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What will happen when two Alpha Bloods collide? Will sparks fly or will the battle for supremacy begin?  ¤¤¤¤¤ "Leave." A groan left my throat before I shut my eyes, trying to erase the image of her nakedness, but my action was futile — no matter how I tried to block it off, her alluring body kept seeping into my head. "Are you losing it? Should I start commanding you to undress for me, Alpha?" Her voice came out so seductive that my throat suddenly felt too dry. I wanted nothing but to give in. But this was all wrong. I shouldn't cross the line between us. "I believe you have forgotten that I am the Alpha of this pack." I opened my eyes, hands coiling into fists. "And I think you forgot that I am an Alpha as well. You can't tell me what to do, Jace." I let a smug smirk form on my lips before I locked eyes with the beautiful lioness in front of me.  "How sure are you that I can't tell you what to do?" I licked my lips as I began to unbuckle my belt. "On your knees, Amara..." ¤¤¤¤¤ Alpha Jace Galhart had always known what he wanted from the start: to be the perfect Alpha for his pack while waiting for his fated mate. He thought he was doing well until Amara came and showed him that perhaps breaking the rules he set for himself wasn't that bad at all.

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108 Chapters
Chapter 1
JACE.‘Alpha, I bumped into Lady Amara. She was running toward the forest line and told me not to follow her. I think something happened to her. She looked bad.’I kept repeating the warrior’s words in my head as my wolf, Zero, hiked up his speed, heading in the direction where we thought we could find her. My heart was pounding too hard, worried that something bad had happened to her. And, knowing Amara, she was the last female on the planet that would seek help.My name is Jackson Galhart, or you can call me Jace.Tomorrow, I will step up as the new Alpha of the Black Shadow Pack, something I have spent my whole life preparing for.Just a moment ago, I was standing on the training ground, watching as my father, Alpha Jacob Galhart, spent the last night of being an Alpha in friendly combat with his most trusted men, his Beta and Gamma.Pride rose in my chest as I watched my father display all the skills he learned and acquired through the years. He was a great Alpha and even a greate
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Chapter 2
AMARA."Then stay there but don’t sleep. Do you want me to take off your shorts? But I have to rip it apart if you don’t want to move.""Yes, please," I replied in a soft voice.Claws erupted from his nails before he ripped my shorts open. I felt the air on my ass as he tossed away the torn piece of cloth before his hand went up inside the back of my shirt."I will just unclasp your bra…"I nodded my head again with my eyes closed as I tried to steady my breathing. The burn was still there, but having Jace around helped calm my senses. "Shit.." I heard him mutter under his breath as his fingers fumbled on the clasp of my bra. "Fuck. How on earth do I take this off?" His voice sounded annoyed, and I couldn’t help but smile despite the pain in my body.I bent my arm and reached for my back, but before I could even touch my bra, I heard a piece of fabric rip, and I knew he had destroyed my favorite sea-blue undergarment. Same old Jace — sometimes he would get impatient. I lifted my a
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Chapter 3
JACE.Zero spent a long time running around and playing with Amara’s wolf, whose name we didn’t even know. Amara and I came from different packs, which means mindlink doesn’t work between us and our wolves. Although Zero could sense her aura and her emotions, like the excitement she felt at the moment, there was no way to communicate with them.But despite that, our wolves seemed to enjoy each other’s company so much that I didn’t even notice that we had run too far from her dormitory. I wanted to tell her to turn around, but I had no way to communicate with her, so Zero just followed her around.We had been running for some time now when my mother’s words dug into my head.‘Jace?’‘Mom...’‘It’s dinner time. Your dad will be here soon. Where did you go?’‘I went for a run. I think I will miss dinner tonight. Can I make it up some other nights?’ I had no idea why I didn’t tell her about Amara’s shifting. Maybe a part of me just wanted to be the only one to know at this point.‘Are yo
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Chapter 4
JACE.I stiffened when I realized what I was doing and the position we were in.Shit! I needed to stop.I did not remove her from my lap, and she did not leave either, even after I stopped tickling her. Instead, she rested her back against my torso and slightly turned her body to the side so her cheek was resting on my shoulder, and her hair, which smelled of strawberries, pressed against my mouth.We stayed still in this position until I heard her breathing slow down.I let out a deep sigh before I spoke. "I should take you back to the dormitory.""How far are we?""Thirty to forty minutes.""I don’t think I can wait any longer. I want to sleep, and besides, the main doors are locked. I don’t want to ring the headmistress and be interrogated.""You’re with me. She won’t argue with that, and besides, you shifted.""I don’t want anyone to know I shifted.""They will still smell your wolf.""I should call Mom and let her know.""They’re here tomorrow for my ceremony. You can tell them p
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Chapter 5
