Sebastian's Possession |•| PM`Series 1

Sebastian's Possession |•| PM`Series 1

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Born from a rich and noble family and having to live with luxurious things is a dream come true to every woman but Audrey does not like being pampered with luxurious things and believe that she does not deserve to enjoy such things owing to she did not sweat her ass off to enjoy it. Her only dream is love and happiness but she is keeping a past that prevent her to achieve that. Forgetting about everything she heads towards a new life by starting a job in CazoS Enterprise but little does she knows what is waiting for her there. In contradictory, Sebastian likes to show off his money especially to women. The world's most eligible bachelor and CEO of CazoS Enterprise. Heart cold as ice and personality hot as hell.He is your typical 'badboy' who just wants to get into woman's pants and settling down never crosses his mind. A billionaire who is worth swooning but he is cold, ruthless and a total psycho. For him, money is the most powerful thing in this world. Love? The one word he despise the most.So what happens when Audrey and Sebastian's worlds collide together? What will it brought to their lives? Will he save her from her past and take away her worst nightmares or will become part of it? Will they find love or will they be destroyed by hatred?

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Sebastian's Possession is a steamy romance novel between two strong-minded individuals. Audrey is a wealthy noble who seeks to find success. She ends up working for CazoS Enterprise, owned by Sebastian. Audrey is determined to create a career with her efforts. Sebastian is a man who loves to flaunt his wealth and power. He is even cold, ruthless to an extent, and sees women only as instruments for his pleasure. Audrey is aware Sebastian is up to no good. But a supernatural force pulls them together, and the desire explodes. The conflict now is, what did they experience? Is it poisonous passion or true love?

