Rejected Love: mated to a ruthless Alpha

Rejected Love: mated to a ruthless Alpha

By:  Fairy ❤️❤️  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I, Alpha Luca, reject you as my mate. Leave my premises!" A sharp emotional pain attacked my chest, and I gasped, staggering backwards. "You cannot be serious—" "We're done." He interrupted, eyes blazing like a thousand infernos. "Leave while you still can. Do not make me lose my mind." I had no idea which one hurt more: the fact that Luca had cheated, or the fact that he'd cheated on me with my own sister, under my own nose. Turning away, I left the room, leaving behind shattered hopes and a heart heavy with betrayal. ****************************** She was betrayed and rejected by her sister and her mate, and subjected to a ruthless demise, she vowed to get her revenge for her sister's betrayal. However, the moon goddess blesses her with a second chance mate but her first mate, Alpha Luca returns to claim her. What happens when she realizes that there are deep secrets between Alpha Luca and Alpha Roland? What happens when Alpha Luca wages war against Alpha Roland, in the quest to reclaim her heart and the throne?

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Christine Owings
26 chapters 3/15/24
2024-03-15 18:19:57
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I'm so hooked. it's interesting!!!
2024-03-06 01:55:35
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K3n Dall
dear author, I want to be like you when i grow up .........This is a very interesting book, I'm hooked just from the first chapter ...
2024-03-04 17:10:13
user avatar
Love books like these! More updates author!
2024-03-04 17:07:20
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Blessings Ezekiel
I so much love rejection stories like this
2024-01-30 15:29:54
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Bella Hemsworth
Beautiful read so far. Keep it up, author
2024-01-30 15:15:05
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Xee write
A great read so far, my fingers are crossed, as I anticipate more of this relaxing chapters.
2024-01-27 21:20:38
user avatar
Captivating first chapter. I really want to read more
2024-01-27 02:26:27
27 Chapters
Chapter 1
Mira's POVThe men standing before me were pack house guards with grim, forbidding eyes and heavy-looking armour. I knew that scary look on their faces; I had seen it before. The look in their eyes made my skin crawl with discomfort.Today, however, things were slightly different. The joy within me could not be bridled. Untamed it burst through my veins like tongues of flames, setting my nerve ends on fire with excitement.I bounced on the balls of my feet as I faced them, and I could not stop the grin from spreading on my lips. "Where is Luca.... Alpha Luca?" I asked, quickly correcting myself."The alpha is busy. He asked not to be disturbed." One of the guards answered me."Yes, Miss Mira." The other guard replied. "Kindly wait, or go back home."The guards paused for a while before answering, as though picking their words around me. I could sense their reluctance, and a sliver of impatience moved through me. I peered through the metal gates of the pack house, balanced on the ends
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Chapter 2
Mira's POVI stood outside the imposing doors of Luca's throne room, flanked by two guards. Anxiety had turned the insides of my mouth bitter, and fear rolled in my chest. I took a deep breath, tapping my hand against my thigh nervously. This was a day after my encounter with Luca and my step-sister. The sight of them tangled on that bed was still emblazoned against my eyelids like a tattoo.I shuddered involuntarily. The thought of them together intensified the bitterness in my mouth. I wanted to run into a corner to escape this reality, but I kept my back straight and my feet on the ground.Soon, the doors swung open, their creak reverberating through the vast outer chamber. A guard stepped out of the throne room."Alpha Luca will see you now." He announced."Thank you." I muttered. I stepped into the opulent throne room, my heart thudding uncomfortably. My eyes caught Luca, sitting regally on his imposing throne at the far end.He lifted his head. "You're here!"With customary res
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Chapter 3
Mira's POVI loved Luca enough to forgive him for cheating on me. But rejecting me was the height of it.Heart pounding, tears streaming down my cheeks, I raced away from the pack house. The agony of Luca's rejection clawed at my chest. The betrayal was too sharp to bear; it was just too much. How could he do this to me? How could the man I loved rip my world apart so callously?How could he look me in the eye and pick my sister over me?Each step through the familiar grounds felt like daggers in my heart, and the weight of disbelief and devastation was heavy in my chest. I couldn't breathe; it was as if the air around me had turned thick and suffocating.I didn't know where I was going, only that I needed to escape the torment of their presence, the crushing reality of their betrayal. My feet pounded against the earth, the sound muffled by the rustling leaves and my racing thoughts.Soon, I dashed into the pack's forest, wanting to get as far away from Luca and Annabelle as possible.
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Chapter 4
Mira's POV."Does it matter?" The stranger growled. Slowly, he began to approach me, and I was forced to crane my neck to look in his face.He stopped before me, towering over me like a light-wielding giant. The sun behind this stranger cast beams all over him: from his golden-coloured hair, to his fair skin.I blinked, caught off guard by his reaction. And the first mistake I made was catching this man's gaze.For a fleeting moment, and as our gazes locked, my world seemed to shift. His eyes seemed to hold me in a silent conversation, an inexplicable connection humming between us. It was as if something ancient and primal had stirred within me, recognizing him as someone significant.Someone integral to my being.My....mate?Before I could comprehend the strange sensation, I felt a surge of conflicting emotions—confusion, vulnerability, and a longing that I couldn't decipher. Instinctively, I withdrew, breaking the mesmerizing eye contact.In my mind, a whirlwind of thoughts swirled.
