Dark End to a Gorgeous day

in the bars parking lot, there was a few other vehicles parked and there was a car parked where a human family

 was getting ready to leave as well it seems they had spent the day on the beach a dad with his wife and three children but there drifted the unpleasant scent of sulfur and rot on the wind

that could only be brought by demons 

do you smell that? Xander asked softly 

oh yea she replied wrinkling her nose the pair cautiously began to look around and then they heard the family 

in the car screaming  as the ground near their car suddenly cracked open 

they aren't here for us they are here for them Xander said grimly he summoned his sword 

and Kyra did the same summoning her scimitar swords 

guess we get to have a little fun before we go home she said he chuckled 

and they raced towards the family in the car at a dead run as a glut demon crawled out of the crack in the gro

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Racheal Lawson-Hik
great story looking forward to reading more...
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Olajemilo Olaoluwa
this novel has not updated for so long, pls admin talk to the writer and do something abt it. thanks

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