Going Shopping

Kyra woke up slowly she was wrapped in warm sheets in Xander's bed still she was alone

 it was the early morning she had slept for several hours right through the night she must have been more tired than she realized but now she felt full of energy 

Xander came into the room carrying a tray of food 

you're awake he said smiling I figured you might be hungry since you slept for so long 

I'm starving actually she replied 

your body must still be adjusting to the ascension 

he set the tray down as she sat up 

let me go wash up real quick she said sliding out of bed

 she rushed off the bathroom for a quick shower and brushing her teeth only to realize she didn't have any clothes to wear 

Xander, she called him from the bathroom 

yes, love what is it? he answered coming into the bathroom 

I need to borrow something to wear she admitted 

he chuckl

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