Ruthless King

Ruthless King

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Emaline Liliana's dreams and sleep have always been erotic and lustful, fueled by intense touch, passionate kisses, love, and care. She dreamed of a man with red eyes and two pointed fangs who always smiled and laughed before ending the dream with a bloody scream. A nightmare that is both beautiful and endless. Once the Vampires had taken over the world, the ruthless Vampire King gave the humans a choice: become a source of blood for them, or become their beloved. A place where a human who is both naïve and blind would perish.

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"My dearest love!" Agonizing pain wracked her stomach, causing her to double over in discomfort. The woman's voice echoed through the sterile walls of the delivery room as she cried out, "I'm about to give birth!" The anticipation and excitement of the moment hung thick in the air as the medical team sprang into action, ready to assist in bringing new life into the world. Within the confines of the room, a group of nurses and doctors were present. As the woman writhed in pain, her husband stood by her side, his face etched with worry. The doctor bustled about the room, preparing the necessary tools and supplies. Everything was in place, ready for the imminent arrival of the new life that was about to enter the world. The wife's grip on her husband's hands was firm, as if she was afraid to let go. "I stand here, steadfast and unwavering, by your side, my love!" Her husband's words echoed in her mind, urging her on. "You can do it," he said, his voice filled with unwavering confidenc
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Chapter 1
The breadth of his kiss upon her nape was truly remarkable. Emaline Liliana let out a deep groan as she pulled the man's head closer to hers, deepening the kiss. As their lips met, a fiery passion ignited within her, spreading like wildfire through every inch of her being. Both of them were acutely conscious of their physical appearance. As the kiss traveled down Emaline's body, it finally reached her sensitive n*pples, causing her to release a sudden and ecstatic shriek. With a deep breath, she grasped onto the first stable object she could find, feeling a sense of relief wash over her. Her hand darted forward, fingers curling around the man's neck. With a fierce determination, she tightened her grip, feeling the tendons in her arm strain with the effort. The darkness enveloped the room, rendering Emaline's face invisible to the man's eyes and Emaline being blind couldn't see the man's face who is pleasuring her. "Ohh..." The young woman's breath almost stopped as she gasped for
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Chapter 2
"Don't pay attention to them; act like you don't care that they exist." With a sneer of contempt, the king spat at his personal servant. He paid no heed to the incessant demands of human leaders. With the world under his command, he looked down upon the common folk as mere peasants in his newfound empire."Your Highness," the attendant spoke with a tremble in their voice, "they have made a threat. If we do not cease our actions, they will withhold their precious life-giving blood from us.The King raised an eyebrow when he was told that his attendant thought these humans were telling the truth."Horacio, did you bang your head on the palace wall?" A frigid breath escaped from the king's lips.Horacio, a man of unwavering loyalty to his sovereign, humbly lowered his head as a sign of reverence."Forgive me, Your Highness," he said with a bow. "I solemnly swear that I shall not trouble you with this matter again," Horacio said with a hint of remorse in his voice. The action elicited a s
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Chapter 3
The darkness of the night was accompanied by a biting cold that seemed to seep into every crevice. Emaline and her mother stood outside the house, checking the surroundings. The gentle breeze carried the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers, and the distant chirping of insects filled the air. The moon was shining bright, casting a glow on their faces. They stood there in silence, taking in the beauty of the moment. She was a vulnerable creature, one who could not be left to her own without the watchful eye of a guardian. Having completed her meal, the lady stepped out into the crisp night air. The young woman harbored no grievances regarding their way of life or her present circumstances. She possessed no right to voice her complaints, her surroundings a mere lose to her unseeing eyes. She relied solely on her senses and the guidance of her parents. Emaline had always been aware of the fact that she had never come across someone who shared her age. It was a peculiar realization that
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Chapter 4
Emaline's hands flew to her mouth, stifling the gasp that threatened to escape. The young maiden's ears perked up at the sound of her father's enraged howls outside the confines of their abode. Her tears fell silently, like blood dripping from a fresh wound. She felt like the most insignificant fledgling, listening to her sire's torment. Her parents stood guard outside, shielding a kindred spirit like herself who was ill-equipped to endure this modern age. Emaline grasped and wandered, looking for the entrance. Even though she wanted to help, even though she was blind. The girl exerted her extraordinary power to pry open the lock as if it were a mere toy. Her eyes glistened with the crimson tears of sorrow. She trembled with fear, her heart pounding in her chest as she contemplated the fate that awaited not only herself but also her beloved parents. The unknown dangers lurking in the shadows of the night threatened to consume them all, leaving nothing but a trail of blood and despai
