Slave to the Wolf King

Slave to the Wolf King

By:  Aimee Lane  Updated just now
Language: English
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Jesse is a normal girl from a messed-up family. The only thing she wants is freedom. Casimir, the dark and ruthless Wolf King, reigns in the underground dens of the wolf world with the power to compel anyone to do anything he commands. But he needs a new mate because the last two killed themselves. After watching Casimir steal the minds and wills of the other women kidnapped as potential mates, Jesse knows he is even more powerful than the urban legends she's heard. Fearing that she might lose herself forever, Jesse offers to submit to Casimir's dominance, make herself his slave, and bear his heir. But in return, he must vow never to use that compulsion on her. Fascinated by her boldness and the surge in his power when she offers herself, Casimir accepts her as his mate. But Casimir isn't the only wolf who wants Jesse. While Jesse cannot deny the sizzling chemistry between herself and Casimir, the King is emotionless and sometimes cruel. She's often drawn to the tender safety offered by a much less powerful wolf. A male Casimir would kill if he knew how deeply they connected. Will Casimir break Jesse just as he broke two mates before her? Will he discover her potentially deadly connection with another male? Or, will the smart and resourceful Jesse betray him and flee with the other wolf? Has the Wolf King finally met his match? #Domsub #dubcon #Taboo #contractmarriage #lovetriangle

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Aimee West
Love this story!! i have done nothing but read this book since I started this story!!
2024-07-09 12:01:10
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
205 chapters 6-20-24
2024-06-21 01:35:56
default avatar
I’ve just read the first part and I love it! Amazing book! I hope she would upload other books in this app, so I can enjoy all of them
2024-06-07 22:21:31
user avatar
I just started this and all I can say is wow and I want morw
2024-06-05 01:03:45
default avatar
Love this book I need more of this
2024-05-12 14:58:32
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Nora Dotson
Another wonderful Aimee Lane book! It’s a crazy world where humans and wolves exist, but most humans don’t know about the wolves! Human female, Jesse, is captured and thrown into a world of wolves that she didn’t even know existed. I am excited to see how a human woman tames the Wolf King!
2024-05-09 11:48:55
user avatar
Sally Espinoza
Aimee does an amazing job bringing a story to life. All the characters are consistent and the story line draws you in. Once you start reading you won’t be able to stop. I love it.
2024-05-03 10:21:20
user avatar
Lady Nefalum
So. I'm obsessed with this. I love this. I love the juxtaposition of your beautiful, almost poetic narrative, and Cazz's vulgar mannerisms.
2024-04-12 09:39:23
user avatar
love the story so far. Jesse is awesome and I think Cazz is going to fall for her hard. (slave to the wolf king)
2024-05-29 12:34:42
default avatar
Aminah Titilope
A storyline
2024-05-31 06:33:13
252 Chapters
1. All Hail the King
“Beware those who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” - Gospel of Matthew 7:15 ***** ~ JESSE ~ The guards tipped us out into the room like puppies out of a bag. I landed heavily on rough stone, scraping my knees and palms, hissing against the pain. But they'd freed my hands and ankles before they shoved me in here, so, with my heart thudding in my chest, I scrabbled to pull down the blindfold that was over my eyes and get my bearings quickly. Dark room. Stone walls and ceiling. Warm lights. Cold air. Damp. Shadows my eyes couldn’t penetrate—and more shadows behind us I wished they couldn’t. Left and right, women shrieked and sobbed, hitting the floor, some rolling, one planting face-first into the rock and laying there, unmoving. Behind me, a cluster of guards filled the doorway, with more spreading out along the wall. They didn't carry weapons, but they didn't need to. They were all well over six foot and huge with it. Strong and rugged… feral. B
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2. A B*tch in Heat
