Arriving In Beverly Hills

good morning Aerilyn said greeting her as she passed her in the hallway 

good morning Kyra replied

where are you off to? Aerilyn asked with a smile 

shopping with Xander he says going to take me to Los Angeles Kyra answered 

LA is gorgeous have fun Aerilyn  said 

Kyra waved bye to her and she went down the stairs 

meeting Xander in the living room he had changed into a pair of ripped jeans a T-shirt with the words Phat Farm 

and graphic designs on the front and black jacket with white stripes on the sleeves and arrows in an X in the back 

he looked really good you're ready to go he asked she nodded 

he took her hand in his and led to the kitchen to a door in the back picking up a set of keys from a rack next to the door 

he opened the door to the garage  her bike was parked here along 

with two other vehicles one a big black SUV and the other a lar

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