Sugary Goodness

Sugary Goodness

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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"Now, Gary. I understand that you're twenty-four. But I need you to train in restraining your sexual desire, you're not a horny teenager. So, we will not be leaving this restaurant for another half an hour. Then you're going to go to my place where I will exhaust you until you climax over and over again." She told me as she drinks her coffee slowly and started rubbing my upper thigh again. "Drink your coffee baby, you will need your strength." I smiled at her as she smiled back knowingly. "Say thank you, mistress." She whispered in my ear, making me groan, as I instantly get hard again. ***** When Gary worked for Adriana it was for the experience, and for the amount of money that they offer for an easy administration job. He was a boxer by night, it was his hobby, his real passion in life. Then the time came when he needed more money because of his brother, who was doing bets on the side for his boxing match. Until he finally came to Adriana and took on her offer to be a sugar baby. ***** Megan is a very well-known businesswoman. She was raised the hard way, where she didn't have the luxury of money. Now that she's a billionaire in the making, she doesn't have the time to date. But she likes to play, and she was bored being hassled by men for her money until she found Adriana. Until one fateful day when Gary showed up instead of her usual companion. From him, she learned the true meaning of living. Will, she finally settled down with him? Will he ever be comfortable around her wealth? Let's dive in and find out, shall we? ******** *Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*

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default avatar
Great story!!!!!
2021-05-19 11:11:24
user avatar
Donna Emanuel
I have loved all 3 of the books very much. I do hope there are more in the future
2021-04-15 12:55:01
user avatar
Lilian Mizsei
Great book.
2021-02-19 17:35:32
user avatar
Uduak Udonsek
I love this book
2021-04-10 04:55:33
39 Chapters
1. Fight Night
This book is a stand-alone, but you will understand the characters better by reading the books in order:1. Sugar Baby2. Sugar Daddy
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2. Getting Prepped
"Gary...leave the administration work for tomorrow, you need to strip and get in the studio and pose for Francois. Wait, have you wax?" Kamaria asked me as she passed my desk, on her way to the pantry.She never allowed me to make her coffee, she always makes her own, though I was officially her assistant slash errand boy. But she was just like Adriana, she respects people no matter what their job is.But Kamaria took it to the next level, as she won't even let me make her coffee. She just shrugged as I asked her why saying she like the random things that she could do without even thinking. So I jus
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3. The Client
It was still ten o clock when got home. The training session was a waste of time. My abs still hurt, I could only hit the sack and didn't train for anything more. Fred was still being a dick, by telling me that he was going to ask for grandmother's help.I poured myself a glass of whiskey, and get my stash of cigar from its humidor. I cut the cap smoothly, and light up the foot with my butane lighter. Then I sat back and relax in the open-air patio.Damn! This is 
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4. Manwhore Vs Cougar
Omg! I'm sorry about 
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5. Grandma Dearest
I parked my bike and get to the office. It was Friday, Kamaria already seated her sexy ass on my desk.Shit! Did I 
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6. Fred's Revelation
"Ah, my grandsons. Thank you, Smith, that would be all for now." She nodded, as she dismisses him from the room."Come boys, let's have some breakfast then we will talk some more." She told us, as we take a seat on her very beige breakfast room.Two hours went by as expected, by the end of the breakfast, she opens up the topic again for the funds that she had set up in our accounts. Fred kept looking at me from time to time, but I kept on shaking my head no to him.My grandmo
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7. A New Client
Monday came rolling too soon. I spent the whole Sunday with Fred as we relax and heal our wounds. It was actually a good bonding time with him, it had been a while since we have done this."Come on you might as well get me to the bank, you got to get your cash anyway. It's safer when we travel in packs they say." I smirked at him.He lazily got up and put on his shoes. I already called Kamaria saying I got beat up pretty bad on my sparing match last night and will arrive at the office around eleven. She told me to take a day off, but I refuse as I was actually getting bored staying at home.
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8. Restraining Desire
The business lunch was the worst excruciating two hours of my life. I was so fucking stiff, as she keeps on giving me her little touches."I need to show you off to my clients Gary, so act natural and blend in with my touches, move your face a bit to the left baby." She hoarsely said in my ear, then licked and bit my ear as I move to her instruction.I didn't know that I could get anymore harder. But it felt like I was going to get off right there and then. I covered my mouth with my knuckle, to keep myself from letting out a moan. She was satisfied with my reaction, as she continues on talking to her cl
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9. The Sexy Mistress
"Gary baby, you need to stay still my pet." She was licking me slowly after she strips my briefs off of me. She was taking too fucking slow for my liking, as I tried to move my hips towards her."Megan, fuck faster, please... I need you deeper baby." I moaned and pleaded to her."It's mistress, for now, my handsome pet. Your body is so beautiful baby. I want to savor it, taste you nice and slow." Her raspy sexy voice, made me twitched.Then she kisses my lips deeply, I groane
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10. The Ugly Truth
The next morning, I went to work as usual. I was relieved to see Kamaria was out of the office until late afternoon today, I really didn't want to discuss yesterday's lunch with Megan yet.I texted her, saying that I had another lunch appointment with Megan. She gave me a smiley emoticon on her text, telling me to go get her. I sent her a smiley and text her back and telling her that I will for sure.I was actually nervous coming to her place today, I didn't even know why. She was just a client, if she wanted to know, I should've just told her then continue fucking her and build a rapport as Kamaria told
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