Standing Still

Standing Still

By:  moaira  Ongoing
Language: English
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Harmony is a teenage girl living in Taguig, her family is wealthy and she can get everything that she asks for. But also because of that, she didn't have anyone. Her parents are always away and no one tries to befriend her. She’s basically a loner. Not until she got dragged into a fight that rather changed her life. She got something that she never wanted to have. A disease. A fight between life and death. Hoping to survive, she met a few people that accompanied her through her journey. Violet Hayes, the girl who hated her during middle school. Page Crawford, the nerd transfer that everyone dislikes. Magnus Grey, a strange boy who always looks at her from afar. But the question is, how can they help someone who’s losing hope as the day goes by? How will Harmony cope with her daily life trying to live normally?

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2 Chapters
Chapter 1
HarmonyI was trying to prevent myself from shaking while I was staring at my laptop. I don’t know what to feel about a post on Friendbook related to me. While I was trying to calm down, I continued to stare at a photo posted with a mocking caption.It was me, standing on a stage while in the midst of holding back my tears. The caption says, "Wow, look at your dumb rich girl stuttering through a debate. Is that all you can do? "The photo was taken back in my elementary school while we were having a debate contest. I was selected as one of the speakers by my classmates, but by force because no one volunteered to be a speaker besides the two geniuses of our class.Knowing me, I’m shy in front of many people and I always get mental blocks every time I have to argue about something.It’s not that I’m not smart. I’m just really afraid that people will laugh or I may think that my answer is right, but
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Chapter 2
HarmonyI was sitting in my seat while ignoring the sound of my classmates being so loud. Looking around again, I noticed that Page was spacing out. She’s just playing with her pen and like me, she’s also looking around.Is she all right?I wanted to ask what was wrong, but I couldn’t bring myself to talk to her.What was it?What’s with her?What’s inside that notebook and what happened yesterday?I have a hunch that she was bullied. But I think there’s more. It wasn’t just because of that. But why am I being curious? It’s not like me to try and put my nose in someone else’s business.But somehow, I think that I see myself in her. My whole life, I was a loner and an outcast everywhere I went. It seems like she’s like that too.She has a choice. If she wants to go to another school again, she could leave. I wouldn't be surprised if one day
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