Floating on A Pink Cloud

Nova’s POV

I really do feel like I am floating on a pink cloud. Maybe I should change to a fluffy pink duvet cover rather than my gathered lavender one because the visual would complete the feeling. I do not forget my BFF, however. And it isn’t quite midnight yet so I shoot her a text.

Me:Hey Cassie, R U still up?

Rather than a text my phone starts ringing and I pick up immediately. “What’s up girl?” I ask without looking at the caller I.D.

“So my parents split up. They knew it was happening. Mom was supposed to tell me since she is the one leaving dad, but she didn’t.” Cassie spits out in a rush before taking a breath and continuing.”Anyway she packed like the rest of us, but left her bags in the car at the airport, thinking about it I figured that she would be driving the car up because that was logical, but at the gate she said that she was staying in Atlanta and , get this, moving in with her GIRLFRIEND! Apparently they had messed around back in college, but
Simone Carlisle

I discovered a few things that I need to edit back in the 3rd chapter and I will be going back to edit. The line "Floating on A Pink Cloud" comes from one of the first poems that I wrote back in High School. I will probably write a new poem with that as the first line and make it a love poem from Nova's perspective, my original poem was a stream of consciousness poem and fairly obtuse. At this point I have written about 10 chapters beyond this one and will be updating daily, however there may be days in which I don't get to write at all or very little in this coming week, so I do not want to post them more than one chapter per day until I know that I will be able to continue at a fair pace. Enjoy, my Loves!

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