Chapter 15

Theme : Secrets



There's something about his posture that's familiar. The guy sits bedside Simon and they do that guy fist pump greeting.

"Hey man what's the emergency?" The guy’s deep voice washes over my sensitive ears freezing me inside out.

I know that voice.

If a hundred years past I would still know that voice.

It was the voice I used to look forward to overhearing every day at school.

It was the voice that I used to long for at night.

It was the voice of none other than Jace.

Jace Pov

Jace sighed looking out the car window. He can't believe his mom forced him to miss school today to go on some stupid college tours.

"Jace it was a nice school" his mother said pulling into their driveway

"Whatever" he mumbled. Jace took his phone out to another frantic text from his friend Simon.

The last two years he's gotten to know Simon and they've become good friends. At first it was tough wit

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