Should I Really Do It Or Not?

Should I Really Do It Or Not?

By:  Elaami  Ongoing
Language: English
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"St.gardens?!" "Yes, sir cho" "Come closer, let me see you properly!" "...umm...that should be enough, sir Cho! Auntie said that, it's just once a week!" Cho Ja Nathaniel"....." "Are you done, St.gardens?!!" "I...I am sorry, sir Cho. I am just st…" "Mnnn...mnn...stop it, sir Cho!! This is not right!! I signed a contract!" "What f**king contract is that?!! That is between you and my mother!! I'm signing another one! We need more to make a stamp!!" "...What?! No!!" "No?!! I see you are really fierce. Well, you should know that I like your kind!!" "F**k you!!" "Haha…! No, little girl! You don't stand the chance! But don't you worry, I'll help you! I'll f**k you instead and quite well too!!" St.gardens"....." ****** Haneul Ja St.gardens is a gentle, innocent and sweet girl but also covered with taekwondo skills. One thing that is constant in her life, is bad luck. She could not find a better job to make her life more stable. St.gardens is feeding from hand to mouth, until the day she meets a middle aged woman. She offers her a deal she can not refuse because the benefit is awesome. St.gardens is to become a surrogate mother for her son Cho Ja Nathaniel. Things might not go well the way St.gardens has planned and she asks herself several times, if she should really do it, or not? ****** A refreshing book, wrapped specially for you! Join them as they search for the right key to the invisible golden door! Happy Reading! Please, stay safe. #For me and for all! Love from Author Elaami.

