Host plots War

you're late a voice growled in the shadows as Azeazel entered a den hidden in the depths of hell to meet his ally

of course, I'm late what the heck do you expect when everyone trying to hunt me down Azeazel snarled 

you failed us the voice spoke again what do you want me to do? I told you that raising an army was too obvious 

and now I'm running for what little is left of my life because of you he answered 

we were expecting to lose some of our forces in the initial attacks to test the waters a necessary sacrifice 

but you got all of our forces destroyed and now the seraphim guard has its newest member  

Daughter of Michael and we have nothing the voice snarled you are completely useless to us

I did everything according to your plans even though I told you it wouldn't work Azeazel shot back you refused to listen to me 

Gabriel might be a dumbass we can

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