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I stood beside Joshua and listened as Kenneth gave final instructions to the three pups shifting tonight.

I was supposed to be just an observer, but I felt like I was the one being observed. The three pups, as well as the warriors helping them out, were looking at me from time to time. Their gazes made me feel as though I was under observation.

I used to love attention, but at this point, I was more concerned that they would see something unfavorable and immediately report it to Luna Matilda. As much as I didn’t mind the Luna’s hatred for me, for some reason, I wanted to make a good impression on the people that one day Joshua would be leading.

“Are you okay?” Joshua asked as he approached where I stood. He was with Kenneth, and they talked with the last pup that had yet to shift.

As soon as he reached me, his arm coiled around my body, and he pulled me for a hug.

“I am,” I answered.

“Stop lying. I could feel your emotions.”

I scrunched up my nose and didn’t say anyt
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goodnovel comment avatar
I am happy that Joshua is starting to have hos trusting people. Nice to know more about gamma Kenneth
goodnovel comment avatar
Lyn Novel
The moon goddess, please hear Kenneth’s prayer. I would love him to be a beta but I don’t want him to go through the stress of claiming. Let them be mate., please!!
goodnovel comment avatar
I love this chapter. it gives another reason to make Ken beta and shows the healthy family feel each pack needs, not the egg shells and control issues Josh and River have grown up with

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