The Culprit's Verdict

The Culprit's Verdict

By:  KIDMINGUR  Ongoing
Language: English
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When finding evidence is by the skin of one's teeth, what price are you willing to lay to find the culprit?~~~She was just a typical girl from a not so typical family, who will seek justice after her loved ones' death. She was the only survivor in that death trap or at least that was what she knew. Their death wasn't just a mere tragedy, it was intentional. The purpose was to eradicate her clan, but they failed when she survived.When her only reason for living was taken away from her... What was left in her being were: hatred, anger and the burning fire to have her revenge, but it was hard to find since no obtainable evidence could uncover the culprit behind the terrible scheme.When her boss, turned lover, started to show affection, a beam of light was flashed in her being. The newly found solitude with him gradually replaced her negative feelings. But as another guy entered into the picture and claimed her to be his, it drifted her back to her intentions which led her to unravel some secrets she never thought existed. Join me as I lay pieces of information about the Culprit's real identity.

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Interesting plot. I'll be looking forward to more updates
2021-01-21 19:57:14
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M.Z. Mauve
interesting and intriguing premise and teaser. the female MC seems like an interesting character. will read on definitely. nice job, author ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2020-12-31 02:14:06
34 Chapters
  When finding evidence is by the skin of one's teeth, what price are you willing to lay to find the culprit? ❣ ❣
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  Prologue       Note: For some of you who have already read this story before, this is a newly added part. Enjoy reading!   The place was dark yet filled with noise from the rumbling drum and whispering of spectators around. An innocent, young girl was staring closely at the creature slowly arising from the deep, wid
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☪ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ☪ The time is near to claim another of her kind. This has not come to her understanding yet, even if it had, there's no way she can escape. ☪ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ☪   "Oh my! Maxine, did I just find a perfect dress for you?" My mom's eyes sparkled at the sight of a fitted, backless, black dress that looked effortlessly elegant on the perfectly-shaped mannequin. I rolled my eyes as it was so short, it won't even cover my knee. She swooped the dress and overlapped it on my black turtleneck sweater examining how it will look like if I wore it. "Perfect!" "I will not wear this, mom," I said dryly. She made a sad face, making me feel guilty. Not that I was boyish or whateve
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~•⚜⚜⚜•~ The Villa awaits, The Serpent craves, The Serdents prepare;The Oblates hot on the trail. ~•⚜⚜⚜•~   I hopped onto the second car and secured the back seat, pulled out my earphone, and took off my not so high heels. "Alissa, faster we'll be late!" my Aunt called her daughter. "Coming!" Alissa shouted. "It's good that you know your place." Just when I was about to put the earphones on my ears, the bitch entered and dared to mess with me. I showed off a sharp glare followed by a rough smile, "Unlike you, trying hard to secure what's not hers." I didn't have any grudges against this bitch, she was just so irritating. "Here come the two beautiful la
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~•⚜⚜ Pain crashes the soul yet a burning fire fixes it. ~•⚜⚜⚜•~   A small chatty voice muffled into my ears, making me furrow my brows. Someone was too noisy. I tried to open my eyes to see who was disturbing my sleep. I blinked many times but the light was too bright; my eyes had a hard time adjusting. "Max, are you awake? Can you hear me?" I followed the source of the voice, though my head felt hefty. I squinted to see clearly. As the vision started to get clearer, a girl with long and slightly curled burgundy hair was plastering her bitter-sweet smile at me. Her caramel eyes glittered in happiness but ironically reflected some sadness. "Juliet?" I mumbled. My legs
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I didn't know things would go this fast. If I had been at least informed that they will leave this world, I should have hugged mom longer, I should have at least took a good look at my father's face. I should have not been so rude to them. Why couldn't life or fate give us that privilege, that way, we wouldn't have many regrets in life? "Max, let's go! The weather looks bad, it will rain anytime soon. We'll go back here another day, okay?" Juliet tapped me on my shoulder. I placed my hand on her hand and looked her in the eyes. "No, you go. I'll stay here a little longer." I smiled, though it was a weary one, it was enough to let her feel that I would be fine. "Max, I understand your situation. I am also in agony about what happened, but it's painful seeing you like this. Your paren
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"Are you sure you are going to apply to that company?" Lex asked while pointing at a convex 24-story high-rise building captivating his eyes from the window of his car. Its semi-baronial style and high-class structure were quite impressive that it kicked other buildings out from ones' sight. "Wouldn't it be hard for you to move on when you're there?" There was so much worry in his voice as he spoke, and I understood where it was coming from. But I couldn't think of him in that instance, there was something more important than what they feel, and that was my revenge. "I'll search patiently for pieces of shredded evidence they had left and work hard to form the picture-puzzle of the culprit. I will make them pay for what they've caused me. And this place shall witness my initial step." The seat belt was probably screaming as I tightened my grip on it and it wasn't far from the current state of my hea
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After what felt like years of searching, I finally found an office named after Mr. Lleneda. I knocked, but no one answered. The papers felt so heavy on my arms and I got exhausted for searching his room, so I pushed open the steel door and decided to put the papers on the table. Facing it was a two rectangular-shaped sofa with a glass table in the middle. It felt so soft and tempting; right before I realized it, my body was already lying flat, lost on its cloudy like texture. A few minutes later, after I felt an increase in my energy level, I got up. No one is around yet, this is a good opportunity to start looking for information. My hand roamed around as it tried to feel the surfaces of each object, not really sure of what to look for. The office was clean yet covered with a thick cream-colored curtain which made his room look dim. There were more or less three portraits plastered on the
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While waiting for our order to come to the table, Lexter started talking about his meeting with the private investigator. "Our investigator had been looking through various profiles your parents had a connection with. He couldn't find any suspicious individuals yet, but-," he cut his words short, hesitant if he should say it or not. "But?" I urged impatiently.
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The dark and gloomy sky was bathed in magical silver light and I can't help but watch in awe from the comfort of the soft foamy front seat of Lexter's car. He decided to stop for a while on the near edge of the world so we could breathe from the stress and frustrations of life. "How's your back? Can you feel any crack on your spine?" he interrupted, worried about the condition of my back after I told him everything that happened in the room.
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