~ CASIMIR ~I was horrified.When I’d told Ghere to order the Reapers to find women from the poorer side of the human city, I had imagined the wicked types. The women who embraced their fate and it made them bold. Instead I’d been sent a box of poorly bred puppies suitable only for drowning?What the actual fuck?“God help us,” one of them murmured.I snorted.“I assure you, God abandoned this place long ago,” I drawled.The woman looked at me, shocked. It was the one at the center who’d stayed on her feet. She’d been staring around the chamber in horror, murmuring to herself, clearly forgetting that we wolves enjoyed heightened senses.She remembered now.The guards laughed, but the women’s eyes snapped down to her feet. She dropped her chin. Her hair, a rich mahogany brown, the kind that would spark red in sunlight, fell around her face in long waves, though it was messy and matted now.She was a thin little thing, though there was evidence of muscle under those terribly fitting clot
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3. Fascinating
~ JESSE ~As I’d listened to the King’s pompous tirade, it had become clearer and clearer to me that it was not just bad luck that I was here.The question was, would I step out of the flames of one man’s making, and straight into another? Or was this truly an opportunity for escape?“I will be your mate… if you’ll have me.”The King’s eyes narrowed.His servant’s brows rose and he raised his hands. “Oh, I don’t think you understood—”“Why?” the King asked, his voice deep and skeptical. But I didn’t miss the glimmer in his eyes. I’d surprised him.I swallowed hard and prayed I’d understood all of this correctly. “I think… I know, I can give you what you want. And in exchange, you can give me what I need.”The King’s brows rose then. “How very presumptuous of you. But I will take the bait: What is it that you want?”“I propose… an exchange.”“Of what?”“You take me as your mate and you keep me safe like you promised. Away from my world and… and anyone I knew. When I bear you an heir, yo
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4. What's in a Name?
“Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate.” (Mark 10:9) ***** ~ JESSE ~ I stood there, stunned, while the guards cleared the room. The King spoke briefly with the man who’d been at his side this entire time, then he gestured to me. “We have a short time before the Cleric arrives. You should bathe.” The words seemed so alien in the middle of this surreal and terrifying day, for a moment I just stared at him. But he either didn’t notice my stunned silence, or didn’t care. Because he and the man turned and started toward the end of the room from which he’d first arrived. A moment later, realizing I had no choice, I stumbled after them. The two men never spoke to me, though the King looked over his shoulder a few times to make sure I was following, and his servant tried to give me an encouraging smile that was just more terrifying than when they weren’t looking at me. At the end of the room we’d been in there was a door that led into a wide corridor—much more obv
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5. Call the Reapers
Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me. - Psalms 51:5 ***** ~ CASIMIR (Pronounced “CAZZ-uh-MEER”) ~ I desperately needed to piss. As I stalked into my room, Ghere scuttling in my wake, I took a few seconds to pry my boots off, then made straight for the adjoining bathing room, undressing as I walked because when I returned to the festivities it would be in wedding garb. Fuck. I sighed as I passed my huge bed, a stone platform long and wide enough that even the tallest wolf would have plenty of room to sprawl…with friends. The thick mattress was covered in furs and plush pillows. And my toys. My stomach began to thrum and I smiled, diverting my path to trail a finger along the lush body of the first—the brunette who was still fast asleep. She lay on her back, bare to the waist, her full breasts rising and falling slowly with her breath. A few strands of her dark hair lay over her face and fluttered as she snored quietly. I let my finger
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6. Give You My Word
~ JESSE ~When Casimir had used the word “Cleric” I’d imagined some stuffy old man in a suit with a black collar—like a priest.Instead, the man—wolf—who showed up was young, handsome, and vital. I couldn’t have picked him out of the guards if they’d lined up.Maybe all the wolves were like that? Big, strong, hot?I’d heard the legends about women having wolf-lovers before, but again, it was always a whispered story at a sleepover, or someone’s fantasy fiction. A naughty, forbidden kind of story. Never something I’d taken seriously.But after I’d hurriedly bathed, surprised by the pleasant smell of the soap that felt different in my hands to what I was used to, and twisted up my hair as best I could with only a small mirror and dim light, and put on the strange-but-beautiful dress that Ghere handed me through the door. When Ghere led me back to the first chamber where Casimir had appeared, it occurred to me that, perhaps, all these stories I’d heard weren’t fiction at all.I couldn’t
