Slaved Doctor

Slaved Doctor

By:  RainbowHead  Ongoing
Language: English
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"CODE BLUE!" shouts the nurse at the emergency room accompanied by a flat-line in the cardiac monitor. Clive Aster arrived in his matte black Audi in his all white coat. Upon hearing the wailing sound of the cardiac monitor, he immediately removed his coat and jumped to the patient's location. "I'll start CPR!" as he jumped to the patient's side and started pumping. "Administer Epinephrine now!" he shouted again. Then the cardiac monitor goes tooot-tooot-tooot. There's a heartbeat! The patient was saved. Clive Aster is a well-known doctor. He has mastered multiple specialties which includes Emergency Medicine, Neuro and Cardiac Surgery. Nobody in the City Hospital knows who he was. He just came in today and rushed to the patient immediately. When the commotion was over, the director of the City Hospital, Celeste Klatt, came in and welcomed him. "Welcome Dr. Aster! Welcome to your new home." Celeste shook Clive's hand and gave him a light kiss on the cheeks. "Parting ways seemed like yesterday, Celeste. It's nice seeing you again." "It's lovely seeing you again too, Clive. Come, follow me to my office." When they entered Celeste's office, Celeste ordered Clive to kiss her to which he abode. "Kiss me! I've missed you!" Clive started to kiss Celeste on her cheeks, then to her lips down to her neck and back to her lips again and he stopped! Slap! Celeste's hand landed on Clive's face. "Who told you to stop?!" Celeste angrily asked. "You never changed Celeste." Clive fixed his face and left Celeste's office.

