Chapter 16

Theme : At The Locker



Kim Pov

"That new bitch is going to pay!" Kim yelled into mirror. She was currently staring at the red mark on her face in the locker room.

The moment she laid eyes on the new girl she knew something about her was familiar. She just couldn't figure out what. At first she just planned to ignore her like all the other losers at this school. But now the bitch has to pay.

The bell rang and Kim changed clothes and went to stand by her locker to wait for Josie and the rest of the girls. Kim folded her arms and relaxed against the locker. Bobby and a few other jocks were passing by talking excitedly about something.

"Dude she really punched you hard!" One of the other jocks with mocha colored skin said to Bobby laughing. Kim raked her eyes over Bobby and saw his lip was split. She peeled herself from the locker and stood in front of him, blocking his next step.

"What happened to your lip?" Kim asked with a

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