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38 Chapters
You Are So Beautiful!
Looking at the bright ray of the morning sun that penetrated through my faded curtain and landed on my face. I just stayed in the same position on my thin mattress that I actually picked from the dumpsite, on my way back from work.  Allowing the sweet sun to have it's way on my body. I was admiring the beauty of it. I didn't know when I started feeling jealous of the sweet sun. It was so beautiful, more beautiful than my life. My life had always been sad, with every misfortune that happened to me, "year in, year out" It wasn't always like that though. While growing up, I experienced the true meaning of being loved, being an only child of the sweetest couple ever...but all that became a real life fantasy! It wasn't an easy journey for me. Not knowing what to do, while going through trials upon trials, everyday in the big city of Lagos, Nigeria. Hmm! It wasn't easy at all! "Mnnn…! Oh God! It's morning again!"
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Architect Of Bad Luck: You Are So Beautiful
The fine man was very worried to see me that way. He asked me with concern in his eyes. "I'm ok sir, thank you" I replied to him, and then he helped me up. Right there, a very beautiful middle aged woman with blue eyes alighted from the car elegantly and walked closer to me. Immediately I saw her, I forgot about my injured leg and the pain I was feeling at that moment and I was completely enchanted by the sight of that angelic woman, just right before my very eyes…! Literally blinding me!" The moment I saw that beautiful middle aged woman, walking towards my direction, I was marvelled and thought I was in heaven! She was a tall woman, with fair skin and a shoulder length silky black hair, almost like mine. But mine was longer and in not so good condition because I could not take proper care of it. She had a straight nose with the right shape for her age. Although I had been told countless time
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Can You Work With Me?
"Sir, the car is ready" Bi Chao said to Cho Ja Nathaniel. Bi Chao was the manager of Cho Ja Nathaniel. He is Chinese, while Cho Ja Nathaniel is Korean. Cho Ja Nathaniel of the "Power Tower" company, was a big time, well known billionaire and their company was well known all over the world. He was a powerful CEO, an emotionless, arrogant and a proud human god but was also kind, in his own way. Nathaniel was a beautiful man, no one could describe his beauty. He had a well defined body, with all the right assets in the right "Ahem…*caught*", please excuse me. I got a little something in my throat...haha…( please forgive this Author... Author Elaami is being Naughty! Let's ride on, please! Cho Ja Nathaniel was a perfect artwork by God's own hand, probably on "His off day!", with a face that a crying baby could use as a sleeping drug instead of a lullaby. He wa
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Victoria Garden City
I looked at the woman with shaky eyes while fiddling with my fingers and I saw that she was not joking. Just then, she spoke again while looking straight at me. "I like you and I want something desperately. We will talk about that later when you are settled but before then, you will have to come to my place for further discussions" "I will be paying you 200,000 naira monthly, excluding the compensation fee you would get after the completion of the contract and also with complete feeding and a suitable accommodation. You will get to know about the contract when you come to my house" She said to me. I was very happy to have that kind of smooth luck that fateful day, without care of what would come ahead..." But will it become a good luck, or a bad one?" Well, that would be a story for another day. I didn't think much about the future, I was just too happy right at that time. I agreed with her and was t
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I Have Found The Right Girl For You
"Hello eomeoni" "And what's that, son?" "What, mother?" "Are you ok son? What's the matter?" "I'm alright mother" "No you're not! I know you too well!" "Mother? Please, not today. I just want to go and rest now" Cho Ja Nathaniel was not ready for his mother's lecture, so he thought. He knew quite well what his mother was trying to say to him but he didn't want to give her the opportunity to continue. But sadly, that didn't work! "Are you trying to shut me up just because you know exactly what I want to say!" Cho Hei raised her voice a little. She wasn't happy with her son. Nathaniel rested his back on the car seat helplessly and listened obediently as his mother chewed him raw! He had no other choice because that was the only way to calm her down. "I've told you too many times
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You Must Have That Strength!
Cho Hei did not know what to say to Nathaniel. After meeting St.gardens, she could not stop dreaming about her grandchild. And seeing her son getting strong headed, she wasn't happy at all. "Enough with this argument! I don't have the strength for it today! I've already told you, the girl in question, is Korean and I will explain everything to you when you return home!" "You don't need to bother yourself about anything. You just do your job and leave the rest to me!" "What job mother?! I don't have the strength for that kind of job!" "Yes you do, son! In fact, you must have that strength! And I will make it come to pass!" "Mother!" "Yes!" Nathaniel could not believe his mother. He never saw his mother more determined in his life before. It was really new. That was when he realized that, he would have to prepare himself for "the big night!
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A Surrogate Mother For My Son
They both went to Cho Hei's study room and St.gardens was amazed again. The house was indeed a mansion, with every good thing in life. "Come and sit with me my dear" Cho Hei said to St.gardens and St.gardens obeyed and sat beside her. She was tense at first but was later calmed down by Cho Hei's sweet voice. She gave St.gardens some snacks and started telling her about what she was supposed to do. "St.gardens…?" "Yes Auntie" "The first thing you need to know is that, you are here to work for me and my son and nobody else, ok?" "Yes Auntie" "You see, I have a son, like I said before. His name is Cho Ja Nathaniel, you both bear the same name. He went to Korea for a business trip and will be back soon. He is 26 years old and he's still single. Nathaniel is my only child and he is a quiet person that doesn't talk too much, but is very
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The Powerful Lightning
St.gardens went back to the room that was given to her and sat on the big bed, with the big envelope in her hand. She was very tired and could not stop thinking about her life. She opened the envelope and was greeted with a well defined contract. That was the first time she had ever seen one. She kept on studying all the clauses of the contract, very carefully. It was agonizing. After a while, she was done. Now, it was time for her to make that big decision in her life. A decision that would either be favourable to her or otherwise. "We never really know anything until we try", at the same time, "trying something that big first, is a different story!" "What am I going to do now? This is really tempting!" "200,000 naira, that is over 500 US dollars, as a monthly payment! Me…!" "Oh, Lord! How is this possible?! How did I get myself trapped like this?! This is too much! This is pure temptation!!"
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A Hot Scene
St.gardens and Nathaniel, were still lost right there. They couldn't move nor say anything to each other, except the fact that their mouths and eyes were wide open and their hearts pumping real hard! It was a very big show! They both froze right there, until Cho Hei came in. She almost died of instant shock. She was downstairs, waiting for Nathaniel to come down because he had stayed in his room for too long and their lunch was already set. After waiting that long without seeing her son, she thought of going to his room to check on him and also, go to St.gardens' room to get her for lunch. St.gardens and Nathaniel's room was directly opposite each other and was almost identical. That was how St.gardens mistook Nathaniel's room for her own room. And she was already a bit sleepy too at that time. It became really confusing for her and she just opened one without thinking too much about it. She didn't know she would meet a hot scene right there
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There's Nothing Wrong With Her Body!
Nathaniel started thinking about St.gardens without him realizing it. He finished up and then went downstairs to join them for lunch. As soon as St.gardens saw him, she started choking. *Coughs*"Oh, dear! Sorry my dear" "Thank you Auntie" "Mhm" Nathaniel smiled without them knowing, of course. He knew quite well the reason she coughed and he intended doing it again. He pulled out a chair and sat on it, directly opposite St.gardens. St.gardens raised her head slowly and took a glance at Nathaniel. She immediately lowered her head after seeing that Nathaniel was staring at her while eating, and she felt really hot. Nathaniel looked at the girl and teased her even more. "St.gardens? That's your name, right?" "...Yes...sir Cho" "Please, pass me the ketchup" "Huh?...Oh…!" 
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