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Rowena’s faith in love and romance was crushed in the most disturbing way possible… After that, she’d never thought she'd let another man touch her. But that was before she was seduced by the sinful voice of Dr. Lovejoy! Listening to his radio talk show, ‘Speaking of Sex & Lust…’, Rowena knows, she feels that his smooth advice masks deep urges. There are longings she's sure she can answer face to face and skin on skin… Heath Evans, aka Dr. Lovejoy, has built an on-air career in sex counseling. When Rowena Killian calls in, he hears a pang in her voice that he longs to soothe. But when they finally have the chance to fulfill their explicit fantasies, Heath has to wonder which one of them is playing doctor. Because the steamy, sensual treatment he's prescribed seems to be healing them both….

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Yoko Fabella
Ive been waiting and waiting for the chapters to be uploaded it never disappoint! As always, emma wonderful story! Keep em coming!
2023-06-13 09:47:08
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Stacie Aymami Sundberg
Great story!
2023-06-13 07:55:58
user avatar
Yoko Fabella
Is there any update with the next chapters?
2023-06-08 09:37:33
default avatar
Yoko Fabella
Excited for the next chapters!
2023-05-28 01:24:35
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“Rowe, babe… As much as I enjoy this girly ritual, I’m really starting to resent you taking over my Friday nights.” Rowena Killian looked up from her half-painted toes and rolled her eyes at her best friend, Summer.“Funny, ‘babe’, but I don’t remember inviting you, anyway.”“Well, I know what you’d be doing if I wasn’t here…”“Uhm… Enjoying a nice, long, relaxing bath?” Rowena replied, raising a pointed eyebrow.“Please… So damn boring...” As she flopped down onto the sofa beside Rowena, ice cubes rattled in Summer’s fresh drink.“You’ve been here almost two years, Rowe… Don’t you think it’s time to see something besides your cubicle and this apartment?”“I like my apartment.” There was nothing wrong with it. Or the fact that she preferred to spend her time safe inside it. Taking a sip of her drink, Rowena tried not to let the familiar irritation surface. Summer meant well… as always.“And junk food… apparently. You need to find a man… Pronto!”
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That request nearly made Heath Evans fall off his chair. Was this some kind of a prank call? Considering the timid way this woman had started her phone call, that last statement had been a shocker. Jerking up, he mouthed ‘What the hell, dude?!’ to Timothy, his forty-two-year-old producer. The man supposedly screening his calls just shrugged and went back to playing with switches. Heath fought down the urge to strangle him. He’d wrangled with that sensation often over their five-year friendship. There was something about the other man’s laid-back attitude that tended to grate against his nerves. Especially during the past few months. Timothy knew he didn’t like to deal with this sort of thing on air. Heath could barely walk out his door without being approached by some primped-up, sassy woman looking for him to rock her world in every single way possible. All they ever really wanted was an instant catapult to notoriety… or money.
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“We have to do something.” Heath’s voice echoed against the impersonal walls of the conference room. He sat in the padded seat to Timothy’s right and looked across at the two gentlemen he’d asked to join them, the station manager and their attorney. “We agree. The entire show was dominated by calls about… Alissa for the third day in a row. Even though your ratings are up this can’t continue. If we take no action, there will be a backlash against the show eventually. Your listeners want and expect you to do something.” “Something we all know I can’t do.” He leaned over the conference table and studied the two men opposite him. They walked around, their mouths pulled down into perpetual frowns as if their every decision affected the balance of the world. Only, today their decisions affected him. Heath hadn’t felt this out of control in years. Yes, he had money, fast cars, and a house he owned outright and had remodeled with his own two hand
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Closing her eyes, she rested her head and just sat for a minute, soaking up a luxury she rarely made time for. After a few minutes of pure, unadulterated bliss, Rowena reached for a piece of brownie, letting the salted caramel melt in her mouth and slip down her throat. The bold, salty taste burst through her mouth, reminding her of the brownies her grandmother had always made every time she knew Rowena was coming to visit her. Times like these she missed her family… even her mother. Yes, she’d needed to escape Fairhaven, Massachusetts, to put s considerable space between her family’s overprotective tendencies and her mother’s inability to understand. This decision had been an important step in her recovery, one she’d needed to take. The anonymity she’d found in Seattle hadn’t hurt, either. Here, she wasn’t Rowena Killian… In Seattle, she was just another nobody.“Please, God… Let me remain nobody…” she whispered. Closing her eyes, Row