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17 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Meeting
"CODE BLUE!" Shouts the nurse at the emergency room.A matte black Audi R8 Spyder stopped at the entrance of the City Hospital's Emergency Room. A tall, handsome man in his all white, button-down long sleeves, shiny black pants and shoes came down from the car.When he entered the emergency room, he heard the wailing sound of the cardiac monitor and the shouts of the nurse. He rushed to the patient's location and commanded everyone."I'll start CPR!" He immediately jumped to the patient's bedside and started pumping. "Administer Epinephrine now!" He ordered again. Everybody was stunned with a questioning look as to who this person is and is giving orders.Then the cardiac monitor goes "tooot-tooot-tooot"! Alas! there's a heartbeat. The man's shirt is soaking wet revealing his toned body with his six-pack abs. "The patient is stable already. Get the physician-in-charge and admit the patient right away
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Chapter 2: The Work
Clive gestured to Celeste to walk ahead and the two of them walked to the director's table."Let's get to business proper Director Klatt. May I seat?""Of course! Please have a seat. Do you want some coffee?"Celeste pressed the intercom. "Leila, please get us two black coffee with low calorie sweetener, no milk.""Got it, Ms. CK." Leila's hoarse voice sounded through the intercom.After a few minutes, Leila rang the doorbell in Celeste's office and entered with two cups of coffee with two cheesecakes on the sides. Leila placed the tray at the coffee table beside the window. "Is there anything I can help you with Ms. CK?""This is good. Thank you. You may leave now." Celeste dismissed Leila immediately.Leila turned her back to leave, but she glanced at the handsome-looking guy sitting elegantly at the office chair. She immediately hide her blushing face and lef
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Chapter 3: The New Head
Leila and Clive arrived at the Emergency Department's Office.The doctors and nurses at the office are looking at Clive and gossiping to each other. "Isn't he the one who save a patient's life earlier? He's so handsome and well kempt.""Yes, he is the one. I wonder who he is and why is he here.""Dr. Aster, please have a seat. Ms. CK will be here shortly. I will have to attend to other chores now. I'll have to leave first. Please feel at home." Leila said politely, while her cheeks turns red. "Don't worry about me Miss. Go ahead and do your tasks. I can manage. I'll just wait for Director Klatt."A short-haired woman in an office skirt and white blouse stood beside Leila."Before I forget, Dr. Aster this is Ms. Olive. She is the department's secretary.""Hello Dr. Aster, I'm Olive." Olive extended her hand to shake his hand. "Hello, Miss Olive. Nice meeting you." "Miss Olive, I'll leave Dr. Aster
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Chapter 4: First Day High
--City University--It is the first day of school. Students line to get their registration cards and room assignments. Tracy came in a little bit early so she waited for her bestfriend to come. "Celeste!" Tracy waved her two hands and shouted her name in all might. "Celeste! Celeste! I'm here!" Tracy waves through the crowd of students. Celeste looked at Tracy's direction and started limping and running to reach her bestfriend. It is their first day in college.Celeste was so excited that she bumped into a black-haired boy in all white. They both fell to the ground. "Celeste are you alright?" Asked Tracy as she extends her hand to pull her bestfriend up."Yeah! I'm just fine." Celeste walked to the direction of the boy and extended her hand to help him up."I'm sorry. I wasn't looking." Celeste apologized. The boy just stared at her like she was an angel sent from above. He did not speak
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Chapter 5: The Chase
After class, Clive went straight to his dormitory across the street. He rented a spacious room on the 4th floor of the old building. He immediately washed his uniform and unpacked his things. 'I should treat this as my home. I'll be staying here for long.'He arranged the room to his liking and placed his books on top of the table. After he was done, he started looking for a job online. He sent his curriculum vitae to every part time job applicable. The next day, he received a call from a secretary and scheduled him for an interview in the afternoon in which he applied as a part time research assistant. --At the University--Clive arrived early. He went straight to his classroom and sat in his chair and lowered his head. He did not notice Celeste and Tracy sitting at the back. "He was early today. Maybe he's afraid to be scolded
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Chapter 6: The Reality
When Clive came out of the building, he noticed that it is dark already. He checked the time and it is already late. Clive went back to his dormitory. He suddenly remembered that he hasn't eaten anything for the day. There is a canteen in his dormitory but because he came home late, no more food is available to serve. He decided to wander through the streets of Octave City to look for a cheap restaurant. He found chain of restaurants at Rock Street. There are lots of choices. He entered a small restaurant and walked to a table beside the window. He ordered foods enough for him to feast on. While he was savouring his food, he saw in his peripheral vision a familiar figure who just walked past him.Professor Torrez.She was also having dinner at the same cheap restaurant. Given her status, wealth and profession, she still eats in this kind of restaurant.Clive lowered hi
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Chapter 7: Research
He stood up immediately and went out of the classroom. He brought a change of clothes with him so that he doesn't need to go back to his dormitory.'Today is my first day at work.' Clive reminded himself.Tracy does not know about Celeste's research. After class, Celeste always finds an excuse to leave early. Tracy is a party-loving kind of student. An exact opposite of Celeste. The Klatts are known in Octave City. They are known as one of the top socialites. Celeste's father is the least favored among the Klatts. But they are well enough to be among the richest in the city.--Klatt Corporation--Clive patiently waited for Celeste to arrive. He sat in the sofa with nervous looks in his eyes. He combed his shiny black hair with his fingers and loosen a button of his shirt. His strong and manly perfume dissipated around the corridors. Celeste arrived after a few minutes. She immediately sm
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Chapter 8: Difference
Clive hailed a cab at the side of the road. He instructed the driver to go to Rock Street. He is famished. He went straight to the same restaurant and ordered a food for take out.He walked back to his dorm mindlessly. He stared at his food for a long time before he took a bite. 'This day is tiring. It almost drained my energy.' After he was done eating, he changed his clothes and climb up his bed. He tossed and turned in his bed and stared at the ceiling for a long time. He did not know when he fell asleep.  --Kriiiiiiiiinnnnnggggg--The alarm wailed through the room again. He woke up tired but with a smile on his face. 'She likes me.''Let's get going!'He bathed and dress up immediately. He walked to a flowershop and bought a single-stemmed red rose.He was early for class. He looked around and when he saw that the co
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Chapter 9: The Matriarch
Celeste's mom stood up as soon as she heard the door opened. She looked at the direction of the door and waited for the person to enter. Celeste is already expecting her mother to be waiting for her but she's still caught off-guard when she saw her.Her mother is tall and slim with a very alluring figure. Her green, sleeveless, silk dress fits perfectly on her body curves. She is beautiful and sophisticated. Her 'no make-up' make-up suits her perfectly. "What are you doing Celeste?" She interrogated with a quizzing look. Her eyebrows curled in disappointment. Celeste greeted her mother with a light kiss on the cheek. "I am not doing anything wrong Mom. I am just befriending him. He doesn't have friends at all." Though very beautiful, Celeste's mom is very strict and powerful. She doesn't want their name to be tarnished by the people surrounding their family. She does not allow Celeste to mingle with other people
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Chapter 10: University Secrets
The days at the University is the same for almost everyone except Clive and Celeste. Tracy noticed something about Celeste's actions. She does not hang out with her anymore and is always rushing to go to their office."Do you not want me to be your bestfriend anymore, Celeste?" Tracy asked her."What crazy-things are you talking about?" Celeste asked her back."You don't hang-out with me anymore. We don't do study groups and you don't accompany me to the bars." Tracy mentioned as if she is listing down everything."I am doing a research." Celeste answered simply. "What kind of research? Does it have something to do with him?" Tracy pointed at Clive's back."No! Of course not!" Celeste denied."If I caught you being friends with him then our friendship is over!" Tracy warned her."Tracy, you are my only bestfriend. Don't be jealous." Celeste assured her."Celeste, aunty Wensly won't allow you to be friends with l
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