Sweet as Sugar

Sweet as Sugar

By:  Kat Thomas  Completed
Language: English
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Scarlett needed a job and fast. Bills were piling up and she needed to pay them. When her friend and roommate gives her a time and place to be somewhere Scar's whole world changed. Enter the man everyone knows but no one really sees. He enjoys it that way so he can learn their secrets. Scarlett changes everything in him with her innocence and her willing to do nearly anything, he commands. They find a love most dream of.

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Rita Barnes Blue
2021-07-13 07:43:43
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loved it keep it up
2021-11-16 19:11:59
34 Chapters
 Scarlett Knew that this was her day. She brushed her long blonde hair back and then placed her graduation cap on. Her family was supposed to be there but she knew they probably wouldn’t show up. They didn’t understand why she had needed to go to the university in the first place. A long line of people who had no need for a secondary education and according to them they had all turned out just fine.Scarlett wanted more out of life and right now the world was at her feet. At least in her mind for today it was. She had done this all on her own. She had worked two jobs to get here. Not to mention the crushing student loans she had taken out to be able to do this all in four years.Her life was finally hers. She was so happy to be free from all the hard work it took to get here. She knew she had to find a real job in the next month or so be able able to really living her life but today was nothing but sunshine for her.As s
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The Rest of her Life Begins Now
 She was looking every day since the day she graduated for a job. it never seemed to be anything she was qualified for. She was redoing her resume all the time to try to make herself sound better to an employer. Nothing was working. She had been passed over so many times now.The jobs she had been working off and on for the past four years said she was to quailifed for them now and they wouldn’t be needing her any longer. She was stuck. By going to school and finishing she had limited herself. That day had been the best of her life and now she was struggling because of it. She had to think of something fast but nothing seemed to show itself.Everyday she sent in more applications and resumes to see what she could do. At this point she was willing to do anything. She only had another month or so’s worth of month and her loans payments were going o start coming in soon though she thought she had a few months on those. Everything
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The Last Straw
 It had been a month now since the best day of her life. the day she graduated from the local university. It wasn;t Harvard or anything really special but it was like that to her. She had thought she would be better off after she had graduated and had her diploma in her hands. She had found nothing but brick walls and stop signs in her way.This was not how she had wanted to start her new life. This was the worst feeling she had ever had. Even in giving up her family for the time being not having any extra energy to deal with them or their biting comments anymore. She was not the same person she was a month ago. She couldn’t get a job. Any job. She was running out of money and she needed one now.She was lost. She worked everyday at trying to find one, any one. She didn’t care at this point what it was. She would do anything. It seemed no one wanted her. She was nearly defeated.At the end of her rope she checked the mail and sure enough
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 “I need a job,” Scarlett stated as she sat down with her best friend and roommate Marie at the booth in the coffee shop.“How Serious are you about getting one?” Marie asked.“Serious,” Scar said as she looked at her friend, who always seemed to have money though she didn’t have a job per se. Scar thought she was being paid under the table for babysitting or dog sitting. “I am broke.”“Well, I know of a wonderful part-time job.” Marie smiled, “but I am not sure if you can handle it.”“Well, I can. I don’t care what it is.” Scar said, “I need to get some money.”“Well, you are in luck. There is kind of like a job fair tonight at this address,” Marie said as she texted Scar the address. “Just show up and be wearing something fancy.”“Do I need to bring my resume?” Scar asked.&ldqu
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  “What?” Scar asked.“We will go over your terms and conditions in a bit. The contract can be standard with your caveats, of course. However, right now, I would like to see what is mine. Shall we go somewhere a bit more private, or do you want to do this right here?” Scar’s new friend asked with his deep voice that reverberated through her body, “I do have to say that I would not think that you would.”“You want to sample?” she asked.“No, I want to see what is mine and mine alone, my dear.” He said as he stood. “I do, however, not know your name currently either.”“Scarlett.” She said.“Well, my dear princess Scarlett.” He said as he moved to an out cove, “I would like to see these now.” He began to lower her dress down her shoulders. Her breast fell out, and his eyes glazed over. “Oh, my love, these ar
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  Walking to the room, though not on this floor, was more difficult than Scar thought it would be. The simple act of trying to stand after sex that was like that was hard, let alone as she tried to pull herself together. He did, of course, as he almost growled when another man did try to approach her. The let them come to you comment made by her friend was now a real thing, and she understood why. As she tried to get the thoughts of what she had just done and what Scar would do in the near future sorted out in her mind, she was looking at and taking a cue from the man beside her.The man was someone that intrigued her in ways she didn’t understand. He was here to look at the other people but not for himself until he saw her. She did not understand why. What was it about her that caught this man’s eye, and of all the things, how could some of these people actually do this for a living? Some of those women were much older than her though th
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  She looked at him as he sat there, patiently waiting for her to be back on this plane of existence. When he saw that she was coming back to herself and her body, he was already playing with the things he had claimed as his. Her breasts were open to the open air and remained hard tipped and ready for his touch. He rolled her nipples at the same time with both of his hands as he played with the weight of them as he smiled to himself at the size. “Defiantly more than a handful.” He said as he played and adjust his hands. “They are simply perfect for me to play with. I think these and your pussy will become my favorite playthings, my dear.”“You do?” she asked.“Oh, yes.” He said as he licked his lips as he watched her awakening to her more sensual side. He knew he was the reason, and that made him even more happy to have this innocent little creature in front of him. The things he wanted to do to
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  Scarlett rested against his chest with her ear pressed against it, just listening to the beating there that was slow and steady. His hands gently roamed her skin with feather-light touches. This job was nothing like what she had thought it would be so far. Though she was surprised by her own actions regarding this night. She was not one who took sex lightly. It was something she knew was important, and here she was curled up naked on a strange man’s lap promising that she will be there to spend time with and continue this part of their relationship for money. Though in her mind it did make her a slut, she was coming to terms with it.“What are you thinking about, my dear?” he asked as she then looked up into his eyes.“I was thinking about this. This job. Tonight, and how it is not like me.” Scarlett replied.“This is not how it will be every night; I assure you. I want more than sex from you.&rdquo
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   The next morning, he awoke with having a slight pressure on his chest. He looked down and saw Scar’s tiny head there as he had smiled to himself. Last night had been enjoyable, to say the least, he thought as he replayed the entire night in his mind. He was not one to ever have thought that a woman could have entranced him the way this one had. It was almost instinctual that he wanted to care for her in a way that meant virtually nothing to him. He had money. It was merely there from his earliest days. So, the fact this small creature needed to work, and he needed someone to take care of him in a way he neglected to do for himself. This was a perfect arrangement for the both of them.When she had asked last night about the time frame of how long some of these type deals actually last, he was taken back. He would provide her with whatever she wanted or needed without question. However, the idea that she may only want this for a f
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  The next week flew by for Scarlett. A complete and utter whirlwind of activity from Maverick taking her out the day after their first night and insisting on just buying her more comfortable clothes for her to wear before the movers could move all of her things into the space he had given her in the apartment. She had insisted that nothing really needed to be changed, but he told her to make it a home.When she had gone back to her apartment to get a few of her personal items and to tell Marie what was going to happen, she could see the anger in the other woman’s eyes as they flashed. Though Scar had not said anything about the money or the job itself, it was there in the middle of the room like an elephant just waiting to be addressed.“So, he is just having you live with him?” Marie asked snidely. “I mean seriously Scarlett is his dick that good that you want to give up your freedom?”“It isn&rsquo
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