The heart of a soldier

The heart of a soldier

By:  Amanda Steel  Completed
Language: English
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Matthew O'Donnell is a respected soldier that loves his family as well as his work. The things of his past haunt him down that made him dig himself in work. But an accident that happened will force him to go back home.Will it force him to face the haunted past?Will Matthew give in and listen to his mother’s wishes and live on a safe and happy life?Find out as the story progresses

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Rose Vaz
Great story
2022-12-22 12:23:41
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2022-07-31 03:08:11
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Such a cute story! 😊
2021-05-16 05:06:39
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Good Job! I loved the story
2020-12-10 10:05:51
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Brian Williams
good reading
2020-12-08 08:40:28
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Julia Helen Ramire
loved it. it was so great of a book
2020-10-27 03:17:57
40 Chapters
Chapter 1: The mission
  Copyright and Introduction All the characters, places, ideas, or events mentioned in this book are pure fiction and do not relate to any living or dead. All the story settings and other elements are purely my imagination and fictional. The sexual activities written in this book are purely consent.  This book contains graphic scenes such as adult content described in detail, violence, gory details, and many such elements so proceed with warning.  Stealing my work/any idea will serve you severe punishment as plagiarism is a serious crime. All rights reservedAmanda SteelSeptember 2020 ****
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Chapter 2 : Waking up
 Matthew POV Waking up grunting a little as the pain shoot through my head, I opened my eyes slowly, but the light was so bright it hurt my eyes, so I shut them back.  “Dim the lights down a little.” I heard my mom’s voice.“Ok sweetheart, you can open your eyes now.” My mom said softly.I opened my eyes and blinked a few times to make my eyes adjust to the l
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Chapter 3: Homeward
 A few weeks later As weeks passed by and my health was improving, I was feeling anxious to get out of the bed and out of that hospital room finally.The headache was finally gone and now I was waiting for Doctor Harris to come and do a checkup. "Mr. O'Donnell are you ready for a checkup?" Doctor Harris came into my room and took the instruments he needed and came closer to my bed."Yes, I am." I nodded my head and let the doctor do his work.
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Chapter 4 : Home sweet home
 Getting out of the car, I looked up at the family house.It hasn’t changed at all.The house was in a white brick stone with three columns surrounding the porch.There was a white railing that surrounded the porch with three steps that lead to it from the front yard. From the street was a little stone path that was surrounded by grass and flowers that my mom loved to care for, and one on each side a rose bush next to the steps.The front of the door was dark red w
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Chapter 5: Kingsport
 The next morning came and Matthew went downstairs to have some breakfast.As he came down he saw his mom and sister chatting about something girlie. “Good morning dear.” Mom said sweetly as she went to her cooking.“Morning.” Kissing his mom cheek as he went to next to his sister to sit on the kitchen island they would usually use for their meals.“So what is your plan for today?” Meg turned towards him as she was eating her scrambled eggs and toast.
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Chapter 6: Birthday party
 As the day of the party came, Matt got out of the shower and went to dress.His mind was still preoccupied with the one words, bolded up and underlined a couple of times in his brother's journal.The Kingsport. What the hell was that?There was written time and date with it as well. June 20th, 8 pm, departure.It was a day that he doesn't want to remember at all.The day Tim had a car accident.
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Chapter 7: Seeing her again
 Matthew POV As everyone was singing I just stood there without words.I simply forgot them.It was so long when we last time saw each other. Seems like every time I would come, she was away.Yeah I never missed Noel's birthdays as if I was away I would Skype with Luke and Noel so we would have our own private party, but I am back and now I couldn't avoid it from happening.
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Chapter 8: Forgotten feelings
 The party was a success. Noel enjoyed it to the maximum and that was the most important thing.She was happy that everything went as she planned, even she tried her best not to show how nervous she felt.Seeing Matt again after years, she felt her heart doing a flip-flop. Seeing him standing there singing a happy birthday song, surrounded by children, so tall that she even forgot how tall he truly was, jet dark hair that was tousled and little longer than she remembered, golden skin and he looked a little more muscular than he did back then.He was an eye-candy years ago and he just seemed as he grows older to add to his stricken sexy charm now added also a masculine
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Chapter 9: Private Jensen
 As four months passed, Matt's shoulder got better, and he was happy for that, it means he will be able to go back to work soon.Driving in his car with the air condition blowing lightly cold air, he clenched the steering wheel tight as he was impatient to finally get to his destination.The General Alvarez's phone talk was brief and not too helpful.He did praise Tim and was fond of him the same as Matt recalled Tim talking respectfully of the General.He couldn't tell him a lot of things as Tim's missions were top secret ones and Matt understood but still, that didn't help him with f
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Chapter 10: The invitation
  As the weekend came and finally from their the getaway trip they took to relax, Vivian and her family finally came back a few days ago so, of course, her friend Paola took the chance and took her out for their girlie time.The two went shopping and hunt from the store in the store."Am exhausted, how about we take a break and go have some drinks?" Vivian said to Paola in hopes her friend will take pity on her and comply."Well, I found all I needed so am all in. Let's go to Pedro's
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