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"I, Alexander rejects you Melissa Kim as my mate, and Luna. I never want to see your face again, you betrayal!"*********Being rejected by the man she loves and regarded as a whore, Melissa swore never to forgive him for the humiliation he made her go through.She walks out of his life with her two weeks hidden pregnancy promising never to let him see the baby after it's birth. Three years later, she encounters her ex mate and the past pains she had been trying to put behind resurface to the top.Will Melissa fight the mate bond that seems to grow stronger with her ex mate, or will she choose the man who had been there for her during the hurtful moment and is ready to set the world ablaze just for her sake.

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jayhanna Athena (Jayhanna)
Loving this book so far
2023-11-13 13:23:01
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Delinda Schumacher
112 chapters 11-9-23
2023-11-10 12:48:50
user avatar
Love loved loved this story. Can’t wait for book 2.
2023-10-29 04:57:19
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Manuel Kyle
The names kept getting mixed up every now and then, please do something about it.
2023-10-08 18:58:03
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Leonie Walker Everett
needs to be properly edited
2023-10-08 08:13:15
default avatar
Needs to be edited very badly. Names are constantly mixed up. Missing details and jumps around too much. Save your money, I wish I had.
2023-10-30 22:26:55
default avatar
Agree with all the other comments. Needs edited badly. Missing details and jumps all over the place.
2023-10-18 22:19:40
default avatar
This is annoying to read. The poor writing and lack of editing is what put me off from reading past the 9th chapter. Thank you. Next.
2023-10-08 03:27:21
147 Chapters
Chapter 01
I, Alexander rejects you Melissa as my mate, and Luna. I never want to see your face again, you betrayer!"These words came out from Alexander's mouth with bloody and swollen eyes. He couldn't believe the evidence that was standing right in front of him. His mate Melissa had been accused of cheating on him.Alexander would never have believed it, but the evidence was standing right in front of him. The man who had laid with his mate."Throw her out." He commanded and turned his back completely at her.Melissa watched him with pain in her heart. She couldn't believe he would ever think of her as a whore because she was sure Alexander loved her with all of his heart.She had thought he would trust her and hear from her first before rejecting her."Alex, how can you do this to me? Do you believe them? Do you believe what they said to you?"Alex had wanted to say something, but he kept quiet because he didn't want to see her. The humiliation she had caused him by sleeping with a beta was
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Chapter 02
Melissa woke up only to find herself in a large and super comfortable bed. She groaned in pain, as the sweet smell of something hit her nostrils hard. Food! Food! She cocked her head towards the right and found a tray of bread, egg and tea waiting for her. In a hurry, she carried the tray and began munching hungrily on the food, not minding who dropped it there.Once she was done eating, Melissa laid down on the bed. Finally, she had something to eat. She could have starved to death last night if not for the stranger. She suddenly recalled the man running towards her before she fainted, but wasn't able to see his face.Taking a deep breath, Melissa jerked up on her feet once she heard the creaking sound of the door.He walked in only to see the frightened look on her face and immediately halted the moment she picked up the lamp for safety."Don't be scared, I'm not gonna hurt you?""Who are you? Why am I here? Are you one of them?"Even when she was married to Alexander, no one in hi
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Chapter 03
3 YEARS LATER…"Today's a big day, Melissa. I'll always root for you." Kristen said.Melissa let out a smile, putting a finishing touch to her light makeup. She stared down at her daughter who was still sleeping on her little bed""I'll take care of Mia, and we'll come watch you win."Melissa giggled. "Stop being so optimistic. How am I gonna feel if I don't win after all.""I and Mia will cheer you up." Kristen replied.Melissa walked towards her daughter's bed, lowered her head and pecked her daughter lightly. "Mommy loves you so very much, Mia" She murmured in order not to wake her sleeping child.The one thing Melissa noticed while her child was growing up was the fact that Mia was so very much attached to Kristen and they could never be apart from each other. She was glad about this because he was a good man. He was there for her all through the years, and during the time of her complications while she was giving birth to MiaMelissa had almost lost her life due to countless comp
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Chapter 04
"Alpha, what's wrong? What happened?" Victoria ran into the room trying to calm Alexander down."Get out! Get the fuck out of my room right now?" She jerked in fear as he yelled at her. He had never been this way for a long time now so what happened. What was making him flare up. She gave a worried look, not wanting to leave the room, but the very moment he turned and sneered angrily at her, she hurried out of the room."I'm sorry."Victoria stood at the door listening to him destroy things in the room. She was worried sick because only one thing was capable of making Alexander like this and it was Melissa.Why on earth did he have to remember her again?She rushed down the stairs to go get Killian, Alexander beta and best friend. Only Killian would be able to calm him down.Killian was certainly with a lady flirting around, so she knew where exactly to find him. She rushed towards him panicking."Killian, it's Alexander…. He's going crazy." Victoria yelled.Killian arched his brows.