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Author's Note/ Disclaimer and Copyrights
Author's NoteWelcome to my first ever book the "Sebastian's Possesion |•| PM'Series 1" or also known as "My Heiress Secretary" before. Let me start by saying, thank you for taking the time to give Audrey's and Sebastian's story a read. I hope you enjoy it.GoodNovel writers, like my self, rely on the feedback we get from our readers as a sign of encouragement, and there are several easy ways you can do that. If you happen to enjoy the story and want to share it with others, please leave a review and add it to one of your public reading lists. And also comments are welcomed to everyone! Just make sure you will not use any swearing words that can hurt others. So please treat each other kindly, take others into into consideration, and if you are questioning what you are about to write, then do not post it. This does not mean you can't point out any mistakes that the author made or if there is something that is bothering you about the story. In fact, I am encouraging those of you who hav
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As a child we long for a superior life, our fantasies are ridiculous. Comprised of fantasies and contorted falsehoods that our parents made up to make our youth worth living. In any case, at that point when we grow older, we discovered reality and privileged insights that scar us. Our fantasies are crushed, world got broken and our once cheerful and active life are shattered into millions of pieces in light of the fact that our parents  does not disclose to us anything besides the way that the existence that we have been living was each of the an untruth.Furthermore, when things get dull you have nobody to go to. Joy gets mistook for adoration in light of the fact that neither of those things somebody can accommodate you. Love is controlled. Happiness is a waste when everybody around you is going to bite the dust and that you make a solid effort to get yourself yet there is no moment that now and again you will free yourself once
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CHAPTER I: Fresh Start
"Are you sure about this, Anak?" My mom, Estella asked as I started getting ready for my flight to Manhattan, New York City.After living being a dependent woman to my parents for a period of two decades, I finally came to a realization that I did not enjoy being pampered with expensive designer clothes, luxurious bags, shoes and accessories.I get it, being born from a rich family means you have to enjoy all of the good things you have received but I did not, maybe when I am still younger me and my sister Illyria loves being spoiled with expensive things, having a grand birthday party and getting all we wanted without a hassle or begging our parents with our cute little puppy eyes.Just a simple "Mommy, I want that toy" , "Daddy, I want to eat ice cream" and then bam! We got what we wanted. But that is not the case today as I d
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CHAPTER II: Sebastian
Paperworks littered on my office floor and some are scattered on top of my table. I was busy doing my office work finalizing and making sure that everything is perfectly in order.Running a business was the least thing I wanted to do in my bachelor life but I have no choice but to do what my father wants. Do not get me wrong, I have two other siblings that could ran this business. Payden, my younger brother wanted nothing to do with our family's business so when father insisted to have a family dinner one night and told us about him retiring soon, he already know what was about to happen next. That bastard, flew across the country to be an actor leaving me and my twin sister, Isla to run the business.My sister on the other hand is already busy with her career and said she could not bare another stressful work and that she might destroy her
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CHAPTER III: Job Hunting
I leaned back in my bed's headboard and peeked out my bedroom window at the pavement covered in thick layers of snow before sitting back upright and adjusting the pillow on my lap with my laptop placed on top of it.It has been two hours since I arrived at my apartment. It was a large-sized house designed by Taiwanese designerthat showcase the firm's ability to play with texture, light and minimalism.The focal point and most dramatic feature of this space is the high ceilings. Representing themselves with only a smidgen of light and a solitary roof fan, the eye is in a split second drawn up by the vertical lines and natural light.The room, which utilizes an equalization of natural tones, wood, and stone, feels very in contact with nature. In a way, it is a cutting edge take on what one may feel while sitting in a backwoods. The fan, a cool wind. The enormous windows, th
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CHAPTER IV: Mall Encounter
"I did nothing wrong unlike SOME people""Who are you talking about?""I think we both know who we are talking about here""I do not know who you were referring to""Oh yes you do""You stole my cookie!""I got it first""I called dibs on it!""So what?"
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CHAPTER V: Job Interview
Days had passed and it is already Monday. I had fun yesterday, the people that bumped into me invited me to have lunch with them.The mother insisted that she will treat me to lunch because she was sorry and will not stop feeling bad about what happened if she will not make it up to me so I accepted the invitation.At first, I was feeling uneasy as to they were strangers to me. I am not good at socializing with new people but the kid, Audrey was too adorable and made sure to break the tension. It was like she knew I am not comfortable with her and her mother. Isla, on the other hand is very outgoing."One more touch and ready to go" I muttered under my breath as I put on the last piece of my earings.Today is the d-day, w
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CHAPTER VI: Job Interview Part Two
"Ms. Mcfeller?", asked the woman whom I presumed was Mrs. Proy.I almost did not see her. She had a petite figure. I was almost a head taller than she was. She had a stern expression on her face. Her black-grey hair was tied neatly in a bun. She looked around in her mid 50's."That is me," I replied quickly raising my right hand."You are late." She stated looking at her wrist watch as she walk towards an office. I immediately followed behind her, knowing all too well that I am pretty late which was because of a jerk that was selfish enough to share an elevator.Does he even own it!?If I lose this job interview I swear I am going to haunt him down and beat the daylights out of him."This is just an interview and you are already late Ms. Mcfeller. Even though you have not
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"No, I am not going with you" I said as I took a sip of my coffee.My friends wants to go to this 'amazing' club that recently just got opened and they have been bothering me ever since I came back from the interview.The interview.Just by pondering it makes my head spin with rage. How would I be able to not? That loser prick thinks he is all-powerful on the grounds that he owns the company. I swear, if I do not need that job I would slap that smirk off of his face.For what reason are the rich individuals so presumptuous? Indeed, they do have the money and have a much force than those destitute individuals however how could an individual be so haughty? Do they by any chance have manners?
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Sebastian's P.O.V."Where the hell is Rivera?" I asked.We are currently at the bar that my friend Cassius owned. It just recently opened and we are celebrating his success.His bar 'hangover' got opened two days ago but we were all too busy to have the time to celebrate.I have been busy interviewing those applicants that wants to become my secretary. My sister refused to do the job because she wants to teach me a 'lesson', like that would ever make me stop enjoying my bachelor's days.Seriously though, my sister thinks she can lecture me just because she got born before me. She is just two minutes older than me! And she thinks she can boss me around. Damn, women.All the ladies that are applying for the job is just after my bod
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