iRobot: The New World

iRobot: The New World

By:  Wuraola  Completed
Language: English
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Ten years into the future, people of Earth have become advanced in technology. However, tragedy strikes again, killing millions all over the world. With no vaccine or cure, scientists sought other methods. A well-known scientist, Dayo Johnson, creates the Personifid in Nigeria, providing a chance to live forever in an artificial body. Meanwhile, something much darker is at work. A failed experiment of an old project is on the loose, killing people. Perhaps the New World is not as perfect as it seems.

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It is a nice book. Love it
2022-03-13 12:47:43
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Alphonsus Onuh
it's a good book and I like it
2021-10-10 06:56:46
user avatar
Diana Matthew
This book is interesting, the scenes are well described, the characters are fantastic and the plot is exciting plus captivating. Fantastic work author!
2021-09-28 15:37:33
user avatar
Aarti Shankar
Amazing plot, first chapter itself captivating. Author gonna rock it.
2021-08-31 11:46:22
user avatar
Julia Nora
good story overall 👍🏻 by the way, do you have any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-07-16 19:59:50
user avatar
Imelda Galang
i expect that you be able to sustain the suspense with us as your readers. Good story.
2021-01-19 13:45:39
52 Chapters
The scratchy draw of the pencil on paper was the only thing that is heard in the well lit lab. Bent over a table was a man who looked older than he was, dishevelled hair and opened white shirt that had somehow become rumpled. He muttered to himself, focused on the calculations he kept drawing up. He glanced at the board on which he had written chemical properties. "Of course!" He jumped, elated at his breakthrough. The missing piece had been staring at his face all this time. "Alpha," He called out for his AI. A male toneless voice replied, "Hello, Doctor." "My daughter's files, please."Holograms flickered across the room as he examined the algorithms and cellular components of the matter. He glanced at the other room, separated by a wall and a glass frame where the cold, robotic humanoid and a frail human body laid on raised beds. Lights shone on the two female figures of t
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Aso Rock, Nigeria.21, 4, 2030.3: 30pm. Ever since the plague in 2020 and the ensuing riot that followed, things had changed. The people evicted politicians known to be corrupt and manipulative. They placed new leaders in the seats, most of them were youths. The despicable state of the nation had taken a turn for the better. Roads were smooth and pothole-free, and twenty-four-seven electricity.Nigeria produced its goods itself, subsequently promoting agriculture. Nigerians abroad found it hard to believe, but they came in their numbers. Every single person had a job. Even the unimportant jobs proved important.The country laid less and less dependence on external services, to the surprise of many. Nigeria, at some point, cut itself off from the rest of the world. It became rare to find a Nigerian in foreign countries. With the onset of Sevil Viru
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Still at the Safehouse. Osun, Nigeria. Temi watched as her father swiped at the binary codes on the left and the robotic figure that hovered on the right. Emotions she couldn't explain fluttered in her. One, however, made sense. Guilt. Where this emotion came from confused her. She was not supposed to feel any, given she wasn't human anymore. "How do you feel?" She jerked up at her father's question. There are many answers to this question. She thought to herself of how she couldn't feel, wasn't supposed to feel or is supposed to feel. "All you had was a simple instruction, Temi, and you disobeyed. Her father sighed and turned to look at her. "I only want the best for you, I wanted you to live like an ordinary child. All you had to do was stay indoors.""I am sorry," She said and lowered her head."Come here," A c
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22, 3, 2030Ovic Inc. (Headquarters)Abuja."What do you mean you can't find them?" The bald man in expensive yellow and green ankara suit bellowed. This man in particular happened to be his boss popularly known as Dr. Yomi. The young man, in black and green striped at the shoulders armor, stared. It obviously was not the first time his boss yelled at him letting spits fly. The small cleaning bot wiped the table separating the men before exiting the room. His boss slammed the table frustrated. "How did they escape?""Apparently Cosmo isn't the most amazing AI ever invented." The soldier sneered. Cosmo, his boss AI, fixed his best glare at the soldier. The asexual hologram made himself beside his boss lacing his fingers. "Curse Johnson's intelligence," His boss yelled again, "Scorpion, I want you to search the entire state again."
