Chapter 119


Being on the dance floor with the people we adored — from our parents’ generation to those the same age as us— was so much fun for Catherine and me.

It was overwhelming that we were finally letting go of the dark part of our lives and moving on with so many blessings all around us.

But then the Adams arrived, and after the commotion with Zach, I knew Catherine was affected even though she was not trying to show it.

I pressed my back against the wall outside the female restroom and tilted my head to look at the ceiling. Catherine wanted to fix herself and requested to go to the restroom. And, of course, I didn’t want her out of sight, so I tagged along.

“Beta Tyler!” A voice snapped me out of my thoughts, and my eyes opened as I tilted my head to look at the Alpha in front of me.

“Alpha…” I acknowledged as I pushed my back off the wall and nodded in respect to him.

“The twins that arrived, who are they?”

“Are we talking about Cyrus and Amber, or a male set of twins or
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goodnovel comment avatar
Wow its really roan... Hahaha Tyler stop teasing the alpha
goodnovel comment avatar
Now this is nice ....Riley & Zach can tame Roan's mother if she troubles Nikka .. Lawrence's mother too....Both Nikka & Ara have got sweet mates with weird mothers !
goodnovel comment avatar
So both Alphas, Lawrence n Roan found their fated mates? Thanks for the updates!!

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