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Chapter 05
Melissa stayed in her room all day which got Kristen really worried. All he wanted from her was a simple explanation why she was acting this way.Once again, he rasped a knock on her door and opened it. "Melissa, you okay?""Yeah, I'm fine." Melissa tried as hard as possible not to look towards his direction. She didn't want him to know she was crying because it would certainly make him ask what was wrong."I think Mia needs you.""I'll be down in a minute." She responded waiting for him to leave the room.Once the door closed, Melissa heaved deeply. Why now? Why does Alex have to show his face now? She suddenly recalled the day he had Rejected her. What she had gone through with her pregnancy because she was unable to forget him. She was never going to forgive him and she would keep repeating it to herself.Melissa wasn't scared for herself, instead, she was scared for her baby. Alex might make her baby's life miserable if he found out because he would believe the child from her supp
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Melissa stood, her hands glued to her side as she stared at Alex.Silence ensued as they stared at each other.Looking at his jet black hair and those lovely eyes that she once adored, Melissa felt repulsed.She couldn't guess why but the memories of the last three years came rushing into her mind and she could remember it as though it happened the day before.She could remember how he had mercilessly stabbed her in the heart by rejecting her and how hard she had cried under the rain of that cold and dark night.Strangely enough, the memories were even more painful than she had imagined. It would have been a different kind of pain if Alex wasn't there, but right there, he was seated - the cause of her pain and sorrow."How long has it been Melissa, three, four, five years?" He demonstrated with his fingers.Somehow Melissa felt disappointed. How could he not remember how many years it had been that he rejected her.But it sure meant one thing and she was happy about it. He didn't have
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Chapter 07 Melissa came home with a heavy heart and a fallen countenance.Kristen wondered what was wrong with her as she briskly walked past him, her fingers tightly pressed against her lips.He covered Mia's ears as Melissa banged the door the moment she walked into the room and the door was behind her.Kristen rocked Mia in his arms as he looked toward the direction of Melissa's room, afraid that the little girl would wake up because of the noise.For the past three years that he lived with Melissa, she had never come home with such a temper so fierce that she didn't bother requesting to see her daughter.He glanced at the door to her room and made to walk towards her room but restrained himself.He hugged a sleeping Mia close to his chest, hoping that giving Melissa her space would work this time.But one thing worried him, he had a burden of care in his heart that he couldn't put off no matter how hard he tried.With unease, he dipped his hand into his pants pocket and pulled ou
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Chapter 08.Alex restlessly walked back and forth in his office, his hands crossed behind his back.He brushed back his hair with his fingers, his mind occupied with the thoughts of Melissa.Somehow he wanted to protect her and her daughter - he wanted to be greatly involved in their lives.Ever since Melissa moved in with him, it became more like her life was merged with his. And now that she was sad, he was greatly worried.It was more like he was designed to make her happy and smile.He placed his palm on his face. Thinking about Melissa had completely disoriented him.What made him worried the most was that Melissa had not come out of her room since the day before and no matter how hard he tried to make her she refused.Kristen could remember that he dismissed Karl the other time, because a business came up. He was thinking she would overcome her mood in no time but she had been indoors since yesterday and it was giving him the chills - for one, he didn't want anything happening t
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Chapter 09
Kristen got down from his car, handed his suitcase to his assistant who willfully collected it and started walking into the company.As he walked, he looked just like the perfect example of a business tycoon who had walked out of the cover of the page of a business magazine.As he walked toward the elevator that led to his office, he returned the greetings of his employees with a wave of the hand and without as much as a smile.Everyone in the office knew that that was his way of greeting.Walking into the elevator, he adjusted his suit and stood with his legs a bit apart.He pressed on the number of the floor the elevator would stop.Immediately the elevator dinged, he came out with an elegant step and went into his office and sat down."What are my appointments for today?" He asked his personal assistant."You have to meet with the Blue Moon Company in an hour now.And you have three other meetings before…"Kristen stopped listening at this point as his mind went through a train of t
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The next day, Kristen was ready for work. He pinned his wristwatch, took his briefcase and left his room.He walked down the stairs and went to the kitchen."I smell something nice, preparing breakfast?""You'll grab a bite before you go." Melissa said and turned to smile at him."I'm sorry to disappoint but I'll have to take breakfast at the office or I will be late if I do that here. I'll be back for dinner, I promise."Kristej had to hurry up to his room and seat h for ot. After he was done searching for the key, he moved over to his study to look for his car key.He was actually looking for the key to his Lamborghini as it was the car he decided to use today."Oh, the key, I…I gave it to Melissa." He muttered, placing his palm on his face.He immediately went to the dining table and there was Melissa. She was already done with cooking and perhaps preparing Mia to go to school."Here, please make sure she eats at lunch."Melissa handed Mia's lunchbox to Ellen, her nanny and teacher
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