Revenge in Silk

Revenge in Silk

By:  Anne Joyce  Completed
Language: English
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Just when Mia Abreu is convinced that Evan Lynch is the love of her life, she finds him cheating on her. Feeling betrayed after all she's done for him, Mia is out for revenge. She then meets River Lynch, Evan's uncle who also wants to teach his rebellious nephew a lesson. Mia and River finally agree to work together with a crazy plan. Will their plan work? Instead, will they find themselves trapped in the situation they've made up? *** "No matter how much I want to kick his ass, that punk is still the son of my late twin. And I can't deny that I also care for him. The deal we did … I did it as Evan's uncle. But on the other hand, the side of River Lynch that stands alone, I want to be selfish for wanting you." I was too shocked to speak. My eyes closed as his warm hand gently brushed my cheek. "River ...." River's breath tickled my face as his face drew closer. The tension between us was getting more and more intense. "Mia... please allow me to want you." *** FIRST BOOK OF REVENGE SERIES [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT WITH EXPLICIT SCENE]

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user avatar
I saw the post and all I cansay is, I got hooked just by reading ch 1. love it!
2024-03-12 22:56:39
user avatar
Lyla Alvia
Absoloutely love it! Enjoying it immensely.
2024-03-10 20:24:03
user avatar
Lee Areum
altho their intimate scene didnt start until the 20th chapter, I realized that author had done something right n I'm sure the author had thought it through n it's certainly an essential element in Mia and River's story. i love River's annoying attitude towards Mia, which Made it even funnier
2024-03-02 19:18:35
user avatar
Kailyn Atreides
this book is sooo good
2024-02-26 12:16:55
user avatar
Kailyn Atreides
love this book! good writing, good job...
2024-02-26 12:15:39
user avatar
Anne Joyce
Hi, welcome to my novel! Hope you enjoy this age-gap story between Mia and River.
2024-01-27 18:57:28
66 Chapters
"This isn't a free ride, you know?" Something huge from inside the dream hit me hard, instantly making my eyes open wide. I woke up in an unfamiliar room, with my head throbbing and surrounded by confusion. After desperately adapting to the light and being able to open my eyes lightly, the room slowly began to clear up, revealing a strange man curled up in a blanket beside me. Wait, WHAT?! Panic struck, prompting me to try to piece together the previous events that led me to this wacky situation. Everything seemed foggy, blurry images of scenes flashing through my mind. There was nothing I understood other than … oh, my God, the fucking alcohol! There was no way I could remember what happened last night. Unable to find an answer, I finally decided to do something that made more sense. Carefully, I pulled back the crumpled white blanket and then disentangled myself. Oh my God, I didn't realize I was holding my breath until my feet finally made it to the cold floor. I started tip-to
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Chapter 1. Should I Just Leave with My Pride?
MiaA Day Before"I saw Evan enter the hotel with a woman," Addy said half an hour ago. And that's what made me come to The Gallan Hotel. I actually didn't trust Addy's words, which might be that she saw something wrong. Or maybe she misrecognized someone else as Evan. However, ten percent of me still wanted to confirm that she was wrong.As I walked into The Gallan Hotel, my mind was divided between Addy's words and my own skepticism. The white marble floor stretched across the lobby, LED lights hiding underneath. The main walls were made of glass, reaching upwards and meeting the high white ceiling, in the center of which was a large avant-garde chandelier. An uneasy feeling gnawed at me as I made my way to the reception desk where a friendly woman greeted me with a warm smile. "Welcome to The Gallan Hotel. How may I assist you?"Taking a deep breath, I decided to ask, utilizing my innate little talent. "Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with something. Me and a friend are p
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Chapter 2. Want to get revenge?
After the two of them left, I walked unsteadily out of the hotel, a reflection of the heartache that felt so palpable. The surroundings were a blur, hard to grasp. My mind told me the people I passed were looking at me scornfully. Or were they not? Oh my God, I can't control this situation! My wild thoughts led me to enter a nightclub, and I then headed for the bar, taking a seat in the corner, slightly away from the crowd. I tried to calm myself down, the back of my hand wiping away the tears that were about to fall. Don't let anyone else see them. A bartender approached. He was wearing a black shirt. His brown hair was neatly combed back. "Welcome! Is there anything I can make for you?" "Tequila martini, please. Do you have any?" The friendly-faced man nodded slowly. Perhaps he knew that this was the drink I was going to use to forget something. "A strong one," I added before he started mixing the ingredients. I looked down anxiously. My chest was rumbling. Evan was cheating on
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Chapter 3. I was completely fucked
The sky that morning was so blue when I walked out of the nightclub at a quick pace. My face probably reflected a combination of anxiety, guilt, and panic. I had to get back to the unit and prepare for the office. I gulp after a quick glance at my watch. The dizziness and nausea I put aside, even though my body was literally telling me to stop walking fast and rest. Gosh, there's no time!When the door to the apartment building opened, I bumped into someone who was in the hallway. "Oh my, Mia-hai!"Thankfully, it was only Addy. "Hi, Addy. I'm in a hurry. Later, okay?""No, no." Addy intercepted me, making me not bother to hide my objecting face. "I owe you and Evan an apology-""No," I interrupted, instantly remembering last night. "You're right, uh, he cheated on me. But really, let's talk about this later, please? I'm late for work.""All right. Things will get better with time." Addy looked at me with sympathy, but a moment later she grinned jokingly. "I wanted to sympathize with y
