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“And to Alice…” Amber spoke after she separated from Cassidy. She raised her glass and looked at me as my heart thudded loudly. She had been very civil tonight and was actually smiling at me from time to time, so I couldn’t help but feel more guilty.

Our gazes met, and she smiled warmly before she continued. “For a new life, a new chance to live the life you want. To wake up each day beside the man the goddess gifted you with. For you and Joshua! Congratulations!”

I smiled back at her and was at a loss for words. “Thank you!”

“Your turn!” Cassidy said with her eyes on me.

“Me? What should I do?” I’d been to many bars, but this was the first time I was doing this as my girlfriends and I would usually just toast to either a new guy we saw or crush on, but not individual toast like this.

“Pick any of us and give a toast or a wish.”

I wanted to tell them I knew nothing of their lives — not really an inner picture, but I didn’t. So, I guess I had to come up with something I
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goodnovel comment avatar
I’m not crying, you’re crying! That toast from Amara! Got me in the feels!!!!
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Kasey N Adam Swearengin
wonderful update as usual <3
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Lyn Novel
Now it’s confirmed!! Cyrus is indeed the every she-wolves fantasy lol!!

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