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Underwater City of Lagos. 2:30PM23/3/2030. Alpha scanned the logged account of every persons that came in and went out of the Underwater City. Just as he had been doing every three minutes."How long do we stay here?" Asked Temi. "I'm getting antsy staying in a single place. It reminds me of those times in the labs."Alpha took on his holographic form and sat beside her. "We have to lay low for awhile, Temi. To keep you safe. To keep everyone safe. Just be a little more patient."She sighed heavily, "Any interesting activity for me then?""There are game options. Fury and Fun.""It's been so long." The teen clapped in excitement. "I want to play Fury.""I need permission from your dad first."Temi groaned. "It's for-""Yes. Yes, I know. For my own good." Temi fin
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Somewhere in Nigeria, In the Hovercar. 24, 3, 2030. "This is all your fault!" Those words were all it took for the foreboding silence to leave.Ire, with red-rimmed eyes, stained cheeks, and runny nose, glared at his big sister. She wasn't even his big sister. She was just some metallic rubbish they made to look like his sister. His sister is dead. If it were even possible, he was more enraged.He watched the robot wince and fold itself. It shed crocodile tears and hugged its arms around itself."I wish you weren't my sister. I wish you were never born!" He continued to glare, fisting his palms to balls."Enough!" His father barked. He had been quiet the whole time seeming to have lost touch with reality. Alpha had driven them away from the scene of the crime."If it weren't for her," Ire continued pointing at the thing they keep telling him was his sis
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Kogi state,27/3/2030. 9:30pm. The hovercars sped across the starry night sky. Tall buildings shone lights of different colors; red, yellow, green, and blue. Afro-pop blasted from various speakers and few pedestrians danced below. Others stopped in their tracks and watched the dancers occasionally cheering and applauding.Their freedom and wide smiles contrasted with the gloomy looks of the family locked in the bluish-green hovercar.Temi looked down from the window at the dancers and spectators. She pressed her face and hands on the glass with wonder and longing. She gasped in awe at a man who wore masquerade robes. As he twirled, the lights reflected on his colorful attire creating a flowing fan of sparkling colors.Temp could just imagine Ire amongst them having fun. With a huge smile on his face, he would be dancing with them. If not because of her...She brushed her long
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Kogi state,28/3/2030. 1:00pm. "Okay everyone. Get out. Let's take a rest. Stretch, jog, walk... do whatever you want but don't go far," said Dayo, not looking up from the 1 o'clock news on his Celo.The two children climbed down from the hovercar. Dayo had parked the auto by a park. It was peaceful, wide, and flowing with green. There was an ice cream shop, a watering fountain of a woman pouring water from her gourd, a gift shop, and a slide. Some kids rode their hoverboards and bikes and others took pictures.This is perfect for me to disappear. Hopefully, they would leave without me, Temi thought."So how much further can you see from here, Alpha?" asked Temi."A few metres. Please, don't go far you two. I need to reboot and clean up the virus spikes Third sent me the other day," replied Alpha. "How long will it take for you to reboot?" Ire asked.
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Kogi state,28/3/20303:00pmHe didn't trust him.Ire eyed the boy that Alpha read to be Elijah warily. Elijah hugged his bagpack to his chest looking around in awe. Ire wasn't surprised. After all, this was the latest V-HL hovercar edition. He pulled the sleeves of his grey t-shirt up the elbow and folded his arms. Everything about Elijah seemed suspicious. Who still uses pre-change materials? Even his grandparents, when they were still alive, were more sophisticated. Most runaways Ire saw didn't carry this sort of things around. Besides, why did he jump out of the auto-trans with Temi?Unless, he was working for the government. Spies are always the ones pretending to live a boring life, aren't they?He shifted his gaze to the two in the front seats. His father was still berating Temi for running away. Whatever he was saying was blocked off to his hearing. H
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Ovic Inc.1/4/2030.8:00am.It was silent. Just the way she loved it.She prowled the lab searching for records of Reborns. Third ran her fingers over the smooth crystal desk and a four by five index boxes glowed blue. It's a combination, she thought to herself and grunted in frustration. What on Earth was the combination?The beeper fused into her wrist beeped. The Creator needed her. She glanced around the room with a keen eye noting the white clean environment, the inbuilt clear shelves containing vials of different chemicals, the dormant robots and robotic arms, and an old fashioned blood bank(?)Her wrist beeped again. She grumbled under her breath and exit the room. As she strolled the hall passage, Third felt the watchful gaze of someone on her. The alert in her blared warning signs. Something was wrong.Kogi State
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