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Chapter 4. Good bye, Nephew
"Good afternoon, Mr. Lynch," I greeted, inwardly wondering that he hadn't turned around.However, when he finally turned around, my heart literally stopped beating for a few moments. I recognized him. For mother earth's sake, I really wish I could get out of here. He's that man! The guy who slept with me last night!I suddenly rummaged through my bag, looking for something.**The man intercepted me at the door of the room. He was already wearing his light blue shirt. His hand held out something, a thin black object that was very ordinary. I glanced at it and could only catch the small golden-colored writing.I looked up, giving him a lazy look. "No need," I replied simply. Because I knew this was just going to be a meaningless one-night stand. Or at least I intended it to be. Not accepting anything from him was the main step to forgetting him. I didn't even bother asking his name, which I had already forgotten under the influence of last night's alcohol. I gestured for him to step as
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Chapter 5. Please, kill me right now
I entered the press office with mixed feelings haunting my mind. River's statement about her relationship with Evan still plagued my mind, as if I couldn't believe it. Every step I took felt so heavy, and uncertainty crept into my mind.It's still unbelievable that I made the decision I did. The bait River had laid out ... I had eaten it whole. He managed to fool me, doing it as if I decided everything myself. Come on, everything seems easy for that man!Emma, who was busy organizing files on her desk, was the first to notice my presence. She raised her head when I entered the room. Her face immediately turned thoughtful, probably because she saw my very gloomy expression. "Hi! Mia, how was your interview with River Lynch?"Almost everyone in the room immediately turned to me, hoping and worrying."Pretty good,'" I replied, not entirely honest. As they continued to watch, I looked at Cody who was grimacing. I hurriedly changed my expression to match what I was saying, making myself lo
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Chapter 6. You must return the kiss you stole
My apartment felt empty and dark. I was too lazy to turn on the lights. The faint light came from the city lights and the moonlight filtering through the windowpane whose curtains I hadn't closed earlier. I sat alone on the sofa—I and Evan often had sex on this sofa, dammit—bottles of liquor lined the table, one of which was lying around. The view of the glittering city from the window only made me feel more isolated. The chaos that had haunted me all day seemed to creep into my mind, filling every corner of the room with confusion and despair.I was tired. This day had been exhausting. And chaotic. The doorbell of the apartment rang a while ago. I ignored it.My gaze languished on Evan's suitcases and boxes of belongings. After coming home from work, I took out all his clothes and belongings. However, it didn't take long for me to finally burst into tears.Without thinking, I grabbed a bottle of liquor and gulped it down with a desire to forget everything. Every sip felt like an esca
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Chapter 7. Because you cornered me
"Gracie, apparently you're keeping my guest here." A voice behind me made me and the female bartender turn around. I choked on my own saliva. River towered over me in his gray suit."Hello, Mr. Lynch," she greeted, making me hold my breath. "This beautiful woman is your guest? Wait," she paused, looking confused at me. "So the man you're about to meet is Mr. Lynch?""You guys know each other?" I asked frantically, remembering what I'd said a while back about him being a jerk and all.“Yeah,” Gracie replied, then looked at me and River in turn. "This bar belongs to Mr. Lynch."The man then grinned, and suddenly I felt like I wanted to disappear into thin air."Looks like you got lost," he commented, scoffing at me. I couldn't find my voice yet. River turned to look at Gracie. "Let me take it from here, Gracie.""Yeah-yes," Gracie replied, still confused, "sure, Mr. Lynch.""Put whatever this lovely lady ordered earlier on my bill." River dictated to Gracie, who nodded obediently in ret
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Chapter 8. Just wait until he finds out you slept with his uncle
"Why do you want revenge on Evan?" I asked, my voice tinged with a mix of caution and confusion. It was a loaded question, and I wasn't sure what River's motivation was. The idea of teaming up with someone I barely knew, especially for the purpose of revenge, was a decision that required careful consideration."I'm not looking for revenge, but rather to teach a lesson." River leaned in slightly, his gaze sharp. "Most of the businesses I run... Evan is the sole heir."I was stunned for a few seconds. "He doesn't seem like a wealthy heir," I commented, remembering how ordinary Evan's life was, how he behaved, and...well, everything about him didn't suggest that he would inherit a business I estimated to be worth billions of dollars. "You fooled me?"River chuckled softly. He shook his head and let out a tired sigh, as
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Chapter 9. But the gaze in River Lynch's eyes...
"River Lynch here yet?" asked Rory, without me realizing her sudden arrival at the shoot. The day of River's photo shoot with Pamela Magazine had arrived. Rory had given this responsibility to me, as it should be."Yeah," I replied, silently signaling to the Production Coordinator who had been in discussion with me, to get back to his job. "He's all safe with the stylists and Lukas in the dressing room. Do you want to check him out?""No need," Rory replied, checking the notes on the iPad she was holding. Her eyes glanced around the shooting room, making sure everything was going according to plan. "I'm sure things are going well here. But make sure River knows exactly what our editorial team wants."I nodded, taking note of Rory's advice. "Of course. I'll make sure everything goes well. We want a shoot that meets Pamela's expectations."Rory smiled and continued around the room, giving instructions to several team members who were busy with preparations. I returned to my desk, organi
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