Sudden Trips

she was thrown up suddenly hurtling upwards through the air at incredible speed 

she closed her eyes feeling sick to her stomach when she landed on the solid ground again she began vomiting immediately 

she was on the pavement somewhere in a city, vehicles were honking noisily sun was shining brightly it was the middle of the afternoon she caught her breath straightening up  

humans were walking all around her

holy shit! I'm on earth! she realized but the humans didn't seem to be able to see her they walked past her as if she wasn't there 

Samuel, she called to her guardian he appeared immediately

Kyra, what happened to you? I have been searching for you everywhere how did you get here? 

I was summoned to hell by lucifer she informed him

you were what?

he cried child your father would be turning in his afterlife 

I don't think so this time

lucifer summoned me because Azeaz

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