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Roan was kissing me hungrily and passionately, like he couldn’t get enough of my mouth and couldn’t get enough of me—something I had always wanted him to feel about me. But more than the passion, I wanted to know more.

My hands crawled to his chest as I slowly pushed him away from my body. Our lips parted, and his gaze searched for mine. I could see uncertainty in his eyes as he stared at me. Maybe he thought I didn’t want to kiss him. Of course I do, but I had to let this out of the way.



“Are we still just flirting?”

He let out a deep breath before he rested his forehead against mine. “I want you, Nikka. I don’t know how to explain it.”


“I want your time and your flirting. I want the privilege of being your boyfriend, but I will take whatever you can give me. If you want me to wait,

The moment the word “boyfriend” came out of his lips, my heart fluttered. And I swear, butterflies and ladybugs were everywhere in my stomach.

My hands
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goodnovel comment avatar
Cassidy & Amber both have each other's backs .. their wolves will come to them at the right time.. girls really have a great bonding.. all the future Lunas of ABC
goodnovel comment avatar
I love the way they welcome and treat Alice and Joshua is making better friends
goodnovel comment avatar
Ohhh my heart broke for amber

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