Unloved from day one

Unloved from day one

By:  Belle rose  Ongoing
Language: English
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From day one Stacy was unloved and abused, and unwanted. Her mother "abandoned" her as a baby. Her step mother is evil, her step brother and sister hate her, and her father never wanted her. Will she finally find love? Or will she be unwanted? After some time she finds out she isn't normal at all she has some powers.Updates three times a day noon, four pm and 10 pm central time.

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Rochelle Gallimore Boyd
Good book so far
2021-03-17 12:31:49
22 Chapters
Intro: Stacy
Stacy had a very troubling childhood, from the start her father didn't want her. All along she knew she was unloved by her father, but things only got worse after her father got re married, her new stepmother Kelly was a evil lady who unloved and despised her the most.      Kelly had two other children who like their mother hated Stacy as well, Brandon and Shelby were both older than Stacy and they picked on her every chance they got. Stacy underwent torture not just from her step sibling, stepmother, but also her father even though he was barely there when he was it was hell for her. She finds out shes got powers throughout her hardest day but where did it come from? What is she?     Once she gets older, she realizes her real mother had brain washed her and gotten in between her and the man she loves causing chaos between them, and he lashes it out at her. How can she ever get through this all?
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Where it all started
Stacy's mother Dixie loved her husband Kenneth very much, she had one child already named Spencer who wasn't from Kenneth, Spencer was very excited to meet her sister in just a couple months. Although Kenny wasn't much of a kid person, he never really wanted Stacy, one night he was getting on Spencer and Dixie walked in when Kenneth was getting out his belt to hit the little girl, Spencer with her blonde hair blue eyes pale white skin was in a corner crying."Ken what the hell are you doing!?" Dixie screamed afraid of what he might do to Spencer her little girl who she would do anything to protect her."She was being bad, breaking things she needs a punishment. Now get out before you get one too." Kenneth said with rage in his brown eyes, as if there were fire in his eyes, gripping his belt in his muscular hands he was tall about 5ft 9in he towered over Dixie his dark hair at this moment made him
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Living hell
Stacy had been with her father since he had taken her that night, for five years her mother didn't know where she was, and when she signed the divorce papers her lawyer tricked her into signing custody over to Ken. Over the five years she hadn't seen her mom her dad had gotten re-married to Kelly a blonde permed blue-eyed woman with two kids of her own Brandon and Shelby which were about three and four years older than Stacy, and they didn't really like Stacy. Shelby and Stacy had to share a room which made it hell for Stacy since she was older, so Stacy had to listen to her, and she liked to pick on Stacy. She wanted to be the youngest and the favorite, there was no way that Stacy was taking that away from her, plus she wanted her own room.Kelly hated Stacy when Stacy would miss behave, she would make Stacy eat hot peppers, and would make her go back to the room and lay in bed. Sometimes she did it just for fun, or because her kids told
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Dixie since Ken had left her had moved back with her parents and Spencer, she didn't know signing those papers had signed Ken most of the rights to Stacy, which was the last child that she could have they had to tie her tubes when she had Stacy with the complications of the birth the Dr had thought it was best since she almost died. She only has two kids Spencer and Stacy her two babygirls she wouldn't just let him get away with taking her away from her.    His family had money well Kelly's did and she was helping make sure Dixie never seen her again. Why she had no clue. Ken had never really wanted Stacy in the first place and he didn't like kids, but now it was just about taking her away from Dixie..   Her parents were helping her find a Private investigator to see where she was at if she could find Stacy, there would be hope to get her back, to save her. It of course wasn't a cheap, and the funds were running low, but she couldn't give up now. Th
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Finally a start
Dixie had finally got some news about where Stacy had been. She was in Des Mondes, South Dakota six hours from her, she had just started kindergarten this year. Dixie had already missed so much, Stacy's first step, her first word, crawling, and her first year of school. Dixie hoped that Ken and his new wife were treating her little girl good, better than he had ever her. She hoped she would see her little girl soon. She had called the lawyer to tell him what the personal investigator had told her, to see if he had any news on if she could visit or not.   "Timothy, they found her! She's in Des Mondes, have you received the order for visitation rights for me to go see her? Spencer, my parents and I would love to go see her." Dixie said cheerfully over the phone to her lawyer.Timothy finally had some good news for her "I was going to call you, you see, I've known where she was for a couple months, but Mr. Mace's attorney hasn't made it too easy to get you visita
