A smaller part of him felt uneasy about the decision but he chose to ignore that.






          💿 Disc 2 

Theme : Mixed Feelings (2)

Sub Theme : Just Ten Seconds More



He left the office heading back up the stairs to her room. Two guards stood outside the door. One human one vampire. He still didn't fully understand Marcos needs for some many guards both human and vampire. He also doesn't know as much about Marcos previous life living with the royals. Before he never bothered to care but now the information might prove useful.

He nodded at the guards and they stepped aside to allow him in. Seb is the only human with a high rank amongst the guards. Although it didn't mean much it allowed him some privileges as Marcos would call it.

She was in the same bed he just awakened her from only a short time ago. He shut the door softly behind him then with steady strides he walked to the bed. The covers were thrown off and she lay shivering in the center. He could see the silver tendrils covering her sweating body from the platinum in her. Platinum and not silver is what harms vampires. The stories humans tell of these creatures are filled with far too many myths. If they only knew the truth maybe they could protect themselves better from the monsters.

Her eyes opened weakly. Still just as bright and beautiful as ever. She gave him a soft smile that fluttered his heart

"Fancy meeting you here" she said weakly. Seb could feel the corner of his lip hitch up in response to her joking. Even in this state.

"You’re weak. You should rest to allow your body time to recover from the platinum." he told her seriously. She nodded. Seb went to turn away but she called out to him

"Wait" she paused biting her pale lip debating what to say next

"Sorry for calling you crazy about the-the vampire stuff" she said fighting off shivers.

Seb was baffled. Never had a vampire apologize about anything they did. He didn't know what to make if it. Or of her.

He could tell Ana was in a lot of pain. Where the initial change burned her the bullet she was shot with is freezing her. Her body broke out in a cold sweat and she literally was fighting to stay warm.

Seb just stared blankly at her since she apologized and it kind of unnerved her. He just didn't know what to say so he blurted out the first word he could form "why?" he asked in pure curiosity. She frowned for a second then understanding lit her eyes.

"Well I was wrong to call you crazy. You were telling the truth and I couldn't accept it. I still don't want to but look at me" she said gesturing to herself "I’m proof the world isn't what it seems." she ended still shaking.

Seb was taken aback by the sincerity in her words. He didn't even realize he had sat down until he felt her cold hand brush against him. Even through his jeans he could feel it.

The need to protect her hit him again hard. He battled his feelings but watching her tremble like that he eventually made the decision to do the one thing he has never done. Seb rolled up the sleeve of his shirt and put his wrist up to her mouth

"Drink" he ordered. She looked at him completely confused.

"You’ll heal if you feed" he said to help her understand. From the look on her face she wasn't getting it

"Then get me a burger or something. Why are you holding out your wrist?" she asked with an innocence that would one day be lost

"You. Need. Blood." Seb slowly enunciated every word to get the point across. Ana's once confused face contorted to a look of horror. She pushed his wrist away trying to scurry to the other side of the bed. Her weakened state slowed her movements.

"I-I can't do that Seb! I saw what he did to that poor girl. I never want to hurt anyone like that. Especially you…" she trailed off at the end just staring at her pale shaking hands.

Seb raked his hands through his hair. What is he going to do with her? The more she talks the more he wants her to keep talking. It's like her humanity is fully intact. The change only distorted her appearance not her as a person.

She inhaled sharply when another wave of pain hit her, the sound snapping Seb from his thoughts. It would take her weeks to recover from a shot like that without feeding. Even if she didn't understand it Seb knew that the beast within her would. Deciding he had no other choice he pulled the small blade out that he always carried in his pocket. Ana gasped

"Seb, what are you do-" she couldn't finish the sentence because swiftly Seb sliced the blade over his wrist. Ana watched in shock by his actions as his blood began to surface. She opened her mouth to reprimand him when she smelt it.

The blood.

The sweet rich smell of Seb’s blood instantly made her mouth water. Seb knew she was heavily torn. He saw how her eyes lost all color until they were completely black. Long white fangs poured from her mouth reaching her bottom lip. She didn't make a move toward the blood surprising Seb even more with her restraint. She just stared at it body frozen

"It’s ok Ana you won't hurt me" Seb said gently.

He scooted closer to her and she watched him with shiny black fearful eyes. He offered a small smile to ease her tension while slowly placing his wrist to her mouth. Her whole form stiffened when his skin touched her lips.

