Quintuplets For The Beasty CEO

Quintuplets For The Beasty CEO

By:  Tofunmi Nikky  Completed
Language: English
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Her life took a drastic turn when a night of drinking to stupor led her into having a one night stand with Xander Brown- A rich billionaire rumored to be beasty. Realizing she's pregnant with quintuplets for the billionaire; her worst nightmare came into happening when she was sacked from work and left to wander about the whole of New York. After four years of living a wrenched life with her kids, news reached her that the billionaire was about getting into a loveless marriage. Pressured, she came back with the billionaire's baby and as though fire and ice collision- The ruthless Xander was jaw struck. Will he accept them into his life or keep being in denial? Dared by the quintuplets, will she agree to Marry Xander?

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127 Chapters
One Night Of Fun
Jessie's POV I should have known. I should have known that Xander Brown is a dog; he just left like that after having sex with me, he couldn't wait for me to wake up. He left, dropping his belongings in me - I'm three months pregnant with quintuplets for Xander Brown. I never imagined that just one night of fun, flirting and pleasure could lead to me carrying five babies in me - don't get me wrong, I love my babies but I knew life was going to be harder for me. It isn't just one but five children I'm going to care for with the only part-time job I am managing. I could have done what every girl in my age and position would do after finding out that they are pregnant and they aren't married or seeing anybody, abort it - I didn't, I decided to keep them.“Taking an innocent child's life will be a sin and it will haunt me for the rest of my life.” I said to myself when I found out I was pregnant. That bastard named Xander Brown turned my life upsidedown in a matter of minutes. He was
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Stopping The Marriage
Jessie's POVFour years later**Brushing my hair while looking at my boys exchanging words in hush whisper, I smiled contentedly. Slowly, my life was going back on track - I like to describe it like that although I have debts weighting on me, life was okay. My boys were here with hale and hearty - they were happy and I was happy seeing them happy. I would literally do anything for my boys to see their smiling faces. " Are you ready?" Dropping the brush on the table, I asked narrowing my eyes at them. They stopped talking and faced me. " Yes, mummy. " Jayden; the eldest one chimes, hopping on his little feet. " We were ready since, we were waiting for you. " " Oh really?" I jest, nodding my head understandingly staring at my children nodding her heads at me. " Well, off we go. I don't want you running late to school. " They are my children but nothing gave it away - they look nothing like me. Instead of my chocolate brown eyes, they had ocean blue eyes and instead of black straigh
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The Kidnap
Jessie's POVAll eyes were on me as I stood looking at the couple about to get married which I ruined. Staring at the same man that came into my life like a wind blowing down everything in his way, Xander Brown furrowing his brows at me. His ocean blue eyes bright and clear, his brown hair settled on his face in a fine style only made me see my kids. Camera lights flashed on me with murmurs from each angle while Xander and I locked our eyes together in a staring contest or more like a glaring contest. " What is going on here?" An elderly woman yelled on the top of her voice directly at Xander. " Who is she, Xander?" " I also want to know that. " The lady in her bridal outfit added snappishly. Rolling my eyes in exasperation, I groaned bored and tired. " Hey, I'm Jessie Cooper and I've kids for Xander Brown. " " What the fuck is she talking about?" The bride cried out, angrily sending me a deadly glares. " Why aren't you talking, Xander? Answer me. " With slow and precise steps,
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Jessie's POVTo say I was shocked will be a major understatement; I was astounded to see my kids and Xander in one freaking place - in front of me. How did they get to see each other? Did Xander believe now that my kids are his? I mean, it is quite obvious, isn't it? The six of them look so alike - the aqua blue eyes and the brown brunette hair exactly the same. He doesn't need any more proof to tell him that the quintuplets are his. If the kids are here, where is Kimberly? She should also be here, right? Why will she just let the kids leave with Xander like that? " Get in. " His annoying voice forced my gaze moving to him, my annoyance visible on my face. Xander sigh, running his fingers through his disheveled hair. " Please. " We were standing beside his black SUV with the kids admiring the car while we shared an heated stare off. " You want me to enter your car?" The rhetorical question hanging in the air, he nodded. " Why? You threw me out of your car and now you want me ins
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Marry Our Mummy
Jessie's POVHave you ever been to a prison cell? If no, then you are very lucky; this place reeks of weed, alcohol, urine and all sorts of things - my stomach was churning and turning urging me to puke my guts out. Why will I lock up here without interrogation? This wasn't the way to go about arresting people and locking them up. One and an half hour of being locked up here, I feel sick. I am greatly worried about Mrs Tiffany; why will her almost-to-be daughter-in-law poison her because she wants me out of the way? She is so kind and loveable, I hope she will he fine. " Someone is here to see you. " The rude policewoman snapped at me while opening the cell gate. Thank God, Xander is here, I'll tell him everything about that lady. Coming out of the cell, following wherever the woman was leading me, I saw no Xander but a strange man staring at me. Is he the one who wants to see me?" Hi. " He says, sending me a lazy smile. His voice was deep but not as Xander. Who is he? And li
