Secretly Married

Secretly Married

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Zanaya Devon, the main vocalist of one of the world's most famous girl groups - WHISTLE, has a secret.She is secretly married. And not just to someone, but to one of the most famous boy band in the world, Seth Devon of SHADOW.

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211 Chapters
Zanaya's POV"Congratulations!!!" we high-five everyone in the room after we finish our first recording.Today, our band, WHISTLE, just finished recording our debut stage, and I can't help it. I started to cry, not even if there were a lot of people, or if I looked too strange. All the feelings that I held inside started to pour out.I looked around and saw that my members were crying, too.Finally, after many years of training in the infamous BP dungeon, we finally see the stage. My family had been patient and very understanding. When they allowed me to audition in Australia, they had been supportive ever since.When I chose to train to be an artist, even if that means leaving my family behind, they still embraced my goals and my decisions. After all the challenges and struggles I've been through, I feel like debuting is a sweet delight.Th
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Zanaya's POV"My daughter is really pretty." my Dad said teary-eyed as he looked at me as he and Mom assist me on my way to the altar.I'm wearing a simple white dress paired with peach-colored sandals. My hair is curled nicely while a beautiful flower crown adorns my head.Today, I, Zanaya Devon will be getting married at 19, a secret garden wedding in our backyard.Pregnant? No.In love? Fuck No! Definitely not.With who? Seth fucking Devon.Sounds familiar? Well, yeah. He's that Seth Devon of SHADOW, one of the world's most famous boy band member.And me? I'm just Zanaya Devon, soon to debut in BP Entertainment's rookie group WHISTLE but here I am, being forced to be married to a jerk like him.A long sigh escaped my lips. I never knew how things had escalated into this.
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Zanaya's POV"And the winner is..." I held Tokyo's hand tighter as we wait for the announcement for the winner. It was our first nomination and our performance had just ended. Both of our songs are nominated for the top 1.To be honest, we were not really expecting to win. Performing on stage is more than enough. We know we have to work really hard to achieve success in this field. But of course, deep inside, I'd feel like it will be such an honor if we do.Right?"WHISTLE's Hope!" my heart jumped a little when I heard the MC's announced our group's name.My mind went blank even after the MC had given us our trophy and a bouquet of flowers.This is so insane. I mean, we just debuted thirteen days ago and now, we already have our first crown.
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Zanaya's POVCalifornia: Are you sure you're okay going alone?Cali worriedly asks me via text message perhaps still hoping that I will change my mind.Before I went out of the house earlier, Cali had tried everything she could to talk me out of this while Tokyo and Max hug each other behind her.It is the first time that I would ever go out without them, and without them knowing why and where I would go.But since it's something that even our boss knew, they can't do anything about it."Hey, if this is something weird, you know you can tell us right?" Max said."We are worried about you. Why can't you tell us what's happening?" Tokyo asked.I smiled at them. "It's a family matter and I am grateful enough that our boss understood."I each gave them a hug. "Don't worry about me.
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Zanaya's POV"You sure you're okay?" Max asked me while she feels my forehead.We have a performance later in Serene Music but I'm not feeling really well.But of course, I can't let this little cold and slight fever get in the way. We worked hard for this.We're now promoting Full Circle Album."It's okay. I can do this." I cheered while looking at the three girls who's all staring at me worriedly.We're now dressed in our performance outfit."Here, drink this." our manager gave me a medicine which I took and quickly drink."You're on in ten."One of the producers came into our room to inform us so the girls and I all stood up to get ready. Then, we went our way to the studio where we will be recording.Once we arrive, we occupied the empty seats on the audience that are allotted for art
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Seth's POV"Is it necessary for you to pick her up bridal style dude?" Mono scolded me.I understand what he's pointing out. Some people might see us and get the wrong idea."She's a rookie. Imagine the hate that she'll get once people see the two of you." Raze added.We're now back at our dorm. Sky and I had to follow because the boys had gone first."Raze, stop scolding Seth. Zanaya was really sick. She immediately passed out once her back touches the couch." I looked at Sky, a little grateful for backing me up.I heard Demo sigh."We understand. We're just worried not only for you Seth but for the girl as well. Remember, in our industry, it's always the girl that gets the most hate when people found out that you're dating.""But we're not dating," I told them. Well, except that we're actually married. I told myself.
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Zaya's POVMy eyes squinted a little when I heard the door on my room squeaked, suggesting that someone came in. Too exhausted and eyes too tired, I did not even bother checking who it is. Well, it's probably just one of the girls. I and the girls were supposed to do a Video live this evening but my body isn't really cooperating right now.After Snow and the girls had woken me up earlier from my short slumber, we quickly made our way back to the dorm so I can take a rest. I can barely even remember how I was able to get in the house because I was damn sure I was stone-cold and knocked-out on the van earlier.If I weren't actually sleeping on the couch on a music show, I swear I wouldn't even move an inch. A small smile tugged at the corner of my lips when I remember how peacefully I have been sleeping earlier.I was dreaming about my husband. Yeah, my jerk of a husband, Seth Devon.
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Seth's POVI wiped the invisible sweat on my hands to the side of my pants, a little uneasy with all six pairs of orbits staring straight at me."Okay, so you're telling us that you meet up with your high school friend and you ended up sleeping over?" Raze asked, his arms across his chest.I nodded a little vigorously."And that the highschool friend was a boy?" Mono grilled.Again, I nodded.I scold myself for being a little careless.After I called Zaya's Mom, I went to their dorm and brought some of her favorite food.Imagine how shocked Cali is when she opened the door and found me.I had to explain that Zaya's and my family are close and that her mom had sent me to bring her stuff.Though a little skeptical, I was glad that she allowed me to come in.A smile
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Zanaya's POVI flinched a little after Seth had slammed his arms on the wall, enclosing my body between his, tightly holding my wrist ensuring that I won't escape."What are you doing?" I asked him a little scared of his sudden outburst.Our recording in Senere Musics just ended and I was about to go back to where the girls are after I came out of the restroom when I felt a pair of strong hands pulled me harshly and slammed me on the wall.I felt a surge of pain on my back but I soon pushed that thought because standing in front of me is my husband, Seth Devon, eyes fuming in anger.For the first time, I felt scared of him. We never had any confrontation like this before."Who do you think you are?" he asked me, his eyes boring deeply into mine."What are you talking about?" I'm not sure what he's getting mad about. We never real
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Zanaya's POVIt's okay Zaya, you can definitely do this. You've practiced so hard for this. I told to myself as I prepare in backstage.I was on a variety show where I need to sing and people would have to guess who I am. I am truly grateful to our CEO for allowing me to do this and I don't really want to put this chance a waste.And then I remembered how Seth happened to be one of the panelists outside.He didn't really know it was me right?Not once did he ever complimented my singing and I bet he was a little disappointed that I won that round.But the way that he looked at my direction earlier feels like he was able to see through my mask. To be honest, I never even thought about getting past the first stage but I was glad and thankful. But them again, I was never used to getting on stage alone. For five years,
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