Save Me (Montiero Series #1)

Save Me (Montiero Series #1)

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"Can someone Save Me?" Lilie De Vega always asks that to herself after all the doubts, self-hatred, fear, and sorrow that she had been holding for a long time. For her, no one will save her, no one will listen to all the hatred and doubts that the world has given to her. No one will ever help her to find the light that she had been looking for a long time because, for her, she's a mess and worthless. Not until the man named Lucas Nixon Montiero, came and saved her. Also to prove that she's worth it and a beautiful mess. Book

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Hope Montiero
2021-06-30 22:50:00
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Hope Montiero
2021-01-11 13:37:33
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✨Vierge de Fer✨
You can identify how much effort and love has been put in every words by the author.
2020-10-30 09:55:12
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Worth it to read!!!!
2020-10-12 21:20:36
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When life brings you down. What will you do? You will blame yourself and take all the responsibility that has been given to you? Or You will blame God for all the pain that you have encountered in your life?  But for Lilie De Vega, she blames herself, because she knew to herself that she deserved it. She deserves the pain, the misery, she deserves everything that happened to her.  After all the self-doubt, pain, the misery that she had encountered, she became senseless. For her, no one will save her. No one wants to be in her life because she was a worthless human that lost her virginity by the nightmare that she suffered. For her, no one will love her, no one will accept her. But every time she was wondering if someone would save her and be with her until
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  Lilie   I'm terrified.   I'm afraid of how their critical gaze is currently aimed at me. They mumbled that I'm the only one who will be blamed following the recent incident.   I'm afraid of what they're thinking right now, but I'm equally afraid of losing my job right now. I'm not sure why some individuals insist that customers are always correct.   What about those of us who serve in a professional manner? Are you always the one who gets blamed when anything goes wrong? Is it inevitable that we will always be bad at everything?   I'm not sure who suggested that customers should always be correct. What about the crews? Detecting their errors until we lose our jobs
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Lilie One week is all you have. I haven't seen Dad with a woman in a week. That day, I was in excruciating discomfort. I wanted to chase them both down, but I'm a coward, so Dria and I took a picture of them together instead. Throughout that week, I followed Papa at all times, but each time I did, I was hurting furthermore, not just for myself but also for Mama. And I kept it hidden from her for a week. I don't want to cause Mom any pain. "Lie. Are you okay?" I was taken aback when I heard Mama calling me and realized that she was standing beside me, her face concerned. "I've called you before, and you're not even moving or looking at me; do you have a problem? Or are you having difficulties synchronizing your work and study?" he said, as I tried to smile and shake. "Nothing, Mama. I'm just having trouble with what I'm reviewing," I explained, pointing to my notebook, which was now empty and unwritten. I silently frowned since I had received the incor
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"No matter how life drained your energy, I want you to be strong and brave. " Lilie It's Mom's last day today at our house, tomorrow we will bury her. Many were shocked and hurt by her sudden demise. But no one would be sadder and more unbearable to me, when she disappeared I felt like I was dead too. Many have empathized with Mom's last day. My uncles and aunts are here from far and wide. The rest of them are from another country and have returned to the Philippines. When I got to the hospital, Mom was already in the morgue. Aunt Ella told me everything. She allegedly went to our house, she did several calls to our house, but no one answered her until she went to my Mom's room. And she found out that my Mom is lying down and bathing in her blood. Tita also explained to me that Mom was dead on arrival and begged to be revived, but the doctors had nothing to do. As I stared at her casket. I went back to remembering how I had seen her cold body. I rush
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TRIGGER WARNING! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! "Everything happens for a reason." Lilie I enjoy the environment and the air that blows into my body causing my hair to swell as well. I held the flowers I could see and passed them on my palms. I just smiled because this feeling is soothing. There was a woman behind me and even behind her, I knew who she was. I walked closer to her until my pace turned quickly and when I got close to her, she unexpectedly disappeared like a bubble. I wakened because of my dream. I was alarmed and looked around the four corners of my room and wondered if she was there. I just shut down my eyes and let my tears flow at the same time I smiled painfully. It's just a dream. With each passing day, I feel like I don't want to wake up. Because in my dream, I was with my Mom but when I woke up she was gone, back to normal again. Each day I feel more and more alone in life. Dreaming is better than reality. Every day that ope
