The Fall Out

Thanis stormed into the rec room of the dorms 

when he came in disturbing a few of the other new archangels throwing himself down into a nearby chair at a table with frustration 

his three buddies Aeron Ezera and Jordan came in from training 

Thanis! our one and only best friend archangel buddy what's eating ya? Jordan sat down with a grin

dragging a hand through his hair with an annoyed look I saw Kyra today! 

and you didn't arrest her? Aeron chuckled dragging up a nearby chair and sitting on it backward,

we cant! Thanis growled she didn't desert the host she was drafted and ascended into the Seraphim Guard, she's the Seraphim of Mercy now and she's mated too,

are you serious? dude thats huge! Ezera cried who is she mated to? 

The Seraphim of Justice he answered she even has his mark on her neck and 

their wings even match his are silver and hers is gold 

you should have seen he

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