Revenge Of The Reborn Luna

Revenge Of The Reborn Luna

By:  Neemah  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ariel thought she had died as the one guy she had ever loved stared at her with hatred in his eyes, only to wake up two years ago when he hadn’t shown her his true colors. Life gave her another chance and you can be sure she’s using it for revenge. In her past life she had made mistakes by being too kind and naive, and trusting those who she shouldn’t have. She had been betrayed and hurt, and lost everything she had, including her life; but In this life, she swears to get revenge on those evil people including her self-acclaimed bestie and the so-called love of her life. Knowing everything this time around, she came with her revenge serving cold. The only thing she didn’t expect is that she finds true love in the least possible guy she expects, especially one who she had hurt in her past life...

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Delinda Schumacher
so it's been a year and no updates? this must be an abandoned book?
2024-02-11 04:08:13
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Christine Owings
64 chapters 2/12/23
2023-02-12 16:35:49
user avatar
Looking interesting so far
2022-12-15 20:28:31
user avatar
This book the same as "The Reborn Luna" down to the exact excerpt. woow
2023-02-21 12:29:25
123 Chapters
Woke up from death
Ariel’s POVEverything was happening very fast, a little too fast. I was sinking and there was nothing I could do about it. I could see the surface of the water, could see the reflected light of the hill as it got farther and farther away from me.I looked downwards, beneath me, and panicked because I knew that I couldn’t help myself. I tried to struggle out of its grip, but I couldn’t. Instead, I lost more precious air.My chest hurt terribly, and even my lungs too felt like they couldn’t hold on any longer. I could feel my heartbeat accelerate and the air I breathed in was suddenly replaced with something heavy.Instinctively, I tried fighting back, I tried fighting against the silliness and the ache; I thrashed around, kicking as I tried to get to the surface of the water but I wasn’t lucky.Instead, it began to hurt even more; it felt like I was being stabbed in the chest with a knife so heavy and sharp that it had swiftly cut through my skin and numbed my body. I tried fighting a
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How she died
Ariel’s POVAce didn't get to school today. I asked Chloe to accompany me to his house to check on him, acting like I was the concerned one now even if I wasn't. Ace was the alpha's stepson, and the one his mother wanted on the throne even though he was in no way related to the past Alpha by blood.A thought struck me about how they probably took the news when they were told that the past Luna had ordained me to take up her position. A deep twisted part of me wanted me to blurt it out to them but I held my tongue. They would always find out at the appropriate time.As soon as we got to Ace’s house, we walked in on his mother who was in the throne room drinking a Scarlet-colored liquid that bore a seemingly close resemblance with blood. Now that I knew what she was up to, her facial features began to actualize in front of me. Everyone was really blind here. And it's up to me to change that. The only question was how? “Hey baby, how do you do?” She called out to me in a singsong voi
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Kevin helped her
Ariel’s POV I waited for everything to be silent before I slid out from the back of the chair. I knew I couldn't save my nana from the onset but what I didn’t know was that it was going to hurt twice as much when I watched.In my last life, I had come back from the party and met her in the exact spot where she is now. Dead, but this time it was different. It had seen it happen and I knew now that whoever must’ve sent that wind is my enemy. Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked at my poor nana, they couldn't have given her a less painful death to bear. I bent down over her body and noticed blood dripping from her nostrils. This wasn't some ordinary death. You don't go around seeing killing winds passing every day. The witch did this. It had to be some kind of spell. I went into my grandma's study room to look for it. I don't know what it is yet but I was sure to find something. She wouldn't let me in on a normal basis but now that she wasn’t here, I went there and I found a book a
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He's my mate
Ariel’s POV Kevin told me about how his father showed him this place in eighth grade and how he started having changes in his body. He said he didn't mean to frighten me with his stalking and his letters, but the sight of me made his heart race faster. He told me of how he had spoken to his father who then reassured him that it was nothing but infatuation, and that was the reason he had apologized to me. I wasn't really listening at all because I got lost in his eyes. It was almost like they changed colors every few seconds. I could swear I saw a shade of blue in there. How did he become so handsome? Maybe I shouldn't have blown him off. He definitely looks better than Ace now. He looks way better than all the boys at school. He slowly waved his hands in front of my face, and that was when I realized I'd been staring too much. "I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention." He shrugged it off. I told him I'm sorry for blowing him off too. Part of me wanted to explain everything to him. I
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Moved out
