Sold To The Devil

Sold To The Devil

By:  Raven Hart  Updated just now
Language: English
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Flora Harper was sold to the most feared warlock, Blade Yarrow, by her father to clear his debt. Luckily for the young Flora, her master seems to have taken a liking to her, making her feel safe and taken care of. But what she doesn’t know is, that her dark past is on its way to ruin everything she has ever dreamt of.

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31 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Flora
A loud knock on the door of my bedroom jolted me awake. I hurriedly got out of bed and opened the door. My father was standing outside impatiently as he tapped his foot on the tiled floor. “Flora, finally! Have you seen the time? It’s way past your wake-up time!” He scolded. “Sorry, father. I was in a deep slumber…” I mumbled. “Get dressed into something presentable and meet me in the common room” I nodded and he left. Sighing, I closed the door, picked out a royal blue dress and a pair of blue flats to match it with. I took a warm bath and dried off my body with a towel. Slipping into my dress, I let my red hair down and combed it with a hairbrush before styling it. I put on my flats and made my way to the common room where my father patiently waited for me on the sofa. He looked a little lost in thoughts until he took notice of me. Giving me a once over, he got on his feet and approached me. “Perfect! Let’s go now!” He said and hurried out of the door. What was he up to? We b
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Chapter 2 - Flora
A nudge to my elbow and my father’s hushed words, “Bow down to him in respect” made me break eye contact and lower my head. I slightly bent down, showing my respect to the warlock in front of us. Keeping my eyes to the ground, I saw his tall legs disappear from my view. He walked around and opposite us as he sat down on the large sofa. He was a natural leader. My father hastily turned to look at Lord Blade and bowed in respect again before saying, “Lord Blade, what a pleasure to meet you again!” I still kept my head low, so I couldn’t read the warlock’s face. “The pleasure is mine, Gerald. Now, if you’re done with the formalities, please sit down” his voice was deep and low yet intimidating enough to scare me. Chills ran down my spine and I hesitated for a moment to sit down on the sofa along with my father. I continued to keep my head low, not wanting to upset my father and Lord Blade. I did not wish to get into trouble and be punished. “So, Gerald, have you come to pay your deb
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Chapter 3 - Flora
Ascending the stairs to the second floor, the maid started walking forward with me following her closely. She stopped two doors from the end of the corridor and turned to the door on the left. Opening it, she asked me to enter. “This is your room. The room opposite to you is where Lord Blade resides in” she said. “Thank you, uh…” “Grace!” “Thank you Grace!” “Would you like a change of clothes? I will quickly arrange it and then I will take you down for your meal” “If it won’t be an issue…” I hesitated. Would I come off as greedy to make such a request? “I’ve already drawn a bath for you. While you take a bath, I’ll get a fresh set of clothes for you!” With that, Grace bowed a little and walked away. I wasn’t used to such a treatment and felt extremely uncomfortable. I slowly closed the door but didn’t lock it since Grace would bring me new clothes. I looked around in the room which was a little bigger than my room back at home. The walls were painted a dark shade of gr
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Chapter 4 - Flora
We had our meal in silence and I ended up eating a lot more than Lord Blade. I had told myself to eat lesser portions to not come off as rude and uncultured; but alas! I couldn’t last long.Lord Blade didn’t seem to mind much. By the time I had finished eating, Lord Blade had already left for his business. Grace was nowhere in sight, so I had to make my way back to my room. Since I remembered my way around the manor, it wasn’t difficult for me to find my room.As I neared my room, the door to Lord Blade’s room opened suddenly which caused me to yelp in panic and I landed on the floor. That simplest action of door opening was enough to make my heart stop beating.I slowly looked up at Lord Blade to find him looking at me, but not my face. I followed his gaze and realised my legs were spread apart slightly, causing my red knicker to be visible. Feeling embarrassed and conscious, I clamped my legs shut which snapped Lord Blade out of his daze. “You need to be aware of your surroundings, M
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Chapter 5 - Flora
I was curious about the look on Lord Blade's face but I did not dare look up at him. He wouldn't hesitate to behead me. “Look at me!” he commanded suddenly. I slowly looked up at him from my eyelids as my head was still lowered. Suddenly, I felt a hand under my chin and then, my head was lifted upwards. “When I say look at me, you need to turn your head up at me. Understand?” his light grey orbs bore into mine. He looked absolutely scary when he was frustrated. “Yes sir…” I really needed to expand my vocabulary.His hand then glided along my jaw and down toward my neck, sending shivers down my spine. Slowly, goosebumps erupted on my skin, making me aware of his touch on my skin. My breath hitched in my throat when he started to lean forward. I closed my eyes tightly and waited for him to release me. His hair brushed my cheek and then his hot breath fanned across the side of my neck. What was he even doing? I was getting anxious.Lord Blade inhaled sharply, making my body tremble in u