A need snapped inside her forcing her to act. She quickly dove her teeth into his soft skin. The blood was so sweet it made her taste buds come to life along with the rest of her body. Ana fell back into Seb’s chest pressing his arm to her mouth. She couldn't get enough of his delicious taste.

Seb was in heaven. Having Ana’s back on his chest and her feeding from him took him to a place of ecstasy. Ana drinking from him was causing the most pleasurable sensations he’d ever felt to run through him. He’d never had a vampire feed from him before but something small told him he wasn’t supposed to enjoy it this much. She let out a small moan and desire fled into him like a raging storm. He put an arm around her waist pressing her impossibly closer to him as she fed.

Seb was surprised and disappointed when she stopped feeding. She turned to face him and his heart somehow caught in his throat. She was breathtakingly beautiful. The blood instantly healed her and gave her this glow more amazing than the sun. Ana’s blue gold eyes burned with the same desire reflected in Seb’s.

Seb moved closer to her until they were nose to nose. Ana’s breathe hitched and Seb’s heart quickened.

The need was back within her but it was different than that for the blood. It was lust. Her stomach tightened with this new feeling and she didn't know what to do.

Seb wanted her bad. At this point he didn't care what she was he just wanted to feel those plump lips on his.

Ana inched closer becoming almost desperate for his touch.

Seb stared into her eyes as she moved enjoying the thumping of his heart against his chest. It made him feel… well just feel.

Their lips were so close she could feel his sweet smelling breath on her face.

Ana licked her lips and closed her eyes in anticipation…





















Tap tap tap

A soft knock on the door broke the trance like state they were in. Seb immediately jumped off the bed backing away from her.

*Ana Pov*

I watched him jump from the bed as soon as he heard the knock. I couldn't help but feel disappointed he was so eager to be away from me. The new need I just felt vanished when he left my side.

He opened the door; a small woman walked in with some clothes in her hands. She was really skinny and dirty looking but I could still see the beautiful girl underneath. She nodded at Seb before hesitantly walking over to me.

"I-I brought you some clean clothes and towels" she said in a mousey voice. Poor girl looks so afraid and weak. She couldn't be any more than twenty.

"Thank you" I said with a bright smile. She looked at me stunned before turning to Seb who I might add refuses to look anywhere near me. What a jerk. Seconds ago he wanted me and now he's avoiding eye contact. Well screw him! Maybe it was some weird side effect of the blood. Yes that's it! It was just the blood that made us want each other. Well I can forget that moment too since he has.

The girl was still standing there unsure of herself so I stood up and held out my hand.

"My name is Ana. What's yours?" Her jaw dropped to the floor. Literally she looked shocked beyond words. I mean does no one around here have manners. The way she's looking you would think I grew a second head. Still I hold my hand out and smile encouraging. Timidly she takes it

"I'm M-Marie" she whispered. Something about her drew me in and I yanked her to me engulfing her in a hug. She let out a little yelp but continued to let me hold

"You look like you need a friend Marie and so do I" I told her once I let go.

She studied me for a moment debating if she should trust me. I poured all my sincerity into my eyes hoping she could see the truth in them. I just have a feeling this girl needs me and I need her. Man this vampire stuff is making me weird.

Marie's face changed dramatically when she gave me a full blown smile. She shocked me even more when she grabbed me into a bear hug. I laughed at her eagerness happy to have made somewhat of a friend.

"I've never had a friend before. What do we do?" Marie asked with a much stronger voice. I wasn't really expecting that question but that spark in her would dim if I disappoint her.

"Uh well since I'm a prisoner we could uh have a slumber party in here I guess" I said looking around the room noticing for the first time there isn't a TV. What the hell. I mean who doesn't have a TV.

Marie however doesn't notice as she bounces up and down with excitement transforming her from the timid girl I just met five minutes ago.

"What is a slumber party?" she asked. My head whips back to her happy face and I study her for a moment. She can't be serious. Every girl knows about slumber parties. Even I do but I was just never invited to any when my sister made me public enemy number one. I study her clueless expression for another moment before concluding she really doesn't know what I'm talking about.

"Let's just get a bunch of junk food, pig out and talk" I tell her trying to keep it simple. She nods eagerly before dashing out the room.

Seb's gaze follows her out the door before he slowly turns it to me. When I look into his eyes I can't help but flinch back a little. There in the depths is disgust and possibly hatred. Does he feel that way about me? We just met what could I have done this soon. I think about our encounters today when a realization hits me. 

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