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It was Tuesday Stacy had woken up knowing her step sister told on her, and that she was still in trouble for breaking the cup. She sighed, stretching and climbing down the bunk bed her step sister of course had already been awake. It wasn't like she had anywhere else to go, she wasn't social in kindergarten, she was afraid they would pick on her like her family did. She stuck to herself. She got dressed in old baggy hand-me-down clothes, an old pink shirt that had a couple holes in it, and pants that were a little too big. She tied her curly long red hair up into a ponytail, and made her way to the kitchen. She had to do everything herself, she knew they wouldn't leave any breakfast for her so she got her backpack. As soon as she got into the living room Kelly spotted her, outraged already."Well, well you finally woke up.. now get going to school before the bus leaves. I will deal with your punishment when you get home, this is the best punishment yet." Kelly said her voice f
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The meeting
Stacy and Dixie were only an hour away from meeting each other.  Dixie had gotten up early and made sure she put on her best blue jeans, and dress shirt, putting on makeup and her hair up nicely. She wanted to look good, impress the person that was going to be watching them while they interacted, that way she had a better chance of getting to see her daughter more frequently.   Stacy had gotten up that morning and for the first time she got breakfast, she was the first one to take a shower, putting on her nice new black jeans, purple long sleeve shirt, white tennis shoes everything was new it felt good to finally be in something that wasn't big or had holes in it. She had brushed her hair, once she left the bathroom her dad was waiting for her with a brush and ponytail so he could put her long curly red hair up and then it was finally time to get going. She got into her father's old truck and they left."You will not say anything about me or Kelly
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Why can't two weeks be any sooner?
The first weekend they met, Stacy and Dixie got close.. for those few hours each day, for two days, they had played and enjoyed every minute.Dixie, savoring the moments with her daughter..knowing the clock would tick that heart wrenching "Tick!" And the time either daughter would come to an end. Now it was back to "normal". She only could see her mother every other weekend, and two weeks felt like such an eternity."Why couldn't it go by faster?", Stacy thought. She wanted to spend time with her mom, and sister. Kelly didn't like Stacy calling Dixie "Mom"around her."...Did my Mom call?" Stacy had asked Kelly in the morning before school."Do not call her that around me! She isn't "Mom" she is Dixie. My ass has taken you in, and I raised you! She didn't do shit!" Kelly spat and pushedStacy into the dining chair. "If I have to tell you again, you will get punished!" Kelly said she really hated Dixie; she hated Stacy too. Kelly said Stacy was "ungratefu
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Two weeks of living hell
The next week had been the worst she had ever had, the punishment seemed to go on forever. She didn't get to go to school for that week. Kelly had called the school to say she was sick, also she called the visitation center to tell them Stacy was sick, they both seemed to buy it. The closet was dark as the light bulb had burnt out, Kelly didn't come check on her, neither did anyone else, did they even notice she was gone? She hadn't eaten besides the peppers she was forced to eat. It had already been about five days that she had been in the closet, her stomach was rumbling, she could barely talk and her mouth was so dry. She had heard someone come down the stairs Stacy stumbled back into the corner.To her surprise her father opened the door, he had a smirk on his face he was wearing basketball shorts, and no shirt on Stacy stared at the plate of food and drink that he had, there were also a couple of snacks on the tray that he held. Where was Kelly Stacy thought. Why was he b
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Can't take it anymore
Stacy had nightmares about what her father had done to her, she was afraid to speak or even look at him. She feared that if she told that he would find out and beat her, and then do it again. How much longer was she supposed to take the abuse? How much longer could she stand staying silent about it? She just wanted a escape, she wanted to run as far away as she could. When your only five you don't get very far without the police finding you and taking you home.    As she got dressed that morning for school she  had brushed her hair in the bathroom, tears streaming down her pale white faces, her blue eyes dull and with a hint of pain, her red hair used to be long and wavy was now ear length and straight it was uneven and it looked horrible she absolutely hated it. She hated Kelly, she hated her father, she was lost in her thoughts of hate when her father had burst into the bathroom door, locking it behind him.    Ken knew she hadn't ta
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