Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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He went to my backside and started trailing his kisses on my back. "I want you to stay still for me Addie. Can you do that for me?" I was moaning my answers, I just couldn't seem to think. "Answer me, Adriana, I will reward you with every answer you give me." ***** Adriana is a very successful business woman. She had powerful, successful, wealthy men and women on her grips. Coming from a dark world of prostitution she knows how to make money. She's the daughter of a very dangerous and notorious business man. She never had boyfriends, she had lovers, she enjoyed sex, one thing for sure, she would never commit. She was daddy's little girl. She loved her father more than anything in the world. ***** Alexander is a very handsome playboy actor. He wasn't always this wealthy. But he was an inspiring actor, and he had fucked his way up the ladder. He'd do anything for power, for money. He craved the envious looks of other people when they saw him bathed in luxury and beauty. He's your typical male specimen with ripples of muscles and face to kiss and licked. He's your sex on a stick and he knows it and had play it to his advantage numerous times before. He was on the top of his game after twenty years being in the industry. That was why it shocked him, when his agent Drew told him to call a very expensive escort service, to fix him a date for his next premier. Alexander was not ready when he called Adriana, her voice gave him the chills down below his belt.

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Jennifer Curtis
great book
2021-07-26 18:54:15
default avatar
Great story!!!
2021-05-18 23:38:51
default avatar
Good book!
2021-04-21 00:31:42
user avatar
Ro Se
Good book!
2021-04-09 00:45:42
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Blessing Bahago
You are my favorite author here, i read SUGAR BABY it was good and this one is crazy
2021-03-14 06:13:40
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Nani Dabaluz
Hot. I need an Alexander
2021-03-01 11:33:22
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Assi Ram
your works are indeed keep writing more snd more...yours are 1 of a kind to read ...♥️♥️♥️
2021-03-01 11:03:20
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Lilian Mizsei
I loved it.
2021-02-18 18:36:26
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Sid Jelsma
Great series. Looking forward to the next!
2021-02-14 00:19:49
34 Chapters
1. Another Day at The Office
This book is a stand-alone, but you will understand the characters better by reading the books in order:1. Sugar Baby2. Sugar Daddy
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2. Cruising The Country Club
"Seriously, did you hear about Lorraine Matthews? She was ditched and left penniless by the Matthews. They're ruthless, I tell you. They just move up to another state and live off with their other families and left her behind." A woman in a pink tennis skirt was gossiping over her ice tea while flirting with her tennis instructor."I've just bought off her horse actually. Lucy the keeper ground at the stable told me that I got a very good deal since she couldn't afford to keep her horse anymore." Another woman joined in on the conversation and smiled triumphantly at her little group.I was listening in on them from my
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3. Arranging Mr. Celebrity
I was meeting my old friend Drew from college. He was in the movie business, I was trying to branch out my business to the rich and I mean filthy rich celebrities. They were making serious money, and businesses seem to be looking up right now for them. So, I wanted in obviously."Drew! Babe! You're still as handsome as in our college days." Drew and I was never a couple, just because I don't do boyfriends. But we had casual sex from time to time back then."So, I see you're married now? Life has been treating you well then?" I hugged him and he laughs at me and pats my back.
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4. Meeting Alexander
I was coming down from my climax. Francois had always full fill my every need, but sometimes I felt like he treated me like a princess. His delicate little princess.Maybe it was the romantic side of him, but I felt we lacked some oomph in the bedroom. I just couldn't figure out what it is, while him on the other hand always look sated after his climax.Oh well, it's just sex. We will figure it out someday.
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5. The Premier
Alexander Davis finally walks the premier with our lovely Kamaria. She's still twenty years old. But her sway, her attitude, her manner, and her posture clearly showed her upbringing. Her dark chocolate skin and her slender physique bring out the simple beauty of the dress that she was wearing. She had her own favorite designer for this kind of event.She had told me the meaning of her name. "Kamaria means moonlight Adriana, they said that's what my parents named me after." Her parents were gunned down by the rebels, and she was brought secretly to America by her uncle when she was twelve."Then she was entrusted to me
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6. Wanting Him
The next day I was frustrated as hell, he called me last night just to talk dirty to me."Morning Gary." I strutted to my office, trying to spend my morning in peace. My espresso was already on my desk, I opened my balcony door and welcome the cold breeze of the morning air to filled my lungs. I sat back on my chair and started lighting my first cigarette of the day.The morning slowly became afternoon, then the evening came as I started packing up my stuff. Francois entered my office, he was looking at me questioning me. "You looked different, is everything okay?" He slipped his arms around my waist and started kissin
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7.Lusting Over Him
He took my hand and pull me up, and guided me back inside his penthouse. We went straight to his room. He started to undressed me, while he keeps on kissing me making me lust over him. He was touching all over my body, but not where I needed him the most. He unclasped my bra and let it fall, then his hands cupped my breasts and fondled them making me lust for more."Alexander please." I was begging him. But every damn time, he would tell me to be patient.Fucking hell!
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8. Morning Talk
Alexander POVWe were having breakfast and talking over coffee. She ended up staying at my place because we exhausted ourselves from our sex activities."Adriana, you're mine now. I'm a very jealous and possessive man. You and I will be exclusive. I will end the sugar baby contract and pay the penalty. But I want you." I said to Adriana while stroking her hair.She's a very beautiful woman, this feel
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9. Sugar Daddy
"Alex, I need to get back to my place." I was wearing his shirt, we had just finished our lunch and were having coffee on his balcony. I was smoking my cigarette."You should really stop smoking baby." He told me while stroking my hair."I know, I started this when that incident happened. It's like therapy for me. Sorry. I just..." I quickly dragged it for one last time, then put it out. I sighed and relaxed."I'm going to get change, I have to go to the office." I stood up but he was in front o
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10. Day Off
And it all came crashing down on me. All the memories flooded my brain, the blood, the tears, the gunshots, my mother and my father both laid dead. His eyes were open, my father was teary looking at mom's direction.His voice was distant. My vision was dark, all I could see was blood, and the smell was the worst. The metallic smell from the blood, and the sour, acid, smoky like fireworks smell of the gunshot residue."Addie, baby wake up. You h
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