Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law

By:  Lin Jianjian  Completed
Language: English
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Alex Cohen felt humiliated in every way for the money he got in exchange for marrying into his wife’s family. Until one day, his father picked him up in a Rolls-Royce...

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300 Chapters
Chapter 1 I’m Your Father
"Open the Alipay homepage and search '576545074' to claim the red packet. Those who have gotten the big red packet, hurry and use it now!"On Sunday morning, Alex Cohen took the opportunity to spread the Alipay red packet search code over to several groups on WeChat. He was doing laundry while he kept refreshing the red packet page.Suddenly, the sliding door was pulled open and a beautiful young lady wearing a Dior silk nightgown rushed in. Her beauty and figure were on par with those stars that Dior invited as their spokesperson. She was a real stunner but was cold as ice. She stared at Alex with her big bulging eyes and yelled, "Son of a b*tch! What have you done?"Alex pointed to the bucket of laundry next to the Siemens drum washing machine and eagerly explained, "Isla, I didn't make a mistake this time! I sorted and washed them the way you wanted. The laundry detergent I used wasn’t the wrong type either, and I didn't mix in my clothes with yours...""I'm asking what have you
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Chapter 2 Act Like A Snob
How much?One million?Alex Cohen's eyeballs almost rolled out. He clicked on his account balance and confirmed that he had heard correctly. The first thing that came to mind was that his father was saved. The gloom on his face and the complicated emotions he felt were instantly swept away. He jumped over and tugged on Wayne Larson's arm excitedly."From now on, you’re my father!""Silly boy, I’ve always been your father." Wayne Larson was not angry and clutched Alex's hand tightly. He said, "I'm sorry for making you live a miserable life for more than 20 years. From now on, you can live differently! I'll give you the money. Just spend it generously and I'll transfer more to you when you’ve used it up!""Why, are you rich? Can you give me a hint?""Let's put it this way...If I made all my assets public, all those people on the city's rich list would have to step aside! Son, let's stop here for now. I can't stay here any longer or I might get you in trouble. Don't forget to send
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Chapter 3 Treat You Without Medication
Isla Sulivan was a very shrewd businesswoman and was always good at managing and controlling her emotions.Even so, at that moment, she lost control and went mad pushing away Alex Cohen. She shouted harshly, "Son of a b*tch! Take a look in the mirror. You're a piece of trash who doesn't have ambition and who's willing to give up his dignity and face for money. Yet you still want me? Go live in your ridiculous dream!"For Isla Sullivan, just thinking about having sex with Alex Cohen was disgusting, not to mention actually having sex with him!Alex Cohen, who was poor for the 23 years of his life and humiliated for the past 3 months, had mastered the ability to control his emotions which were honed by his harsh reality. His control was much better than Isla’s. The main reason for that was because he had no money in his pocket, so he could not speak harshly. The grievances and anger he felt could only be suppressed in his heart.To put it nicely, this was called a man's ability to bo
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Chapter 4 Emboldened By A Bank Card
At 12:40 pm, Alex Cohen arrived at Hudson Lowe’s office.It was lunchtime, but nobody in the office was taking a break.Except for the ones who had gone out to eat and had yet to come back yet, the rest of the employees were busy gossiping about Felix Moore in groups.As soon as everyone saw that Alex was here, the discussion became even more intense and they all pointed fingers at him.Alex did not care about those raucous voices. He walked around the office and could not find Felix Moore, so he dialed his number. "I saw the video Hudson had sent of you fighting with Quinn Shetford. I'm at the office now. Where are you guys?"Felix, on the other end of the call, was silent for a few seconds before he replied, "Hold on, I'll be right back."Alex hung up the phone and saw Hudson Lowe coming in from outside, so he walked over to him. "Mr. Lowe…”"Stop!"Hudson Lowe raised his hand and interrupted Alex. "I don't have any money to lend you and no one else in the company has a
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Chapter 5 Aspiring For Something You’re Not Worthy Of
Xena Sanders heard Alex Cohen's two-toned sentence and looked carefully at the string of numbers with a red face. She suddenly looked shocked."You actually have more than 5 million in your account?""That's 7 figures. It only took you a few minutes to get it, right? No wonder you’re a great leader! You have such great eyesight!"Alex gave Xena a thumbs up and smoothly took back his phone. "Mom, Lala and I truly love each other. Otherwise, we wouldn't have gotten our marriage certificates regardless of everything. I'm not going to divorce Lala even if you give me 5 million. Well...that's all I have to say."At that critical moment, Alex held back from saying the words "unless you give me 50 million".Back then, the penalty for breaking the contract with Isla was initially 5 million. To show that he would not go back on his word and so that he could get the money as quickly as possible, he casually said, "50 million is fine too.”In the end, Isla took him at his word.Before th