ALMOST TWO YEARS AFTER. JACE. I climbed out of my four-wheel drive and adjusted my sunglasses before heading inside the packhouse. It was fucking hot this afternoon, and I wanted to dip in the pool. I had our packhouse extended and rebuilt to make the indoor pool bigger, so I had a place to hang out with the Alpha Circle. At this point in our lives, only a few of us were Alphas and the rest were still waiting for their fathers to hand down the title. All of my friends were Alphas of the South. I was the only one on the East Coast, and because my territory was big and too far from the South, I refused to leave it for a while, as I didn’t have the luxury of time to travel back and forth just to see them. So instead, I forced them to see me from time to time and spend a day or two here so we could all catch up with each other. I tossed my glasses and shirt, which I had pulled off my body on the couch, down the hallway of the large building that led to the pool. I wanted to jump in
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Chapter 6
JACE. "Name your price, Jace. I saved up so much I’m sure I can pay you." She answered in a hoarse voice, and I was just about to counter her when all of a sudden her mouth crashed against mine. For a long, suspended moment, I was left frozen in my spot, contemplating, unsure of whether I wanted to pull her body away from mine or hold her tightly. She was crossing the line, and for some reason, I was just letting her. I closed my eyes as her soft and warm lips devoured mine, and I knew my control was slowly slipping away. My chest rumbled with a low growl as my hands cupped her ass and lifted her off the ground, while her legs automatically wrapped around my waist. My hand then moved to the back of her head, pressing her closer while holding her in place, before my lips finally gave in and opened. I heard her sudden intake of breath before her hands grabbed my hair and pulled them tightly as she moved her lips against mine and kissed me as if she had no plans of letting go. And
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Chapter 7
JACE. I was in my office with Tyler and Austin. It was Saturday morning, and we never had a concrete schedule to follow on weekends, but we all showed up at my office early today and decided to catch up with each other’s weeks while waiting for breakfast. Austin was still blabbering about where he was last night. We were all twenty years old now, but he was the only one with uncontrollable hormones. He kept looking for his mate, but couldn’t help picking up females to fuck along the way. Tyler had been giving me the look the whole time. He had always wanted to snap Austin out of his man-whoring ways. But we never interfered. Austin had never neglected his duty and had never faked a relationship to get laid. He fucks and goes. He only took females that had the same way of thinking as him. And it never bothered me at all, as long as he would not bring a female home. I had only set two rules for us when it comes to females: no playing around with females of our pack, and never bring
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Chapter 8
AMARA. "Okay, young lady. Tell me what happened?" Mom stepped inside my room as soon as I let her in and sat on the foot of my bed. I was inside my blanket with no plans of getting up. "What do you mean what happened?" I asked as if I had no idea what she wanted to know. I was just buying time because, up until now, I didn’t know what to tell her. It was just five o’clock in the morning, and I was supposed to be on my way back to the Black Shadow Pack so I would not miss my first class at nine o'clock. "You told me yesterday that you would drive early today, so I let Gamma Edward drive Alonso alone last night. But it looks to me like you have no plans of going to school." "We don’t have classes today." "That’s not what you told me last night." "Can I skip school?" I asked almost immediately, biting my bottom lip as I waited for her response. "Only if you tell me why." "Mom…" "Am I failing you as a mother? I’m not even going to ask for details, just any vague idea that you can
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Chapter 9
JACE. I couldn’t concentrate the whole weekend. I knew I came off as an asshole to Amara for pushing her away, but I only did it to protect her from me. Perhaps I liked her more than she did, but I had nothing to offer her. If I knew that I would never meet my fated mate, I would give us a chance. I would take the risk, but I knew that someone out there was bound for me, and sooner or later I would meet her, and where would my kitten be the moment she appeared? I might forget everything I felt for her and move on, while she would curse me for breaking her heart. If there was anyone I wanted to save, it was Amara, and if that meant not crossing the line between us, I would do so even if it made me appear to her as a jerk. "What happened to us? Aren’t we supposed to be looking out for each other’s backs? Are you going to throw away almost fifteen years of friendship because of all this?" I asked her as my arms tightened around her body and I rested my chin on the crown of her head.
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Chapter 10
JACE. I waved one more time to the Alpha and Luna of the Blood Moon Pack before I maneuvered my car out of their packhouse grounds and drove towards the road that would lead me to the right border. As soon as they were out of sight, I rolled the windows up and glanced at the female beside me. She had her eyes closed and her arms crossed against her chest as she leaned her head on the window beside her. "I have a jacket in the backseat if you’re cold," I said in a low voice before turning my attention back to the road. She was dressed in a tight denim mini skirt and a spaghetti strap top, and I was sure the cold didn’t bother her at all, but I was more concerned with myself. I might be limiting myself when it comes to playing around, but I'm an Alpha wolf, and my libido was high, and with her legs on display for the next four to five hours, I could only imagine the torture she would inflict on my dick. I had nowhere to release my heat, so I hoped she would either cover herself o
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