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Chapter 5
"Even if you were to murder me," she said with a steady gaze. "No matter what actions you take, your identity as a creature of terror and fear remains unaltered." Those were the precise words that Emaline managed to articulate.As the night wore on, it became increasingly clear that she was the most reviled individual in attendance. Her transgression? Inciting the wrath of a noble vampire who was merely carrying out the orders of their sovereign."Be quiet," he commanded sharply. The piercing cry of the vampire woman reverberated through the dense forest. The only activity that seemed to occupy the others was a boisterous bout of laughter."Release my daughter at once!" Had Victor not compelled himself to rise and come to his daughter's aid, the female vampire would have persisted in her actions.Victor, wounded and desperate, swung the shotgun with all his might at the female vampire, who had a tight grip on Emaline. Despite the force of the blow, the vampire refused to release her p
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Chapter 6
Emaline's tears flowed freely, not only in the waking world but also in the depths of her dreams. Her weeping was intense and unrelenting, a reflection of the deep emotions that stirred within her. As she stirred from her slumber, a sense of unease washed over her. Something was amiss. She reached out for her mother's comforting presence, but to her dismay, she found nothing. The absence of her mother's familiar aura left her feeling disoriented and vulnerable. "Mom?" she called out, her voice echoing through the empty halls of the house. Emaline found herself in an unfamiliar place, the floor beneath her sending shivers through her body with its icy chill. A pungent odor wafted up from her surroundings, assaulting her senses and leaving her feeling uneasy. Emaline's physical state was far from optimal, with her body feeling weak and unsteady. She refrained from sitting down, as the mere thought of it made her nauseous. The woman instinctively reached up to her forehead, feeling a
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Chapter 7
The King beheld his beloved as she sprang up from her stance. The manner in which she embraced and shielded herself from potential harm was quite apparent. With a tremble in her voice and a tight embrace around herself, she cried out, "Whoever you may be, I implore you to keep your distance!" The jaw of the king fell open in surprise. With his keen eye, the King beheld even the slightest wound to his beloved. The man's seething anger threatened to consume him, yet he fought to restrain himself from obliterating the confines of his cell. He made a valiant effort to draw near to his beloved, but she let out a piercing cry, much like the ones that had haunted her in her slumber. "I warned you to keep your distance! I'm not going down lightly, even if you want me dead." Once more, she let out a piercing yell. In the midst of the dimly lit cell, his majesty's keen eye caught sight of his beloved's countenance, wrought with fear. "I shall not cause you any harm," he whispered gently.
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Chapter 8
"Would her vision ever return? Her eyes were of no use to her, for she was blind." The King let out a deep sigh as he recalled the moment when he first noticed her countenance in their bond. Alas, he had failed to comprehend that she was bereft of sight. He held her hand tightly as she slept soundly in his bed. The bed was his, indeed. With a gentle touch, she carefully positioned her in his room, where she would now rest her head each night. "Your Majesty, you probably already know the answer to that question. The two of you share a deep connection," elucidated the royal physician, "and upon the union of His Majesty and the Queen, all of her afflictions and maladies shall be remedied." For generations, the Doctor has faithfully served the royal family, beginning with the King's father. However, there is a secret that few are aware of: the Doctor is a vampire. Despite his supernatural nature, he has proven to be a valuable asset to the monarchy, using his centuries of experience t
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Chapter 9
She called out to her parents with a sense of urgency. Emaline turned over in bed and let out a piercing cry, calling out for her parents. Tears streamed down her face as she lifted both hands towards the heavens, as if grasping for an intangible something. A terrifying nightmare in which her adored parents perished untimely as a result of her actions disturbed her sleep. Once again, tears streamed down her face as she let out a deep, gut-wrenching sob. The young woman was acutely aware of her own vulnerability and had come to accept it as an inescapable aspect of her being. Emaline focused on taking slow, deliberate breaths, willing her chest to relax and her heart to slow its frantic beating. With a gentle exhalation, she attempted to rise to her feet, only to be reminded of the unfortunate incident that had befallen her. Emaline was struck with sudden confusion. For a moment, she forgot that she was blind. With a sudden burst of energy, she leapt from her stance. Regrettably,
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