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Chapter 5
Roland's POVMira resisted the kiss at first, clutching my shirt's collar and trying to push me away. I could feel the sheer strength behind her grip; the suppressed energy. Mira was a powerful wolf in every way.However, I felt as though releasing her lips would mean sudden death for me. In the space of a few hours, this woman felt as pivotal to my life as someone I'd known my entire life.A whimper slipped from her lips, and I felt my wolf growl in satisfaction. Pulling her closer, I dug my fingers into her waist, pressing her against my torso. I could feel every curve and every arc that made her subliminally woman. She was beautiful in and out, and I felt myself reacting to her body against mine.Finally, Mira let go of her restraints and collapsed against me, as supple and as boneless as ever. She surrendered herself to the pressure of my kiss, and I backed her up against the wall, pressing kisses against her lips, her neck, her face.“Don't fight me, Mira,” I murmured. "Don't fig
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Chapter 6
Roland's PovI enjoyed every bit of the moment I had spent with her. The feeling tends to change every moment I stare at her. I felt so giddy with happiness, a part of me wanted her all to myself. I couldn't bear the thought of losing her. What happens if she doesn't end up as my Luna? No, it's certainly not possible. I want every bit of her. Having the thought of letting her go made me feel restless, my heart raced just at the thought. Its beating rhythm flows in an irregular manner."Keep this in mind; you can't lose Mira; crown her as your Luna. Make her your Luna. She is the best Luna you will ever find." This was what my heart kept saying to me. It gives me ideas that I can't ever imagine practically, negativity was the order of my thoughts. I saw the need to make it work.Getting a touch of it every morning will be a good appetizer to keep me balanced. I can't even think of losing her to someone else.While these thoughts ran through my mind in bed, I could feel her breath from
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Chapter 7
Chapter SevenRoland's PovEliana was in for a quarrel I wasn't willing to buy. She became paranoid and was unable to get a hold of herself."Eliana,not now, please. I owe you no explanation. Not you, not the elders, not anyone! We can talk about this some other time, okay? You should leave now."I said, holding Mira's hand, trying to make her feel okay and to also put things in order maturely to avoid making a scene. Eliana was just not giving in.It seems I had spoiled her rotten, why was I just noticing this part of her? I was getting pissed already. I just hope she doesn't overstep her boundaries, I didn't want to lose my temper. "Get your hands off that filthy thing! I am going nowhere, Roland! Is this a joke or something? Of all the women you could make your Luna, it's this. I couldn't stand her harsh attitude towards Mira and had to stop her. The will to make things worse just kept coming from her,pressing my anger to the surface. I did all I could to make her stop ranting, bu
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Chapter 8
Chapter EightEliana's PovI became enraged over the whole thing, I could feel the intensity of my anger becoming extremely violent. There is just one person who is best fit for Roland; why go for a low life nobody? I couldn't believe my ears when Roland stated his words clearly to me concerning his decision being rigid. There must be a way to change it. I wouldn't take that statement of his to heart. All I could do was scream out my anger. I was hurting within. Though he is older than me, he doesn't have the right to make decisions that concern the pack without my consent!The rate at which my heart beats increased with the thought of the greatest shock of my life could compel me to do something crazy! Ronald had gone contrary to my words even after advising him on what to do,gosh! He actually stood against my words, knowing they were unacceptable. Choosing her over me,not fair.His decision got the beat of me, breaking me apart like he knows nothing about my likes. I could feel a p
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Chapter 9
Chapter NineMira's PovNow, as I was leaving the court, I began to consider returning back to my room. Going with Roland to the court was something I regret more than anything else. He had chosen to make me feel uncomfortable in this way, even after I had told him it was never needed. In precisely where is his conscience? I couldn't decide exactly where to focus my attention since everything was weighing heavily on my mind. I continued thinking about it a lot, wondering whether there was a way out of the pack. It will be my joy to leave the pack if doing so will relieve all of my anxieties and concerns and keep me away from the chaos surrounding me. "Do you really have to leave before you find peace?" Inside, I pondered. I find it strange that I was at a place where I was unable to choose calm over anxiety.Nothing seems to interest me now because of the scene that occurred at the court. It destroyed my heart. I felt like I was losing my footing because of the severe expressions on
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Chapter 10
Chapter TenMira's PovAs I turned in bed for comfort, I heard what sounded like a carpenter's nail hitting a wall. I was unable to wait to get up and see what it was. The sound was so loud that I was unable to stand it any longer. I heard someone knock on the door and looked closely."Why so early in the morning?" I had woken up because it was so early."You are cordially invited to the dining room for breakfast. The maid said, "Come downstairs as soon as you can," just as I opened the door. Right now, I was shocked and couldn't believe what I was hearing. I started to wonder whether Roland was genuinely hosting a feast or something. I could not see the alpha there when I looked at the bed. We made out last night, and it didn't seem like he stayed. I think I slept through a drunken stupor. He had gotten out of bed, but I was so drowsy that I was unaware of it. I received the impression that he was up early because of a crucial matter and didn't want to wake me up. It appeared as tho
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