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TRIGGER WARNING! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!"Some people will not hurt you, you just need to trust them." Someone POV As I drove I sometimes looked at the woman lying next to me. The woman was almost dull because of the blood flowing to the side of her waist. While my voice was nervous while talking to Elise. "Elise ... damn, I need your help. I found a girl," I said nervously on the other line so she started screaming. I want to take the cellphone away from my ear because I can hear her audible screaming. "For you?" I closed my eyes in great annoyance when I heard Elise answer me. Fuck! This is not the right time for a joke. "Fuck, no! She's bleeding!" "Oh my gosh! What did you do to her? Did the two of you ---" I did not finish what she was going to say when I shouted again on the other line. I knew immediately what was on her mind. "Bullshit! This is not the right time for the two of us to joke! She's bleeding and I don't know why. If she was stabbe
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TRIGGER WARNING! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!"There's hope after the pain." Third Person Lilie woke up to the darkness that opened her up causing her to be even more nervous and her hand to tremble. She did not realize that there were tears in her eyes, she just let them go and did not wipe them. She was even more scared because she did not know where she was now. Whether she is safe here or trustworthy who is the one who took her. She wants to run away, she wants to hide and not just live here on earth. She did not know what she had done wrong to make the world do this to her. She dreamed again of what had happened to her a few weeks ago. She felt that the man was just around here and ready to do what was done to her again. The girl just pulled her hair and grip it tightly, she did not know what to do. She is scared. She wants to forget everything, but how? She just screamed when someone held her hand causing him to tremble even more and her fear preva
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"You're not useless." Lilie I do not know why I am still alive, and how many times have I tried to end my life. But here I am, eyes wide open and crying again. I looked at my wrist when I saw that it had a bandage again. I remember what happened last night and just laughed. Why every time I hurt myself he is always there for me. He was there to save me. Isn't he tired? Isn't he exhausted? Doesn't he get angry every time I push him away from me? Isn't he irritated? I don’t know why he does all this even though he doesn’t know me? I don't even know his name. I slowly stepped on the floor and went to the bathroom to look at myself again. I slowly faced myself in the mirror and was just stunned. I could see the big change in me, from the face to the body I lost. I feel, that with each passing day I become a burden to the people who helped me. I feel worthless, useless to the world. I feel, I just wasted their time and time with me, their hours that th
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"It's okay to cry, Darling."Lilie I hate myself. I feel that no matter what I do to bathe or rub my body, his hands are still here. His hands I do not want to feel his hold. I don't like this anymore. With each passing day, I only become more and more self-loathing. This is how I always feel about myself. Disgust, anger, all I can do is hate myself, even more "I'm disgusting, I'm disgusting," I whispered repeatedly while punching myself. I hurt every part of my body. I just want to be numb. "No one will accept you, no one will love you, Lilie. No one will accept my whole being because I am dirty," I sobbed and I strengthened my punch even harder. "Hey," someone called me but I didn't look at him because I already knew who he was. The man never tires of me. "Don't call yourself worthless, don't hurt yourself, please," he pleaded. I stepped away and wrapped myself in a blanket as he leaned over me. "Who will accept me?" I whispered. I just stare
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CHAPTER NINE: You're not leaving
"There's someone who will fall for you even though you're not perfect."LucasI awakened to the sound of my cellphone. So frowning I took it to the side table and answered."Lucas!" I kept the cellphone away from my ear because my younger sister suddenly shouted on the other line."What the hell, Julie! What do you need?!" I shouted angrily while lying on my bed."Pick me up." I frowned at what she said. Maybe, she's just tripped me up. So even though my sleep was interrupted, I still rode her in her nonsense."What? to fetch you? Are you in America, right? Shall I fetch you there?!" I asked sarcastically."No, I'm here in the Philippines now and at the airport. So hurry up and don't slow down! Get me here, I'm so bored, duh!" She shouted at me and turned off the call.I was just shaken by my sister's behavior, you thought she was the eldest of the two of us. When I looked at the clock it was five o'clock so I frowned and got up and took a shower.
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