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My heart thudded loudly while I ordered a drink. I hoped the bartender understood everything completely and didn’t need to ask more.

Amber said the Alpha liked a neat whiskey, and I was glad I asked more as I thought “neat” meant the whiskey’s name, only to be told it meant no ice in his drink.

And I had no idea it would cost a lot. It was a good thing I had money, but if he wanted more, I wouldn’t have enough for another, so I hoped Alpha Kairo would come sooner, as he said he would.

I held the glass of whiskey in my hand as I carefully walked in his direction. He was looking at his phone but not typing or scrolling. He was just staring at it as if waiting to see if something would happen or a message would appear.

“Alpha Cyrus…” I said in a slightly higher voice because the music was too loud.

His head tilted in my direction. He closed his phone and inserted it into his back pocket before he let out a chuckle and rested his forearm on the counter as he swiveled hi
Cassandra M

Here's one for today! Thank you for waiting and thank you for all the gems! Please keep them coming 💜

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Denina Armstrong
Yes soo adorable ...️
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Martha Kirkpatrick
Eugene will get himself killed I think. Joshua will kill him if he tries to r*pe River or hurt Alice. In fact Eugene may try to challenge Joshua.
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Cant wait for his book .. Cyrus is my most favorite from the young Alpha gang ..

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