Ariel's POV…Laying my head on the headrest, I gazed lazily at the road. Kevin is presently driving me back home in his car, while playing some soft jams. I'm glad he's realized that we are fated, but I can't get the feeling of uneasiness off my chest. In my past life, I never got to know who my real mate was; so I never considered finding one now. So, what now? Kevin is bound to find out about my reincarnation. What is he going to say? Will he despise me? Will his perspective about me change?All these thoughts were overwhelming my plans for revenge, it can't be helped that I'm freaked out about finding my mate. What my supposedly first mate; Ace, did to me is still vivid in my memory. My train of thought got disrupted as Kevin tapped lightly on my shoulder. Turning to face him, I managed to pull up a small smile. “Want some ice cream?” he asked as he smiled at me. Ice cream? Is he serious? I almost chuckled at his question. “Ice cream? Isn't it too early?” I retorted, furrowing m
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Dinner at Ace's house
Ariel's POVThis shouldn't hurt me so much. I mean, I'm not supposed to even feel pained. But… just but! Like a child, I sobbed continuously on Kevin's chest. I'm aware he's bound to be perplexed. Then again, I'm appreciative that he didn't push me aside. Instead, he held my shoulders tenderly as I lifted my face.“Mind going to a bench?” he questioned softly, and I found myself nodding in approval. Settling on an elongated bench, my face was lowered while seconds passed in silence. By now I was no longer crying but felt ashamed to face Kevin. I acted like a total freak a few moments ago. What does he think of me now?“I bet you consider me a freak, huh, Kevin?” saying silently, I clutched my fist tightly.“Not really. You must have a lot on your mind. It's okay if you feel like crying, my shoulder is always available for you to cry on,” he responded sincerely. I gazed at him, totally tongue-tied to say anything; how considerate can he be? Kevin glanced at me back and for some sec
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Weird feeling
Ariel's POV…I watched in anticipation as Chloe held the spoon shakily; I wonder if she would have the courage to gulp down the content of the food or find an excuse to avoid eating. Then again, Agnes was quick to make an excuse. “Oh my! How forgetful of me. Ariel dear, I'm so sorry, but I think the meal is yet to be cooked completely. Forgive my silliness,” Agnes said with a fake smile playing on her lips and she took away the dishes. What the fuck is wrong with this bitch? If she wants to make an excuse, that at least should be legible!Who the hell does she think she is lying to? A kindergartner? I sighed silently before standing up from my seat.Lowering my eyes to gape at Chloe, I noticed how much she was trembling. I never knew she could be so afraid of taking in poison. But it was fun for her to watch her very own friend fill her stomach with poison. I balled my knuckles in anger and let out a scoff.“Girl, is something the matter? You seem a bit pissed,” she said, pulling up
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That was sweet
Ariel's POV…Gaping unbelievably at the car now engulfed in flames, my legs felt so heavy to move, my lips were pale due to fear, with my heart thudding recklessly in my chest. The shock of it got me panting heavily as if I just ran a marathon. Fuck! “What the hell?” Kevin's distressed voice broke my thoughts. Turning to glimpse at him, his countenance displayed fear, disbelief, shock, and pain. I assumed he was pained since that very car was a possession of his father which he passed to him. I bite my lips hard, oblivious of what to say that might pacify him. “Kevin,” I whimpered, advancing to him. I embraced him gently, and he clutched tightly to my clothes; he was trembling, literally. Is he that pained?It's just a car, shouldn't he at least be thankful for his life? “Ariel...” he hushed, and his grip grew tighter. Soon, sobs were heard, and trust me, I was dumbfounded. “Kevin. It's enough. I know that car meant a lot to you and…” “Screw that!” he suddenly yelled. He moved
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Ace's POV “Ace! Ace? Are you in there?” The constant banging on my door got me rolling out of bed. It's the weekend for fuck’ sake, yet my mother won't let me be. Gosh! What is it with that woman? Slowly, I stood up from the bed and dragged my feet sluggishly to the door. Pulling the doorknob backward, it revealed my mum, as expected. But her countenance got me a bit confused; she looks furious, like an angry baboon. I've never seen her in such a state.“Can I come in?” She scrawled lowly. I felt reluctant to let her in.Turning to have a glimpse at the sleeping Chloe on my bed, I shut my eyes temporarily.“Mum, what is it you want to talk about?” I responded instead, clearly avoiding her first question. She gave me an unfriendly look and walked in regardless. Her eyes fell right on Chloe, who was sleeping comfortably on the bed, naked.“Ace! You're acting careless,” She snapped angrily at me.Biting my lips, I knew she was speaking the truth. “What if she comes in here and finds
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Feeling like a shit
Ariel's POVNever would I have thought I'll be in a position like this with Kevin. I mean, he's always cool-headed, but I've never seen him as dead serious. I want to take it as a joke, but, anytime I lift my eyes and have eye contact with him, I could tell he wants it. Furthermore, I fiddled with the hem of my shirt, my eyes refusing to leave the floor. Personally, I would never look him in the eyes again, but he suddenly withdrew. “Sorry, Ariel, I apologize if that got you feeling uncomfortable,” he said unexpectedly.“Yeah,” I said absent-mindedly. I didn't even think twice about my reply. Afterward, I could see the disappointment in Kevin's eyes. “Kevin, I…”“I need to get to the park quickly. I promised the keepers that I will be there to help this weekend. So please move,” He said, and I could tell he was trying his best to keep his voice low. I felt like shit while exiting his room. It isn't a crime to ask for a kiss from your very own mate, is it? Yet, I openly expressed how
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