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Chapter 6 - Flora
Trigger warning: Mentions of rape and sexual assaultI found myself back in my room. It was the middle of the night as I laid there in my bed in my pyjamas. Someone walked through my bedroom door and the I heard the click of the door lock.My heartbeats started to race as the shadow came closer to my bed. There, from the little light emitting from the streetlights outside poured through my window, falling directly onto the shadow. It turned out to be my uncle, who sneaked into my room.Just as I was about to ask for his sudden intrusion in my room, my body froze. I couldn’t move, nor could I let out any sounds. He had casted a spell on me. Fear began to creep inside me as I anticipated his next move. I had a thousand thoughts running through my mind. I was truly scared of him.He flashed me a malicious smile and got into bed—more like on top of me. I desperately wanted to scream but no voice came out of my throat. Tears were streaming down my face, tickling my ears and then falling on
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Chapter 7 - Flora
After finishing my dinner along with Lord Blade, I waited for him to leave first since it would be disrespectful for me to walk out before him. He got on his feet and as I expected him to walk away, he turned to look at me and said, "I would like for you to come see me in my room in an hour". I quickly got to my feet and vigourously nodded my head to indicate that I acknowledged his words. "Words!" his voice became sharp. "Yes, sir. I will be present in your room on time!" I replied and kept my head lowered.Lord Blade walked away as I sighed in relief. Making sure that he had walked away far enough for me to not catch up to him accidentally, I started for my own room. Once I was in my room, I asked Grace for help."Lord Blade expects me in his room in the next hour! What can I wear to look appealing?" I asked her."I've readied a few sets of clothes for you in the cupboard as per requested by Lord Blade himself. I suggest you pick out a silk nightgown or a pair of lingerie and cover i
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Chapter 8 - Flora
The sunrays fell upon my face through the huge balcony window. Slowly turning to my side, I opened my eyes and sat up. I rubbed my eyes and looked around in the room. It was slightly lit up with the sunrays falling through the balcony.It was also a reminder of what my father had done. He gave me away to save himself and his business. The sadness crept into my heart, daring to bring tears to my eyes. I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes for a few moments before deciding to proceed with my day.Getting out of bed, I directly went into the bathroom. Drawing a warm bath, I stripped and submerged myself into the calm of warm water. The tension in my muscles relaxed as my mind slowly started to clear out. As much as I wanted to confront my father for such a low move, I was also afraid of his response. Ever since I was a child, my father didn’t bother to acknowledge me as his own. It was as if he had this personal grudge against me which I never understood. He would be very calm and composed
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Chapter 9 - Flora
We toured the whole 3 storeys of the manor before stopping in front of the door which was at the end of the hallway where my room was. "And lastly, this is Lord Blade's study and this room opposite to it is the library!" Grace said."Can I have a look inside the library?" I asked Grace as excitement started to bubble up inside me. "I'm sorry, Miss. Harper; but Lord Blade does not allow anyone to enter the library..." all my excitement shattered at those very words. I gave her a sad smile as I nodded in understanding."Well then, I will go back to my room. Thank you so much for giving me a tour of the manor; I appreciate it!" Grace smiled at me and followed me to my room, making sure I had everything I needed."I need to help some of the staff in the kitchen since we're expecting guests tonight. If you need anything, you can ring me. There's a phone right on the bedside table with the numbers jotted down on a paper. Just call the kitchen and I'll be at your service!" Grace said and left
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Chapter 10 - Blade
As soon as I entered my study, Caspian followed me inside. "Had you not interrupted, I would've extracted the truth from her!" my cousin almost yelled in anger. "And how did you plan on doing that?" I raised a brow and crossed my hands on my chest as I leaned against my desk."I would cross question her. They usually run in circles and then give up when there's no way out" he answered. I shook my head and sighed."That's not how it works. Trust me, I'm as curious as you are; but this is not the way to extract that information from her. She is a timid little girl who just reached her mid-twenties. We need to be patient""You are being a little too casual about her. She is just your mistress, Blade!""I'm not being casual, but rather careful. Just think, if I were to start suspecting her almost immediately? She would try to come up with lies. But honestly, she's a weak mage. So the more we act nice, the more she'll be vulnerable. It gives us time"Caspian seemed to understand as he sli
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