Chapter 75: The Grudge

“You just finished what?” Aria asked when Cedric didn’t finish his sentence.

He remained frozen while looking at her. His sweatshirt practically swallowed her figure whole. From his view, it looked like she wasn’t wearing any shorts since the sweatshirt covered them. Paired with her messy bun and bare face, Cedric couldn’t help but gawk at her for a second.

“Cedric?” Aria nudged his shoulders, causing him to finally snap out of his trance.

“Umm yeah?” he said, his eyes still kind of dazed.

“What did you just finish?”

Cedric closed his eyes to recall what he wanted to say but eventually found his mind blank. “Uhh—do you want to watch some TV?” he asked after a while, completely forgetting his past thought process.

Aria beamed and excitedly sat down on the couch. “Sure!” she said. “Do you have some snacks?”

“Let me get some from the kitchen,” he said. With that, he left Aria all alone in the living room without even hearing her response.

As soon as he got there, he leaned against the c
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Kismet Star
I certainly hope Lauren doesn’t get her way. She has an awful lot of nerve… Always some drama… Why can’t they just be happy, after all they’ve already gone through? This is crazy.
goodnovel comment avatar
Cedric and Aria are amazing together. Now for Lauren that is another situation she is heartless.

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