Chapter 3: Red Underwear and Muddy Dares

Cedric and Kian didn’t know why their friend suddenly invited them out to go to the rice field. They certainly didn’t know why he started stripping his clothes and planting rice out of nowhere when he’s never done that before.

“Should we call for a doctor?” Kian asked his twin brother. 

“No,” Cedric responded. 

“But Zeth’s acting really weird. Should we ask him about it?”

Cedric gave his twin a warning glare. The last time they tried to question Zeth for his questionable antics, they were stuck with the organic fertilizer duty for one week.

“You’re right,” Kian said, shivering from the flashbacks of being surrounded by nothing but cow dung for one whole week.

Suddenly, a girl—a very beautiful woman, started trudging towards the rice field. 

Cedric crossed his arms in front of his chest and smirked when he put the puzzle pieces together.

He turned to his twin. “I think I found the reason for Zeth’s change in behavior.”

Kian covered his mouth. “I can’t believe it. Our Zeth is finally a big boy.”

Cedric glared at the former. “Fuck off, man. Don’t make it weird.”

Kian shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever, man! I’m just saying—Zeth had never been interested in relationships. Not even when his mom had set him up on so many dates, so this definitely feels new to me.”

“Yeah, yeah,” his twin waved him off. “Let’s just see what’s going to happen.”

Adriel stomped over to the half-naked Zeth. His six-pack abs and toned chest were on full display. She was starstruck for a minute, but she quickly gained composure and glared at the handsome young man. 

“So, you really are a farmer in this place,” she said. 

Zeth placed his shovel down and looked at Adriel with raised eyebrows.

“You better be prepared for what’s going to happen. I know the owner of this farm, and I could get you fired, you know?” she warned. 

Cedric and Kian, who were watching on the sidelines, stifled a laugh as they watched their friend be scolded for the first time in his life. 

“Oh, really?” Zeth said, walking closer to Adriel.

Adriel took a step back, startled that Zeth moved closer to her. She cleared her throat and continued glaring at him.

“Yes. So, if I were you, I would apologize to me now if you want me not to tell the owner of your rude behavior earlier this day.”

Zeth looked at the stubborn and overbearing woman in front of him. He can’t believe that someone who looks so innocent and beautiful could have such a spiteful attitude. 

“Fine. I’m sorry, princess.”

Adriel smiled in victory. “That’s right. People like you should know their place. And don’t call me princess. I’m much more fit to be a queen. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to plant these damn rice seedlings.”

Zeth frowned. He didn’t like the tone of her voice. It almost felt like she was looking down on farmers and laborers. 

“Do you even know what you’re doing?” Zeth asked in a challenging voice. 

Adriel looked down on the muddy field and bit her lips. She turned around and looked at Zeth with prideful eyes. 

“Of course, I do. Who do you think I am?”

“Someone who’s never worked a day in her life? Someone who’s used to getting everything she wants?”

Everything Zeth said was true. But, Adriel’s pride was too much that she didn’t want to accept his words.

“I know how to work,” she lied.


“Yes,” she said firmly. With that, she squatted down and started shoving the rice seedlings onto the soil, unknowing that she was doing it wrong. 

“You’re doing it wrong,” Zeth sighed. He squatted down and demonstrated the proper way of planting rice seedlings.

Adriel carefully watched Zeth and bit her lips. She slowly tried to imitate what she had done and couldn’t help but exclaim in delight when she was finally able to do it. 

“Aha!” she exclaimed, excitedly standing up. However, she underestimated the hold that the mud had gotten on her feet, causing her to fall butt-down on the muddy water. 

She fell with a splashing sound, and gasps of shock were heard all around the rice field. 

Adriel shrieked in surprise and quickly ran out of the muddy field. Her back was covered with mud, and she didn’t like the feeling of it on her skin one bit. 

“Francine!” she screamed at the still stoic girl. “Water!”

Francine, who had a water hose in her hands, directed it toward Adriel, causing her to be drenching wet. 

She let out another shriek of surprise from the cold water. 

Amidst Adriel’s complaints, the farmworkers had gone silent with the view in front of them. The once white sundress of Adriel had now become translucent, leaving her red underwear on display. 

Kian whistled at the sight of the gorgeous lady while the other people in the rice field hollered at her. 

Adriel was confused by the sudden reaction, so she looked down at her body and saw that she was practically naked in front of all of them. 

She tried to cover her body with her arms, but it wasn’t much help.

“Just take it off!” one of the farmers said, wolf-whistling as he did so.

Zeth unknowingly glared at the farmer. He took his plaid shirt from Kian and walked toward Adriel. 

Adriel turned around when she felt a piece of clothing slung over her shoulders. She almost felt touched that someone was doing this for her. But Zeth’s next words ruined it all.

“Go back to the villa. Nobody wants to see such a disastrous view.”

And with that, Zeth pulled Adriel’s arm and instructed Francine to bring her back to the villa. 


Adriel angrily muttered under her breath as she dried her hair with a towel.

“That fucking asshole! So he’s telling me that I look disastrous? Well, he looks like—he looks like...a male model,” she let out a deep sigh as she thought about Zeth.

“But who the fuck cares if he’s handsome? He’s the spawn of satan.”

“Who’s satan?” a cute voice suddenly said. 

Adriel turned around and saw Milo smiling cutely at her.

She quickly placed a smile on her face and ruffled Milo’s hair. 

“Just someone I met.”

Milo frowned. “Was he mean to you?”

“Very mean.”

“Are you sad?” he pouted, causing Adriel to coo at him.

“I’m not sad anymore because you’re already here.”

Milo smiled—the kind of smile that an innocent kid would have. “Then I’ll always be with you so you wouldn’t be sad, Adi. My big brother would also cheer you up!” 

Adriel looked affectionately at the child. “You have a brother? Why haven’t I met him before?”

“Big bro doesn’t like coming here, but I still like him very much. He buys me lots of chocolate and always gives me a piggyback ride!” he said cutely. 

Adriel smiled. Milo’s brother sounds so different from a certain man she knows. 

“What’s your brother’s name?”


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Julia Bojko
This book jumps from chapter 3 to 7. It’s missing a lot of information
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Umaru Issaka
Adriel first experience as a farmy

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