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“Everything’s set with the girl?” Timothy met Heath at the door, pushing back a throng of women to let him into ‘Fog Room’, one of Seattle’s hotspots. These personal appearances were part of the job, something Heath loathed.“Yes. We’re meeting Saturday. We’ll have dinner at ‘Le Cirque’. I’ve already reserved a private room.”“Private, huh? Don’t tell me you’re considering her request... I know you’ve been off your dating game lately, but that’s low.” Heath frowned. He was not off his game, he was out of it entirely… by choice. He was tired of pasting on a smile and playing someone else, someone he no longer wanted to be.“Of course not. I’m trying to keep a low profile. Somewhere I can get in and out without anyone noticing me.”“Dr. Lovejoy!!!” Two women slipped past the bouncer holding back the crowd and raced toward him, yelling at the top of their lungs. Heath took a bracing step backward and held his breath. Before they could reach him, another boun
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Steven Lockwood sat in his car and fought down the rage. Fuck! That arrogant little shit had the nerve to say no to him! Then the red Jaguar F-Type Convertible was about the only thing of value he owned, and he only owned that because he’d sweet-talked Rose into putting the title in his name. It was amazing what women would do if you gave them a mind-blowing orgasm. Selling the car wasn’t an option… Steven wasn’t ready to part with it just yet. It was perfect for his image, and it reminded him of the youth he’d squandered bowing and scraping to women in order to get by. He’d deserved so much more… There was another way back to the lifestyle he’d grown accustomed to, the lifestyle he deserved so much. But it required start-up capital, something he didn’t have. But Dr. Lovejoy did. Taking a deep breath, Steven unclenched his fists and laid them over the leather-wrapped steering wheel. He stroked th
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          Heath watched Rowena from across the table.          She wasn’t what he’d expected after hearing her on the radio. When Heath had pictured her in his mind, Alissa aka Rowena Killian hadn’t been an ugly woman but she hadn’t been beautiful, either.          Plain, average, unexciting… At least that’s what he’d expected.          What he’d gotten was nothing close to unexciting.          She was something very similar to a fairy. Her beauty was out of this world. So much so that Heath had to pinch himself just to be sure he wasn’t imagining her at his table in the private room.            Rowena Killian was the k
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All through dinner, Rowena felt as if she was walking a tightrope. Despite the fact that every cell in her body seemed swollen, excited, and expectant, somehow, she managed to keep her reaction to herself. Or she hoped she had… Leaning toward him across the table was normal, right? She wanted to hear him over the kitchen clatter coming from behind the doors. And so, what that she’d forgotten and let their hands touch... It was an accident… pure accident. She just hoped Heath hadn’t noticed that when dessert arrived and her tongue darted across her lips in anticipation, she hadn’t been staring at his chocolate tart.“You should try this, Rowena. It’s delicious.” Heath looked at her across the table, his fork halfway to his almost-empty plate, a thoroughly satisfied smile on his face. Chocolate could do that to a person. Rowena started to protest, opening her mouth to insist she was full already. But he didn’t give her a chance.
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Heath nodded his head sideways, toward the back window and the tiny cluster of people standing behind them. Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! He was right… If they left in separate cars, the journalists would know immediately that she wasn’t just some date he’d taken out on a normal Saturday night. And they’d see her license plate number. Turning back to face him, she glared.“Great! I didn’t need this… So, what do you suggest?”“Have you ever been to 'Angels Meadow'?” 'Angels Meadow'? Was he out of his mind?“No, I haven’t. And we’re not going.” Any other time, Rowena might have thought she’d died and gone to heaven. The sexiest, most charismatic, most amazing man she’d ever met was asking her to take a walk in a park with him. But not because he actually wanted to kiss and touch her. If he had, she’d have said yes in a heartbeat. No… She’d been the one fantasizing about all the fun they could have in the compact sports car.
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