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Three days after Roan told me that Mom wanted to speak with me, I hadn’t entirely made up my mind if I should call. And for the last three days, I’ve been getting one missed call from her every morning — just missed calls, no messages or anything.

If you knew my mom, one missed call would not be enough. If she wanted something or needed to say something, she would bombard me with calls and messages until I responded.

But so far, it has been all quiet — like she was only calling to see if my number was still existing.

Joshua had advised me to give her a call so I could finally decide what I wanted to do and that it would be out of my mind before it totally consumed me.

Maybe he was right. Or not.

Maybe I should just keep ignoring her.

So far, life has been wonderful with Joshua and the whole pack, if you exclude Luna Matilda, who until now refused to acknowledge that I exist and mated to her son.

Joshua and I decided to have our breakfasts and lunches at our home, t
Cassandra M

Here's for tonight. We still have some chapters to go, so hang in there, lovelies. I also want to apologize for the sporadic updates. My family is quite busy for the holiday, and wrapping up a story is harder than starting it, so I'm taking a lot longer to write chapters. So thank you for your patience. I hope you're having a great start to your week! ❤

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Happy Holiday’s author to you and yours. Hope nothing bad happens to River.
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Casey Breaux
Happy holidays to you and your. Take time with them and get bck to us as soon as possible we love the story.
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I'm so glad Alice is doing her best to protect River. I'm worried about her.

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