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Satanika is an orphan who lives with her filthy rich uncle. She is aggressive yet perfect and always gets what she wants.What if her innocence and kindness is all a facade of the demon inside her?Satanika loves her childhood best friend Noel King but sometimes to protect the ones she loves, her soul must feel of death and her hand stained with blood.

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SatanikaI was born without any memory of my parents. What I heard was my mother had killed herself three days after I was born because she was afraid of me.I never knew my father or even his name, even my mother's family didn't know him.My family didn't want me after my mother had killed herself but my mom's twin brother had accepted to take care of me till I come of age.He was kind to me till I had clocked eight and started to come to my room and did strange things I knew happened between married people.He would say he loved me and would touch me, kiss me and say that when I'm older we would have sex.I was disgusted because most kids my age wouldn't understand but I wasn't normal because mentally I reasoned like a sixteen years old.I wished my uncle would die after a month of his wrong acts.He was a sick pedophile who was in love with me because I reminded him of my mother and&nbs
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Lunch was always the worst of a school day for me because one; I hated sitting with the other captains of the six famous sports in my school and secondly, I couldn't get Noel to myself.My last class wasn't with Noel so I had to walk to lunch on my own and saw him sitting with the popular kids.If you were a guy and weren't in these sports basketball, football, baseball, swimming, racing and lacrosse then you weren't considered awesome and popular.Even to be a teammate was extremely difficult and so people joined the lesser sports when they couldn't qualify.I went to the table and sat beside Noel as always even when he had a girlfriend he always had me beside him.The table was surrounded by five guys except Noel who were Chase, Connor, Jason, Diego and Josiah. Then the four girls, Brittany, Anna, Gabrielle and Whitney.Chase was the captain of the motor racing, Connor of the basketball team, Jason of the swim team, Diego was football, Noe
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I woke up and did my usual routine on a school day which was bath, dress, have breakfast and head off to school.I wore a black tank top and tucked it in on a black skirt which was two inches above my knee.I wore a white sweater with an evil black rabbit on a pink eye patch which was loose on the shoulder then wore it with matching black and white Vans sneakers.I put a pink hairband after brushing my long hair leaving it to fall free behind my back than my usual ponytail.I had Juliet take my things to the car since today I decided to look like a sweet little Theo's angel and go to school.However, the people I involved myself with knew that I wasn't made of sugar, spice and everything nice.I sat down opposite Zain who sat on Theo and was giving a flirty smile."Please if you're going to have sex do it somewhere I won't be hunted by the image or sound." I informed them making Zain embarrassed and Theo smirk."You're acting l
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Third person povJulius was in his office reading through his files when he received a call on his line.He checked the ID and saw it was an unknown number.He picked it thinking it was his informant but it was not what he expected."Hello?" He said unsure with a sexy tenor that would make the females melt."Hello Julius. How have you been?" A deep dark voice asked him making him confused."Who is this?" He asked."Save the questions, I'm bored.""I don't have time for this. When I find you, you'll wish you never called this number." He shouted and cut the call.The number called again making Julius pick up."Didn't I just tell you to fuck off!""I'm bored let's play a game.""I don't have time for this."Julius tried to cut the call again but the voice shouted wait."If you cut the call how will you know what the game is? That's no fun."
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SatanikaI woke up with a slight headache as I groaned and checked my alarm which has been ringing none stop.I slowly walked up to it and put it off as I wondered why Juliet didn't wake me up.I slowly got up as I massaged my head and lazily walked to the bathroom.I looked at the mirror and saw my hair was a mess."I really should try and take therapy for my love for alcohol." I said as I walked to the toilet to release my bladder.I brushed my teeth and washed my face before I went down to eat breakfast.Usually I got ready for school but I was too hungry to care.I went to my Theo's room without realizing and entered his room."Theo! Hey old man! Why didn't you get me up?" I complained as I moaned then opened my eyes to see that he wasn't in his room.I went to his bathroom to see if there was any sign that he had gone out.I went and sadly it was warm meaning Theo hadn't left too long.
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School was the least of my worries now.I went to Noel's teachers and turned in his assignments. I was glad that he listened to me and stayed home.Also, I called his dad directly to make sure he didn't try to sneak out of the house and fully heal.I was distracted throughout class as I thought of creative ways to make those minions suffer. I knew that if I wanted to get them, I would have to know their weaknesses and searching their memories would take time.During lunch I didn't go to eat with the group and left to the backyard where I knew Thomas would be smoking.I saw him buying drugs from some senior before the senior left and he brought out a pack of cigarettes, took one and smoked.I was glad that I dressed hot with the miniskirt, crop top, gold jacket, heeled boots, dark makeup and jewelries.I went up to him after messing my hair a little which made it curly then I walked like an Alpha bitch up to h
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Warning This chapter is full of violent scenes and could be a trigger for some people. Third person povJeffrey, Micheal, Axel, Ben, Ephraim and Eduardo were hanging out at a skateboard park. It's been three days since they heard that Thomas had committed suicide."I don't believe Thomas is stupid enough to kill himself. He was way into life to be depressed to die." Micheal said as he relaxed on the wall."Are you saying he was murdered by someone? Because from what I heard there wasn't any trace of someone being with him plus you do know he was a drug addict." Ben responded making Michael keep quiet."Well, never did like him in the first place, never knew what Axel saw in him." Eduardo said then chewed the peppermint he was holding."It's not right! He was our friend, the least we can do is feel sorry for him." Micheal argued making Ephraim laugh."I'
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WarningThis chapter has a strong adult content with violence and brutal killings. It also contains some triggers like rape and abuse. Do not read this if you are also homophobic.The next time he opened his eyes he was in the hospital. He saw his grandparents crying and his mother was actually by his side crying."Gracias Jesús. Gracias Virgin Mary." The grandma said as her and her husband came close to Eduardo who was still in pain."Hijo ¿estás bien?" His mother asked if he was Ok.Eduardo was in pain to talk and slowly nodded his head."Gabriela. We should let him rest, the doctors said his wound is serious and he'll need a lot of rest." The grandpa said and Gabriela nodded.Just as they were about to leave, Aria came in and looked at the family before going to Eduardo's side."Eddy are you OK?" Aria asked with her British accent then Eduardo nodded in resp
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Satanika Noel and I went to the amusement park with Sam since was canceled because Noel was hurt. It was nice seeing little Sam excited and it kind of made me wish I had a younger sibling but unfortunately they were too much of a hassle. Noel took his dad's car and picked me up then we headed to the amusement park just as planned. Sam and I started with the rides since Noel had offered to go and buy me a drink. We entered the merry go round though it was a little bit young for me, it was fun since it was the first time I've ever been here. Noel joined us and we entered a lot of rides.We even painted our faces and took silly pictures that Noel posted on his social status. I didn't bother posting since the only numbers that were in my phone was Noel, his family, Theo and Adrastos.I never put business on this phone. By the time we had gone through mos
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NoelI got to school expecting to scold Anika for ditching me yesterday.It wasn't something she did unless important but I was disappointed when I didn't see her. I asked a few of her classmates but they said she didn't come to school which was weird.Anika always came to school even if we had a natural disaster or rainstorm. I tried calling her for what felt like the hundredth time but she wasn't picking. I couldn't concentrate in class throughout the day and Theo wasn't picking either. I called her residence but they said she went out. I sighed then decided to wait for school over."Hey Noel. Wanna join us and go shopping? We could pick some stuff up." Anna invited me but I shook my head."Nope. Got some stuffs to do. See you guys tomorrow." I replied then walked to my car.I entered the car and drove off to places.I thought of all the places Anika c
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