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Chapter 6 Subjugated
Alex Cohen was helpless.Even now, Sukie Lane still had not learned her lesson. She could not be an idiot, right?Big Ken looked coldly at Sukie and handed a card to Alex. "Young Master, this is a fuel card. It’s charged with 200,000 and is also part of the gift.""200,000?"Alex was shocked and almost asked the idiotic question of "could I withdraw this in cash?".Even Sukie finally came to her senses.The person who put 200,000 into a card that could not be withdrawn was either a fool or a big shot.Considering Alex received this car as a gift, the gift-giver was obviously a big shot that she could not afford to offend. However, Sukie's scruples were only with that gift-giver. She still did not respect Alex and her heart was still unbalanced. How could Alex, a poor beggar, be worthy of a Lamborghini? It was just as hard for her to accept this fact as it was feeding good cabbage to a pig.Shane Locke realized that Sukie was going to be humiliated again and quickly pulled h
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Chapter 7 Congrats Bro, For Getting A Godson
Shane Locke was ready to laugh at Alex Cohen.Sukie Lane saw that she could get back on her feet, so she casually leaned in and said to Alex, "I've seen fake money, fake phones, fake shoes, and now I've actually opened my eyes to the fact that there are fake membership cards as well. Alex Cohen, aren't you afraid of being laughed at?"Alex was impressed.How thick-skinned was Sukie exactly?The receptionist felt awkward and turned to Sukie and Shawn. She said sternly, "Please show some respect to the Black Gold members of our restaurant!"Shane was baffled. "Drunken Beauty Restaurant has Black Gold members? How come I've never heard of it?""It's normal that you haven't heard of it because the Black Gold Membership Card is not part of the regular membership levels. It’s an exclusive gift customized by our CEO for certain distinguished guests. To put it bluntly, only people who are rich and powerful and have a deep relationship with our CEO are eligible to receive this kind of m
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Chapter 8 A Beggar Can Never Go Bankrupt
Felix Moore grew impatient and urged Winson Tall. "Winson, hurry up!"Winson Tall glared at Felix and turned to Alex Cohen. "I just…”"Come on!"Alex raised his hand to stop Winson and said with disdain, "I don't have a godson like you!"After he said this, he did not wait for Winson to respond. Alex just bid adieu to Felix and left straight away.It was just after 10:00 pm when Alex got back to his neighborhood. This was the latest he had returned since he joined the family. When he got out of the car, he noticed that the dishes Felix had taken away at the Drunken Beauty Restaurant were still in the car, so he brought them home. Before he entered the house, he was ready for a storm.However, this time he was overthinking it.Isla Sullivan was leaning against the sofa, and although she looked angry, she did not explode.Alex casually put the plastic bag on the coffee table and sat down on the sofa. He admired Isla’s figure and said slowly, "Shouldn't you give me an explanat
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Chapter 9 Kneeling On A Washboard
"Beep beep!" Jared Xavier could hear the sound of a car unlocking.He was shocked. Isla Sullivan looked baffled as well.Neither of them expected that not only did Alex Cohen own a car, but it was a luxury car as well.Tap!Alex tapped on Isla’s shoulder and reminded her. "What are you waiting for? Get in the car!"Isla quickly got into the car.Alex saw that his car was slightly blocked by Jared’s Range Rover that was parked diagonally, so he said to Jared, "Can you move your car forward by a bit...or just close your side mirrors."Jared said with a glare, "Aren't you pretty awesome? If you're so capable, just fly over!""Are you sure you don’t want to cooperate?""Sure, I’m sure. Sure as hell!""Then f*ck you!"Alex fly kicked the Range Rover's side mirror.Isla was stunned.Jared, however, was furious. The damage to his beloved car was secondary. It was mainly because his pride was overshadowed by Alex Cohen, who had always been invisible to him. Jared, who was born
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Chapter 10 No Contact With Him
Xena Sander's face turned glum, then she finally exploded. "You...What are you guys doing?"Alex Cohen looked down at his ambiguous position with Cynthia Walker, panicked for a few seconds, and calmed himself down. He took a small step back, stretched out his hand, and gestured at the top of Cynthia's head. He then casually said, "I told you that you only came up to my chin and you still don't believe me. Facts speak louder than words. What else do you have to say?"Cynthia also reacted. She raised her hand to tuck her hair behind her ear and glanced at Alex. "You're wearing internal heel cushions, right? How else could you be so much taller than me?"Xena's tightly furrowed eyebrows had not relaxed. She asked, "Are you guys comparing heights?”Alex shrugged his shoulders. "What else could we be doing?""You! Come with me!"Xena Sanders called Alex into her office and asked with a straight face, "Where the hell did you get the money?"What?My money?Xena’s brain was too
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