Saying Yes to Adventure

Saying Yes to Adventure

By:  Jackie O'Quinn  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sophie thought she had it all planned out. She'd broken free from her dead-end job and stagnant relationship and was off to see the world. She craved adventure and independence. Romance was the last thing on her mind—Until she met Callum, the handsome Scot who threatened to turn all her plans upside down. But, Sophie did say she wanted an adventure. And Callum looked like an adventure.

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13 Chapters
Chapter 1
London was everything Sophie dreamt it would be. After a long day of sightseeing, she was exhausted yet satisfied. She had one last stop on her tour before she could finally retire to her hotel room for the night. Although she was seriously considering skipping the last stop and sneaking away to her luxurious hotel bed early, she knew she'd regret it tomorrow. She decided sugar was the only solution. She stared lon
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Chapter 2
She popped the last piece of cake in her mouth and savoured the delicious, chocolatey taste. She turned to Callum with a glint in her eye, "I don't mind. But make it an adventure."
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Chapter 3
"I did. This is Sophie. Sophie, Miranda. Where is Peter?" "By the bar, I'll get him!" One of Callum's friends chimed in, oblivious to the tension of the interaction.
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Chapter 4
“I say, I didn’t have to know you longer than a day to decide I’d go anywhere you wanted to take me. Is that crazy?” “Not in the slightest… now, about that kiss.” Butterflies erupted in Sophie’s stomach as Callum leaned in and kissed her softly. She was so nervous, anyone would have thought she’d never kissed anyone before. As she relaxed into the kiss, she realised that although it wasn’t her first kiss, it was a first… something. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but she knew that this was different, that Callum was different to every boy that came before him. They were broken from their moment when they heard the applause from inside the marquee. The first dance was done and the rest of the wedding part had joined the couple on the dancefloor. “Should we go back in? This is your brother’s wedding after all.”
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Chapter 5
Seven years later.   "Breathe, Sophie,... In and out... One... two... three..." Sophie was a bundle of nerves as she attempted to steady her trembling hands enough to apply her make-up. It had been three days since the suspicious package wrapped in brown paper had been mysteriously left on her doorstep. She'd have been in less of a state right now if it hadn't taken her two days to work up the courage to open it. She could still feel the way her heart rate quickened as she untied the brown craft string and gently tore at the seams of the paper. She recalled the confusion as she found herself staring at a shoebox for a pair of R.M. Williams Craftsman boots. Men's, size 10. "Peculiar...." she thought to herself as she lifted the lid of the box. Hidden under a few layers of tissue paper was a book she had never seen before. A lump formed in her throat as she inspected the cover—"Chance, Fate & Chocolate Cake: When Advent
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Chapter 6
As they pulled up to her destination, she thanked the driver and made her way down the cobblestone path toward the courtyard nestled behind the main building. As she rounded the corner, she noticed that the trail had been lined with pillar candles clustered in various sizes. Some in lanterns, others not. Her eyes followed the path before her, and she stopped in her tracks when she saw him, back toward her looking out over the orchard.It was the boots she noticed first. The Craftsman's that would have been in the shoebox containing the book and note that led her here. She remembered looking at his tattered old boots when they took that day trip to Inverness all those years ago. He complained he could never get a pair to last, and she told him when they visited Australia, she'd buy some for him, and he'd never complain about a set of boots not lasting again.He must have sensed that she'd stopped
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Chapter 7
"You came…." Was all he could manage to get out. "I did…." She smiled sweetly at him before looking down at his feet. "Nice boots." She said playfully. Their eyes met briefly before they both chuckled nervously. "I was surprised to hear from you...." She said nervously, tucking her hair behind her ear before using the oversized jacket to wrap herself tighter. Callum wasn't sure if it was her nerves or the cold, but he saw the window of opportunity regardless. He strode toward her, a little more enthusiastically than intended, and draped a large blanket over her shoulders. She looked up at him and smiled gratefully. "Here, come sit by the fire. I wasn't entirely prepared for how cold an April evening here would be...." He deliberately avoided her first question. Th
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Chapter 8
They had naturally moved into a position where their bodies were entwined. Her head resting on his chest as he draped his arm around her. She didn't need to tell him that she still loved him. He knew her soul better than she did. The fact that she showed up at all told him all he needed to know. She thought back to that first night, trying not to dwell on the time they had wasted these last five years apart. She looked up at him with her trademark sweet smile and said, "So, what now?" His smile lit up his face, reaching all the way to his eyes as he looked back at her. "Remember that time we went apple picking at Ballycross Apple Farm in Wexford?" "Of course." She laughed like she could forget the way he caught her. Like some kind of knight in shining armour when she fell from the ladder, only fo
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Chapter 9
Sophie had half-expected him to tell her to leave. He had always been impulsive and spontaneous. It was what drew her to him from the start. But after two years of living out of her comfort zone, she had started to crave some predictability. Or so she thought. Ultimately, her inability to make up her mind about what she wanted is what led to their downfall.He offered her the world. Anything she wanted, he would make it happen. He’d marry her or not. They would have kids, or they wouldn’t. All he cared about was the two of them being together. And it terrified her.It terrified her to consider being loved so completely by another person. However, she loved him that much. Years of heartbreak and self-doubt caused her to become paranoid and cynical.It didn’t matter how much he proved his love and his loyalty to her; there was always a voice in her
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Chapter 10
“It’s late, Callum. I should get going….”Sophie was being a coward, and she knew it. But, she wasn’t ready for the intense conversation they needed to have. He’d asked her what was holding her back like it wasn’t the most complicated question ever posed. It would’ve been easier to tell him what wasn’t holding her back.Callum nodded solemnly, sensing wisely that if he pushed too hard now, he might push her away entirely.“I’ll walk you to your car…” he offered, ever the gentleman. Sophie agreed, and they walked slowly to the entrance of the orchard.“Shit.” She muttered to herself.“What is it, love?”“I didn’t drive. I uh, got an Uber. It’s fine. I
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