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7. Bound
~ JESSE ~Behind Casimir, Ghere relaxed, like he’d been holding his breath.The Cleric’s jaw flexed.Several wolves who’d been watching, chuckled or grunted.But then it hit me: It was done. I’d done it. I’d vowed myself to him until the day of my death.Nerves trilled in my chest. Should I be glad, or would I soon want to hurry eternity along?Only time would tell.I was in a fog, barely hearing as the Cleric led Casimir in a vow of protection of my person and my throne, promising to use his power to uphold me as Alpha Female, and to give me the heir.And then…“…And will you give yourself to her as a vessel, your body for hers, serving her pleasure?”Casimir’s eyes narrowed and blazed. “I will.”The Cleric raised his voice slightly. “And do the Witnesses agree and let the vows bind? Do you accept her as his mate? Do you bow to her as your Queen?”“We do,” they growled in unison.And something in my chest flared.I sucked in a breath, swaying forward as something came alive inside me
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8. Mine for the Taking
SOUNDTRACK: Eternal Flame by Atom Music Audio, with Randall Jermaine and Alexa Ray.*****~ CASIMIR ~This was my third vow-forged bond, and it never got easier, feeling my soul entwined with another like that. Each one had made my skin feel too tight, as if I wanted to claw out of it.But this one… Jesse… dear god.The moment the pack leaders acknowledged her as my mate and the bond was forged, I was ripped out of myself. Left flailing.I fought as I’d fight a hurricane, leaning in and forcing my body to weather the pummeling blows that seemed to come from every direction at once.Mate.Wife.Mother.Soul.Twisting, turning me, flipping my heart on its head like a babe in the ocean tide as I fought, wrestling for control of my own fate.Because that was the source of my power—dominance always won. The more I owned, the more strength I gained.That must be the difference this time—she’d come to the vow willingly, choosing it without compulsion from me. And so it struck as true and dee
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9. The Need
~ JESSE ~I’d flinched when that wave of power left him, felt the impact in my bones like a sonic boom. And yet, when I took a breath and blinked, I was still myself, while every man around me cowered or knelt, all their eyes on the floor, every head bowed. Except Rake.As if the wolf had seen it coming, he’d stepped back and away, and was obviously untouched. Stunningly, so was I.Cazz hadn’t touched me with it.I looked up at him, trembling. What was he doing?He didn’t even look at me, just swept me up like I weighed nothing and carried me from the room without a backward glance.His breath was harsh in my ear as he stormed through the maze of tunnels and hallways outside. Voices raised in protest behind us. But he ignored them completely, one hand under my knees, the other curled at my ribs, his chin low and brows pinched, eyes glaring—and glowing again.I would have felt afraid because he looked enraged. But from the moment he’d let go of that power, I could feel him again. Could
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10. It's Time
~ JESSE ~Cazz stood in front of the door for a half a second, hands still on the beam, head cocked as if he was listening to something. There was a strange tension in him that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. But then he turned and found me with his eyes.In that space in my chest where I'd been connected to him, I felt the spear of desire that rocked through his body. It made my breath catch.When he began to walk towards me, it was with the slow grace of a predator, the fire in his eyes burning inside me as he locked on, only the rapid rise and fall of his chest outwardly giving away the tension in him that I could feel. A few strands of his hair fell over his eyes, but he peered out at me through them, like a wolf in the grass and when he spoke, his voice was guttural, so deep it seemed to come up from the stone beneath my feet, and barely loud enough for me to catch the words.“You’re stronger than I gave you credit for,” he murmured, prowling towards me.I swallowe
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