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Weird Obsession
Chapter 6Jessie's povI resisted the very urge to laugh out loud. Being dared to marry Xander wasn't just a dare but the most lamest one have ever heard. Of course, the whole five of them must be kidding. They must have planned on how to throw this joke on me but I must have them know it's the most hilarious one of its kinds."Come on kids, that was such a joke." When I finally had it in me to meet their very firm gazes, I chuckled softly as I stated. By now, I started feeling the hot burning of the glare Melanie was shooting occasionally behind my head."That was a dare mummy, I'm not so sure you have an option here. If there's anyone who does, that should be daddy." Jayden took a peek behind me at Melanie- obviously also been a witness to Melanie's furiousness- before ducking his head back at me and tilting his chin as he mumbled.My jaw slacked. Then just like that, the quintuplets turned towards Xander, simultaneously crossing their arms over their chests; obviously still holdin
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To Fulfill The Dare
Jessie's PovI wasn't sure. I wasn't so sure I can bottle up this anger any longer. She just fucking poured milk all over me and if not that I was trying to suppress my anger, I surely would have lunged at her. But then, my fists clenched tightly beside me as I reluctantly stayed put, keeping my cool."What the hell did you just do?" Meeting her eyes, I voiced. My voice wasn't that loud but the small tint of annoyance coursing through it was quite evident.I'm not going to lie, I really want to pay her back with her own coin but then that would cause a fight and considering the fact that Mrs Tiffany would have been starving real hard in there, I knew this moment wasn't the right time for it."What I just did?" She scoffee in disbelieve like she doesn't believe I was really asking her that question. Seeing my unfazed expression, she snorted, "Incase you don't know, I really hate your existence. If that isn't enough for a reason, trust me, with just one stand here, I can start listing o
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Out Of His Roof
Chapter 8Jessie's PovWhat?!I almost didn't believe I heard him right. He just banged in and whilst I was thinking I had got on his nerves, my jaw slacked when that was the only thing that came out of his mouth. The dare? He must be kidding. "What do you mean by that?" I cocked a brow at him and asked, jerking my arm out of his grip. "You sure as hell has an idea of the pros and cons of a dare, right? If there's anything I know, it's the fact that it must be fulfilled." Crossing his arms over his chest, he responded, his gaze on me unwavering.Wait, does he have the slightest idea of what he's spewing from his mouth? Or had he drunk himself to stupor and is currently here to ramble statements he couldn't have made while in his right state of mind?"Are you aware of what you're saying? If yes, then I must have you know have got nothing to do with this." As I spoke up, I leaned closer to his face before withdrawing up and giving him a tight-lipped smile."You were there when the kid
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Please, Stay
Jessie's PovI had thought I was having my way until the security guard slammed the gate closed, his gaze fixated behind my back. Already having the idea that it was none other than Xander, I didn't even bother looking. "Open the damned gate."I spoke in between grounded teeth, feeling as Jayden clutched tighter unto my arm. I must have thought the security guard would be fazed by my utterance but he wasn't. He maintained his spot, obviously having no choice."Mom, are we heading somewhere?" I heard Jaymes piped up and that was when I looked away from the guard and down at curious Jaymes.Before I could reply, Xander's footsteps as he stalked over cut me off from making any response."Come on, kids. Get back inside." Coming to a stop right before me, he instructed, his eyes not leaving mine.Instantly, the quintuplets made to scurry off when I half yelled, not only startling them to a stop but also scaring them off. "Get back here!"That was it. That was all I said but I was soon over
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The Cruel Fall
Jessie's Pov The day went by pretty fast. When it locks 8PM, I went to tuck the quintuplets into bed. I made sure to lock all the windows and left the side lamp on, knowing they wouldn't want to sleep in the dark. It's their first time innm here and they might get scared."Mom, you can put off the light." Jaxon purred just as I was about stepping out of the room. "Are you guys sure?" Twirling around to meet their eyes, I asked and there was no hesitation before they bobbed their heads up and down. Great, and here I was thinking sleepping in here while the light is off will set them off.Doing as per their request, I turned off the light before climbing up their big bed."Goodnight sweeties. As you sleep tight, have sweet dreams about momma. Okay?" I flipped my eyes over each one of them, my face beholding a big smile."And papa too." Jake buttressed, causing the smile on my face to practically drop unto the ground.And of course, I found myself nodding my head positively at them. I
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