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FORMER LUNA RENEE (of Moon Lake Pack).

“Are you happy, Alice?” I asked as my heart clenched in pain, waiting for her to say yes because that was all I wanted.

Alice was my only daughter. And although I was hard on her and strict with her, I was doing it for her own good. People may not understand, but I never cared. I have been misunderstood my whole life. It was nothing new.

Alice and I were born into a lineage where fated mates never existed. It had been going on for many decades. Either we were cursed or blessed — I had no idea. But I knew the feeling of being thrust into a barbaric ceremony of the Claiming simply because the Goddess had forgotten about us.

But despite not meeting my own fated mate, my heart did fall for someone.

I fell in love with the stranger who accidentally landed in our territory when I was eighteen. I was disappointed to find out he was already of age and not my fated mate. I should have expected it, but the moment my eyes lay on Gavin Salvatore, I kne
Cassandra M

Here's for tonight! Thank you for waiting, as well as for all the gems and comments! Please keep them coming! 💜

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Annette Barber
but his father made him do what he did
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Well, that's why I hate Maddox and I want him gutted! but like jwolf said, Aeon was despicable and the truth is that when he jumped into the arena to help Joshua and Alice, wow! my respect!
goodnovel comment avatar
I agree with you. Let’s wait and see :)

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